The Social, Cultural and Spiritual Dimensions of Modern Indian Poetry in English
Title The Social, Cultural and Spiritual Dimensions of Modern Indian Poetry in English PDF eBook
Author Vijay Kumar Roy
Publisher Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Pages 195
Release 2017-05-11
Genre Literary Criticism
ISBN 1443893722

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This volume brings together research papers on the poetry of modern Indian poets, particularly those whose poetry is less explored. It is well known that post-Independence India has produced many brilliant writers whose writings have their own importance in the field of Indian English literature. These writers have brought new themes and new styles of writing that have enriched Indian English literature to a greater extent. The book explores the social, cultural and spiritual dimensions of these emerging poets, and will prove useful to students, teachers and all those interested in Indian English poetry for studies and research purposes.

Be Audacious
Title Be Audacious PDF eBook
Author Michael W. Leach
Publisher Graphic Arts Books
Pages 267
Release 2015-10-01
Genre Self-Help
ISBN 1941821936

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It goes without saying that everyone wishes to live a life that matters. But how do we harness this potential and positively impact the world around us? In Be Audacious: Inspiring Your Legacy and Living a Life that Matters, author and motivational speaker Michael W. Leach offers a simple, four-part game plan for overcoming adversity, living authentically, uncovering purposeful passion, and developing vision. Leach encourages readers to embrace nonconformity—to "shed the shackles of societal norms"—in pursuit of their dreams. Fresh, vulnerable, and contemporary, this call to action speaks to millennials and any others who aspire to break out of the box on the path to a purposeful journey uniquely their own.

TV Guide
Title TV Guide PDF eBook
Pages 412
Release 2007
Genre Television programs

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Australian National Bibliography
Title Australian National Bibliography PDF eBook
Pages 1382
Release 1993
Genre Australia

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Australian Book Review
Title Australian Book Review PDF eBook
Pages 156
Release 1992
Genre Australian literature

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The Australian Film Revival
Title The Australian Film Revival PDF eBook
Author Susan Barber
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Pages 281
Release 2023-01-26
Genre Performing Arts
ISBN 1501390007

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The Australian Film Revival: 70s, 80s, and Beyond explores the matrix of forces – artistic, cultural, economic, political, governmental, and ideological – that gave rise to, shaped, and sustained this remarkable film movement. This engaging new study brings fresh perspectives, insights, and innovative approaches to a variety of films from a diversity of filmmakers. Areas of focus include the complex and contentious subjects of masculinity, femininity and feminism, the maternal, as well as the Indigenous road film and the protean Australian gothic. During the formative years of the revival, Australian films seemed to emerge from out of the blue in terms of global film history, with many features including Picnic at Hanging Rock (l975), Caddie (l976), The Last Wave (l977), The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith (l978), and My Brilliant Career (l979) receiving international distribution and enthusiastic critical acclaim with strong box office results. By the time the film revival was in full swing, not only did Australian audiences flock to theaters to see “homegrown” films, but the quantity of Australian films on overseas screens was so high that ardent critics declared this outpouring an Australian “New Wave.” The eyes of the world had turned to a compelling and largely unknown culture.

British Book News
Title British Book News PDF eBook
Author British Council
Pages 1046
Release 1986
Genre Best books

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