400 jaar Beemster, 1612-2012

400 jaar Beemster, 1612-2012
Title 400 jaar Beemster, 1612-2012 PDF eBook
Author Aten
Pages 416
Release 2012
Genre Beemster (Netherlands)
ISBN 9789078381563

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In 2012 viert de gemeente Beemster het 400-jarig bestaan van droogmakerij en Werelderfgoed de Beemster. Ter gelegenheid van dit bijzondere jubileum verschijnt een eigentijds, rijk geïllustreerd herdenkingsboek. De hoofdstukken zijn geschreven door een team van vakhistorici en zijn gebaseerd op veel nieuw historisch onderzoek. Van de eeuwenoude Beemster kermis tot de moderne polderfeesten, van verdwenen buitenplaatsen tot kaasfabrieken, van de polder in de Tweede Wereldoorlog tot de actuele gemeentepolitiek - u leest er alles over in deze bijzondere jubileumuitgave.00.

Mapping Spaces

Mapping Spaces
Title Mapping Spaces PDF eBook
Author Ulrike Gehring
Publisher Hirmer Verlag GmbH
Pages 520
Release 2014
Genre Art and science

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The ZKM throws new light on 17th century landscape painting. Comparable to modern satellite surveying (GPS), true to scale landscape representation is also indebted to the interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge: the alliance of geodesists, mathematicians, instrument makers and painters. Artists had designed modern surveying systems long before new media drew on images from outer space. The exhibition "Mapping Spaces" examines, for the first time ever on this scale, the influence of early modern guide books in geography, the science of surveying and the construction of fortification on Dutch painting around 1650. The prelude to the project, developed at the University of Trier, is Pieter Snayers' large-format depiction of historical battle scenes, in which maps and landscape paintings are projected over one another so as to document the most recent developments in modern engineering, ballistics and the fortification construction. Over 220 exhibits, among them paintings, surveying instruments, graphics devices, books, maps and globes drawn from the most important collections of works, such as from the Prado (Madrid), the Louvre (Paris), the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam) or the Kunsthistorischen Museum (Vienna) testify to these new theses in pictorial science. The new mapping of an early modern area of knowledge is accompanied by contemporary works of art that thematize the influence of technological developments on our present-day perception of space.--Museum website.

Adaptive Strategies for Water Heritage

Adaptive Strategies for Water Heritage
Title Adaptive Strategies for Water Heritage PDF eBook
Author Carola Hein
Publisher Springer Nature
Pages 435
Release 2019-10-18
Genre Political Science
ISBN 3030002683

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This Open Access book, building on research initiated by scholars from the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Global Heritage and Development (CHGD) and ICOMOS Netherlands, presents multidisciplinary research that connects water to heritage. Through twenty-one chapters it explores landscapes, cities, engineering structures and buildings from around the world. It describes how people have actively shaped the course, form and function of water for human settlement and the development of civilizations, establishing socio-economic structures, policies and cultures; a rich world of narratives, laws and practices; and an extensive network of infrastructure, buildings and urban form. The book is organized in five thematic sections that link practices of the past to the design of the present and visions of the future: part I discusses drinking water management; part II addresses water use in agriculture; part III explores water management for land reclamation and defense; part IV examines river and coastal planning; and part V focuses on port cities and waterfront regeneration. Today, the many complex systems of the past are necessarily the basis for new systems that both preserve the past and manage water today: policy makers and designers can work together to recognize and build on the traditional knowledge and skills that old structure embody. This book argues that there is a need for a common agenda and an integrated policy that addresses the preservation, transformation and adaptive reuse of historic water-related structures. Throughout, it imagines how such efforts will help us develop sustainable futures for cities, landscapes and bodies of water.

The Mindful Hand

The Mindful Hand
Title The Mindful Hand PDF eBook
Author Lissa Roberts
Publisher Edita-The Publishing House of the Royal
Pages 0
Release 2007
Genre Industrial arts
ISBN 9789069844831

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Although manual labour and theoretical invention might now seem separate ventures, history teaches us that they are closely linked processes. The Mindful Hand explores innovative areas of European society between the late Renaissance and the period of early industrialisation where the enterprise of knowledge and production relied on the most intimate connexions of thought and toil. This volume explains how philosophers and labourers collaborated in an environment where artisans and instrument-makers, administrators and entrepreneurs simultaneously pioneered technical change alongside knowledge formation. The essays gathered here help show how these projects were pursued together, yet why, in retrospect, the very categories of science and technology emerged as seemingly distinct endeavors.

Baltic Connections

Baltic Connections
Title Baltic Connections PDF eBook
Author Lennart Bes
Publisher BRILL
Pages 2409
Release 2007
Genre Baltic Sea Region
ISBN 9004164294

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In the late Middle Ages and the Early Modern period, Northern Europe was a crucible of political, maritime and economic activity. Ships from ports all around the Baltic Sea as well as from the Low Countries plied the Baltic waters, triggering market integration, migration flows, nautical innovations and the dissemination of cultural values. This archival guide is an essential research tool for scholars studying these Baltic connections, providing descriptions of almost 1000 archival collections concerning trade, shipping, merchants, commodities, diplomacy, finances and migration in the years 1450-1800. These rich and varied sources kept at more than 100 repositories in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia and Sweden are herewith collected for the first time.

The Portuguese Synagogue in Amsterdam

The Portuguese Synagogue in Amsterdam
Title The Portuguese Synagogue in Amsterdam PDF eBook
Author David Cohen Paraira
Publisher Waanders Publishers
Pages 0
Release 2013
Genre Amsterdam (Netherlands)
ISBN 9789040007989

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The Portuguese Synagogue, or Snoge, was the largest Sephardi synagogue in the world when it was built, between 1671 and 1675. The fact that Amsterdam's Sephardim were permitted to erect this grand structure attests to the relative freedom of Jews in this part of Western Europe, at a time when Jews elsewhere were confined to ghettos and subject to restrictions. Through the centuries, foreign tourists have been amazed by the beauty and scale of the complex. This volume examines the many aspects of this glorious synagogue, which has been preserved almost perfectly in its seventeenth-century state.

Imagining Global Amsterdam

Imagining Global Amsterdam
Title Imagining Global Amsterdam PDF eBook
Author Marco de Waard
Publisher Amsterdam University Press
Pages 632
Release 2012-01-01
Genre Social Science
ISBN 9089643672

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Imagining Global Amsterdam gaat over het beeld van Amsterdam in film, literatuur, visuele kunst en in het moderne stedelijke discours, in het bijzonder in de context van de mondialisering. De essays gaan onder andere dieper in op Amsterdam als een lieu de mémoire van de vroeg-moderne wereldhandel. Wat betekent deze herinnering in de hedendaagse cultuur? Waarom verwijzen zo veel contemporaine films en romans naar dit verleden terug? Ook het (inter)nationale imago van Amsterdam als een multicultureel en ultra-tolerant ‘%x;global village’%x; komt aan bod. Waarom is dit beeld zo persistent, en hoe heeft het zich in de loop van de laatste decennia ontwikkeld? Tot slot wordt ingegaan op de vraag hoe mondialiseringsprocessen ingrijpen in de stadscultuur, zoals in het prostitutiegebied op de Wallen en via de erfgoedindustrie. Hoe manifesteert de mondialisering zich in de stad, en welke rol speelt beeldvorming daarbij? Deze bundel vormt een rijk geschakeerd onderzoek naar de relatie tussen Amsterdam, mondialisering en stedelijke beeldvorming. Marco de Waard is als docent literatuurwetenschap verbonden aan het Amsterdam University College.