Wild Your Garden

The Butterfly Brothers are experts at designing wildlife-friendly gardens, and in Wild Your Garden, they show you how to work with nature, support wildlife, and create a self-maintaining, no-dig balance of planting.

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The Wildlife Pond Book

This friendly, practical guide includes everything you need to know to pick up a spade, put in a pond and help wildlife flourish right outside your back door.

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Encyclopedia of Aquarium and Pond Fish

The Encyclopedia of Aquarium and Pond Fish contains a huge photographic color reference directory of more than 800 of the most popular fish, not only showing you what they look like, but also giving you key information you need, such as how ...

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Freshwater Aquariums

The purchasing, maintenance, and feeding of fish are described in considerable details, and the author gives a basic overview of breeding and keeping fish healthy as well. Resources, glossary, and index conclude the book.

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Natural Swimming Pools

Natural swimming pools are kept clean by plants, not chemicals and are healthy environments for both people and wildlife. David Pagan Butler takes you through two projects step by step.

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The Pond Book

"Written for the serious layperson, The Pond Manual explores the wide variety of pond ecosystems available, and their function; topographic and soil requirements, design and construction techniques, wildlife management, fish species and ...

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Building Natural Ponds

A must-read for the garden enthusiast and designer. — DR. ROSS MARS, author, The Permaculture Transition Manual I highly recommend this book to anyone considering adding water to their garden. — BRIAN MINTER, horticulturalist, gardening ...

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RHS How to Create a Wildlife Pond

Follow the story of your pond from season to season as the ebook takes you through the variety of creatures that will visit your new water feature: the blackbird that bathes in the shallows; the snuffling hedgehog that has come to quench ...

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Permaculture for Beginners

The Ultimate Guide to Natural Farming and Sustainable Living Nicole Faires ... up the large tank system and turn it into intensive agriculture. Some very ... ponds for younger fish, or fry, you will have a much easier time managing your ...

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