A Bridge Too Far?

A Bridge Too Far?
Title A Bridge Too Far? PDF eBook
Author Martin W. Bowman
Publisher Pen and Sword
Pages 206
Release 2013-09-24
Genre History
ISBN 147382978X

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This, the fourth and final volume of the series on Market-Garden in September 1944 reveals the final fate of the troops at Oosterbeek and the decision to evacuate all able bodied men in Operation 'Berlin' as well as the subsequent Operation 'Pegasus' when the Allies tried to return as many beleaguered troops back to Allied lines as possible. Was Arnhem indeed 'a bridge Too Far'? While 'Market-Garden' certainly was a heroic failure conducted at great cost it is debatable whether it contributed materially to the ultimate victory or was a foolish sacrifice of thousands of troops, aircrew and Dutch civilians in an ill-conceived assault on the German-held bridges across the Lower Rhine. There is no doubting the gritty, gallant and valorous contribution on the part of the British, Dominion, American and Polish paratroopers, the RAF and USAAF aircrews and their German opponents and Dutch civilians. Their incredible, illuminating and often under-stated accounts of extraordinary courage, camaraderie, shared terror and encounters with the enemy offer a more personalised view of 'Market-Garden' through the words of those who were there at the heart of the action. These tales are complemented by the author's background information supplemented by the inclusion of daily timelines that give an overall picture of each battle and air operation.

A Bridge Too Far

A Bridge Too Far
Title A Bridge Too Far PDF eBook
Author Cornelius Ryan
Publisher Hachette UK
Pages 576
Release 2015-06-18
Genre History
ISBN 1444717251

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Arnhem 1944: the airborne strike for the bridges over the Rhine. The true story of the greatest battle of World War II and the basis of the 1977 film of the same name, directed by Richard Attenborough. The Battle of Arnhem, one of the most dramatic battles of World War II, was as daring as it was ill-fated. It cost the Allies nearly twice as many casualties as D-Day. This is the whole compelling story, told through the vast cast of characters involved. From Dutch civilians to British and American strategists, its scope and ambition is unparalleled, superbly recreating the terror and suspense, the heroism and tragedy of this epic operation. 'I know of no other work of literature of World War II as moving, as awesome and as accurate in its portrayal of human courage.' - General James A Gavin

A bridge too far?

A bridge too far?
Title A bridge too far? PDF eBook
Author Robert Grafstein
Publisher Lexington Books
Pages 244
Release 2009-03-16
Genre Political Science
ISBN 0739136046

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Can China and the United States bridge their political differences? Are those differences as large as conventional wisdom suggests? Thirty years after formal U.S.-Chinese diplomatic relations were established, A Bridge Too Far? addresses these essential questions by bridging the academic divide separating scholars who study these countries from Chinese and Western political science perspectives. Rather than bringing together China specialists exclusively, then, this book allows a broad range of scholars using Western analytical tools to examine Chinese politics and political theory in relation to the United States. It also allows Chinese scholars to examine specific policy areas related to countries and thereby confirm or contest the broader analysis offered by their outsider counterparts. Some of the contributors are Chinese specialists, a number having played key roles as advisors to the central government, others students of American politics, and stilll others political economists or political theorists who are not involved directly in area studies. Finally, some are academically trained but work in China in the area of environmental regulation or are legal advisors for state-owned businesses. In all, the contributors bring extensive experience with China, and all see commonalities beneath the obvious and deep differences between the two nations. Emerging from an ongoing face-to-face dialog, the book unites this unusual group to uncover genuine areas of overlap between the politics of the two nations without diminishing the very real distance separating them. The essays included discuss topics such as China's democratic prospects and the rise of local village elections, the role of interest groups, Chinese political and legal reforms and developments regarding intellectual property rights and environmental regulation, Western and Chinese political philosophy, and Sino-American foreign policy interactions.

The First Bridge Too Far

The First Bridge Too Far
Title The First Bridge Too Far PDF eBook
Author Mark Saliger
Publisher Casemate Publishers
Pages 358
Release 2018-07-30
Genre History
ISBN 1612006906

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A vivid chronicle of the first battle between British and German paratroopers—the unsung battle that prefigured the Battle of Arnhem. From July 13 to 16, 1943, British paratroopers fought for control of a strategically important bridge in Sicily. Now, the Battle of Primosole Bridge is brought to life in the first narrative solely dedicated to one of the bloodiest and hardest-fought battles for British airborne troops of World War II. The British paratroopers of the famed 1st Parachute Brigade, known as the “Red Devils,” fought their equally esteemed German paratrooper opponents, known as the “Green Devils,” during the Allies’ first invasion of Hitler’s Fortress Europe. The paratroopers found themselves cut off behind enemy lines with dwindling ammunition as they faced ever-growing enemy forces. Yet they courageously maintained the fight until ground forces arrived to capture the bridge before it was destroyed. The hard-won experience of the 1st Parachute Brigade was then tested only a year later in an almost identical battle on a larger scale: The Battle of Arnhem—the battle christened “a bridge too far.” While Arnhem is well documented, the events at Primosole Bridge deserve to be told at last.

Bridge Too Far

Bridge Too Far
Title Bridge Too Far PDF eBook
Author Cornelius Ryan
Publisher Simon & Schuster
Pages 676
Release 1995-05-01
Genre History
ISBN 9780684803302

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The classic account of one of the most dramatic battles of World War II. A Bridge Too Far is Cornelius Ryan's masterly chronicle of the Battle of Arnhem, which marshalled the greatest armada of troop-carrying aircraft ever assembled and cost the Allies nearly twice as many casualties as D-Day. In this compelling work of history, Ryan narrates the Allied effort to end the war in Europe in 1944 by dropping the combined airborne forces of the American and British armies behind German lines to capture the crucial bridge across the Rhine at Arnhem. Focusing on a vast cast of characters—from Dutch civilians to British and American strategists to common soldiers and commanders—Ryan brings to life one of the most daring and ill-fated operations of the war. A Bridge Too Far superbly recreates the terror and suspense, the heroism and tragedy of this epic operation, which ended in bitter defeat for the Allies.

The Devil's Bridge

The Devil's Bridge
Title The Devil's Bridge PDF eBook
Author Anthony Tucker-Jones
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
Pages 321
Release 2020-06-25
Genre History
ISBN 1472839846

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In the late summer of 1944, SS-Obergruppenführer Wilhelm 'Willi' Bittrich found himself in the Netherlands surveying his II SS Panzer Corps, which was in a poor state having narrowly escaped the defeat in Normandy. He was completely unaware that his command lay directly in the path of a major Allied thrust: the 17 September 1944 launch of the largest airborne and glider operation in the history of warfare. Codenamed Operation Market Garden, it was intended to outflank the German West Wall and 'bounce' the Rhine at Arnhem, from where the Allies could strike into the Ruhr, Nazi Germany's industrial heartland. Such a move could have ended the war. However, Market Garden and the battle for Arnhem were a disaster for the Allies. Put together in little over a week and lacking in flexibility, the operation became an all-or-nothing race against time. The plan to link the airborne divisions by pushing an armoured division up a sixty-five-mile corridor was optimistic at best, and the British drop zones were not only too far from Arnhem Bridge, but also directly above two recuperating SS Panzer divisions. This new book explores the operation from the perspective of the Germans as renowned historian Anthony Tucker-Jones examines how they were able to mobilise so swiftly and effectively in spite of depleted troops and limited intelligence.

Exploring Engineering

Exploring Engineering
Title Exploring Engineering PDF eBook
Author Philip Kosky
Publisher Academic Press
Pages 464
Release 2009-11-11
Genre Technology & Engineering
ISBN 0123859190

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Winner in its first edition of the Best New Undergraduate Textbook by the Professional and Scholarly Publishing Division of the American Association of Publishers (AAP), Kosky, et al is the first text offering an introduction to the major engineering fields, and the engineering design process, with an interdisciplinary case study approach. It introduces the fundamental physical, chemical and material bases for all engineering work and presents the engineering design process using examples and hands-on projects. Organized in two parts to cover both the concepts and practice of engineering: Part I, Minds On, introduces the fundamental physical, chemical and material bases for all engineering work while Part II, Hands On, provides opportunity to do design projects An Engineering Ethics Decision Matrix is introduced in Chapter 1 and used throughout the book to pose ethical challenges and explore ethical decision-making in an engineering context Lists of "Top Engineering Achievements" and "Top Engineering Challenges" help put the material in context and show engineering as a vibrant discipline involved in solving societal problems New to this edition: Additional discussions on what engineers do, and the distinctions between engineers, technicians, and managers (Chapter 1) New coverage of Renewable Energy and Environmental Engineering helps emphasize the emerging interest in Sustainable Engineering New discussions of Six Sigma in the Design section, and expanded material on writing technical reports Re-organized and updated chapters in Part I to more closely align with specific engineering disciplines new end of chapter excercises throughout the book