A Second Classroom
Title A Second Classroom PDF eBook
Author Torin M. Finser
Publisher SteinerBooks
Pages 252
Release 2014-08-26
Genre Education
ISBN 162148064X

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What does a healthy, successful school look like? Is it all about measurable outcomes, test scores, and pass/fail grades set by the government? Can learning be quantified in short-term measurements or does real learning take years to manifest in a career or biography? All seem to agree that a healthy school is also a community and that community depends on the quality of relationships—chiefly the relationships among students, teachers, and parents. This book features a comprehensive examination of the parent–teacher relationship in all its dimensions, from parent evenings and conferences to communication, conflict, and the life-cycle of parent involvement in their school. In between the chapters on practical advice are sections that consider the issues from a deeper, spiritual dimension. This book is intended to stimulate conversation, self-reflection, and relational practices that awaken community life in and around our schools.

Guided Self-Study
Title Guided Self-Study PDF eBook
Author Torin Finser
Publisher SteinerBooks
Pages 238
Release 2015-08-01
Genre Philosophy
ISBN 162148131X

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First, one might ask: Why not just read the first three books? After all, Rudolf Steiner wrote them in such a way that the very act of reading them can awaken new faculties. Who could ever duplicate that? It might even seem presumptuous to select passages from books that were constructed by an initiate. To those who have these and other objections, I have the following response: My hope is that the pages in this book serve as an invitation, so that those who work with this material will then be motivated to go to the original texts and work with them more intensively. —Torin Finser

Understanding Waldorf Education
Title Understanding Waldorf Education PDF eBook
Author Jack Petrash
Publisher Gryphon House, Inc.
Pages 160
Release 2002
Genre Education
ISBN 9780876592465

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A jargon-free view of Waldorf education, its philosophy, and innovative educational concepts.

2014/2015 Steinerbooks Education Resource Catalog
Title 2014/2015 Steinerbooks Education Resource Catalog PDF eBook
Author Steinerbooks
Pages 100
Release 2014-08-15
ISBN 9780880105996

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Our annual education and family resources catalog is now available to order online. Simply add it to the shopping cart and it will be included in your order at no charge. This new catalog contains our newest and favorite books for parents, Waldorf and interested teachers, and children. It also contains excerpts from: "A Second Classroom: Parent-Teacher Relationships in a Waldorf School" by Torin M. Finser, PhD "An Electronic Silent Spring: Facing the Dangers and Creating Safe Limits" by Katie Singer "The Blue Forest, " written by Luke Fischer and illustrated by Stephanie Young and Tim Smith "Why Cleaning Has Meaning: Bringing Wellbeing Into Your Home, " by Linda Thomas "Nutrition for Enlightened Parenting, " by Marie-Laure ValandroClick here to download the electronic version of the catalog (PDF, 12 MB).

Strengthening the Parent-Teacher Partnership
Title Strengthening the Parent-Teacher Partnership PDF eBook
Author Jane Cofie
Pages 112
Release 2021-10-29
ISBN 9781950317172

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Designed for educators at all grade levels, this book helps to build effective home-school and parent-teacher relationships. With strategies and resources for productive digital communication, positive conferences, mutually beneficial classroom involvement, and more, this book empowers teachers to collaborate confidently with their students' families.

You Are Your Child's First Teacher
Title You Are Your Child's First Teacher PDF eBook
Author Rahima Baldwin Dancy
Publisher Celestial Arts
Pages 401
Release 2011-03-16
Genre Family & Relationships
ISBN 0307785785

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Nowadays parents are bombarded by any number of approaches about how to be with their children. YOU ARE YOUR CHILD'S FIRST TEACHER introduces a new way of understanding the human being so that parents can be best equipped to serve as their own children's best teachers. Chapters include: Caring for the Newborn, Helping Your Toddler's Development, The Development of Fantasy and Creative Play, Nourishing Your Child's Imagination, Rhythm and Discipline in Home Life, Readiness for School, and more. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Inviting Families into the Classroom
Title Inviting Families into the Classroom PDF eBook
Author Lynne Yermanock Strieb
Publisher Teachers College Press
Pages 0
Release 2010-05-14
Genre Education
ISBN 9780807750827

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Teachers need to read books by other teachers, yet there are few available on the important subject of parent-teacher relationships. Lynne Yermanock Strieb fills the gap with this engaging account of her 31-year career teaching children in urban classrooms. Drawing on an extensive archive of documents she kept as a kindergarten, first- and second-grade public school teacher in Philadelphia, Strieb captures the complexity and nuance of working with the families of her students. Readers will experience how her teaching developed over time and will gain access to the useful materials she created throughout her career, including a successful newsletter for parents. Her story also provides a unique example of practitioner research, showing how teachers can use a variety of data collected in the classroom to both enhance their own practice and to inform that of others.