A PhD Is Not Enough!
Title A PhD Is Not Enough! PDF eBook
Author Peter J. Feibelman
Publisher ReadHowYouWant.com
Pages 150
Release 2011
Genre Science
ISBN 1459609573

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A Ph.D. Is Not Enough! is required reading for anyone thinking of applying to graduate school or entering the science job market. Focusing on critical survival skills, it offers sound advice on selecting a thesis or postdoctoral adviser; choosing among research jobs in academia, government laboratories, and industry; and defining a research program. This new edition features updates throughout and a new chapter reflecting today's rapidly changing world.

A Ph.d. Is Not Enough!
Title A Ph.d. Is Not Enough! PDF eBook
Author Peter J. Feibelman
Publisher Addison-Wesley Longman
Pages 136
Release 1993-12-20
Genre Business & Economics

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The Academic Job Search Handbook
Title The Academic Job Search Handbook PDF eBook
Author Julia Miller Vick
Publisher University of Pennsylvania Press
Pages 392
Release 2016-02-22
Genre Education
ISBN 0812292065

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The Academic Job Search Handbook is the comprehensive guide to finding a faculty position in any discipline. Building on the groundbreaking success and unique offerings of earlier volumes, the fifth edition presents insightful new content on aspects of the search at all stages. Beginning with an overview of academic careers and institutional structures, it moves step by step through the application process, from establishing relationships with advisors, positioning oneself in the market, learning about job openings, preparing CVs, cover letters, and other application materials, to negotiating offers. Of great value are the sixty new sample documents from a diverse spectrum of successful applicants. The handbook includes a search timetable, appendices of career resources, and a full sample application package. This fifth edition features new or updated sections on issues of current interest, such as job search concerns for pregnant or international candidates, the use of social media strategies to address CV gaps, and difficulties faced by dual-career couples. The chapter on alternatives to faculty jobs has been expanded and presents sample résumés of PhDs who found nonfaculty positions. For more than twenty years, The Academic Job Search Handbook has assisted job seekers in all academic disciplines in the search for faculty positions at different kinds of institutions from research-focused universities to community colleges. Current faculty who used the book themselves recommend it to their own students and postdocs. The many new first-person narratives provide insight into issues and situations candidates may encounter such as applying for an international job, combining parenting with an academic career, going from an administrative job to a faculty position, and seeking faculty positions as a same-sex couple.

The Engineer's Career Guide
Title The Engineer's Career Guide PDF eBook
Author John A. Hoschette
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Pages 640
Release 2010-04-26
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 0470503505

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This is the most complete career resource guide book for engineers dealing with the non-technical side of engineering. It provides career advice for engineers at all stages of their careers, whether newly graduated, mid-career, or soon-to-be-retired. This book provides many real world, practical, proven, common sense career tips supported by actual work and experiences/examples. Tips deal with problems the engineer may encounter with supervisors, co-workers and others in the corporation. The book provides step-by-step guidance on how to deal with career problems and come out ahead.

Scientific Writing
Title Scientific Writing PDF eBook
Author Jean-Luc Lebrun
Publisher World Scientific
Pages 223
Release 2007
Genre Science
ISBN 9812701443

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This book walks through the main parts of a paper, that is, those parts which create the critical first impression.

Marketing for Scientists
Title Marketing for Scientists PDF eBook
Author Marc J. Kuchner
Publisher Island Press
Pages 248
Release 2012-06-22
Genre Science
ISBN 1610911733

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It's a tough time to be a scientist: universities are shuttering science departments, federal funding agencies are facing flat budgets, and many newspapers have dropped their science sections altogether. But according to Marc Kuchner, this antiscience climate doesn't have to equal a career death knell-it just means scientists have to be savvier about promoting their work and themselves. In Marketing for Scientists, he provides clear, detailed advice about how to land a good job, win funding, and shape the public debate. As an astrophysicist at NASA, Kuchner knows that "marketing" can seem like a superficial distraction, whether your daily work is searching for new planets or seeking a cure for cancer. In fact, he argues, it's a critical component of the modern scientific endeavor, not only advancing personal careers but also society's knowledge. Kuchner approaches marketing as a science in itself. He translates theories about human interaction and sense of self into methods for building relationships-one of the most critical skills in any profession. And he explains how to brand yourself effectively-how to get articles published, give compelling presentations, use social media like Facebook and Twitter, and impress potential employers and funders. Like any good scientist, Kuchner bases his conclusions on years of study and experimentation. In Marketing for Scientists, he distills the strategies needed to keep pace in a Web 2.0 world.

Your Chemical Science Thesis
Title Your Chemical Science Thesis PDF eBook
Author Natalie Mansfield
Publisher Royal Society of Chemistry
Pages 14
Release 2008-04-01
Genre Science
ISBN 1849730687

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THIS PRODUCT IS SOLD IN PACKS OF TEN ONLY * Writing your thesis will be a major task within your research career. In particular, the Chemical Sciences thesis will generally fit into a certain format and this introductory guide is ideal for anyone currently writing, or about to write, this type of thesis. Divided into six chapters, this no fuss booklet provides an informative step-by-step guide on everything you need to know, from the practicalities of actually getting started, through to completion and submission. The guide follows a logical format and the text itself broken up with helpful nuggets of advice and useful pointers. Practical tips on how best to write up each section of your thesis are offered: asking a "non-science" friend to proof-read your work, ways to improve and revise your text and factors to consider when drawing your diagrams are examples indicative of the type of advice given throughout the text. The guide finishes with a number of useful resources for further guidance, and even points to future employment possibilities after completion of your thesis. Your Chemical Science Thesis: An Introductory Guide to Writing up your Research Project is an excellent, highly informative and well written booklet. Ideal reading for those last steps on your educational pathway. *There is no RSC Membership discount available on this product