Unchaining Solidarity

Unchaining Solidarity
Title Unchaining Solidarity PDF eBook
Author Dan Swain
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield
Pages 273
Release 2021-11-17
Genre Philosophy
ISBN 1538157969

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Considering solidarity and mutual aid at the intersection of political philosophy and biology, made more urgent by the COVID-19 crisis, this book is grounded in the work of Catherine Malabou and takes her theories in creative new directions.

The International Revolutionary Solidarity Movement

The International Revolutionary Solidarity Movement
Title The International Revolutionary Solidarity Movement PDF eBook
Author Albert Meltzer
Publisher Cienfuegos
Pages 0
Release 1976
Genre History
ISBN 9780904564082

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A short(ish) study of the origins and development of the revolutionary anarchist movement in Europe 1945-73, with particular reference to the First Of May Group. The First Of May Group, formed in 1966, were the next generation of (largely Spanish) anarchist militatants, who took up arms against Franco, and American imperialism. Includes some historical background, documents, communiques, and a fascinating chronology. Originally published in 1973, this is an authorized facsimile reprint of the original Cienfuegos press edition.

Responsibility and Solidarity in the Labor Struggle

Responsibility and Solidarity in the Labor Struggle
Title Responsibility and Solidarity in the Labor Struggle PDF eBook
Author Max Nettlau
Pages 32
Release 1900
Genre Labor

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Theorizing Contemporary Anarchism

Theorizing Contemporary Anarchism
Title Theorizing Contemporary Anarchism PDF eBook
Author Iwona Janicka
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
Pages 272
Release 2017-01-26
Genre Philosophy
ISBN 1474276199

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The turn of the Millennium demonstrated a fully-fledged revival and fusion of various left-wing social movements with differing agendas. Movements for women's, black, indigenous, LGTB and animal liberation as well as ecological, anti-nuclear and anti-war groups unified against the global capital. Considering the diverse emphases of these movements, is there a philosophical framework that could help us understand their nature and their modes of operation in the 21st century? This book provides a set of conceptual tools offering a theoretical model of 'slow' social transformation, a modality of social change that explicitly differs from the irruptive model of a revolution or a paradigm-changing event. Instead, it proposes the two concepts of mimetic contagion and solidarity with singularity which allow us to understand what is currently happening in the activist milieu. By bringing together some of today's most important thinkers, including Butler, Girard, Badiou, and Sloterdijk this book suggests a philosophical lens to look at the alternative living projects that contemporary left-wing activists undertake in practice. At the heart of their projects lie the pressing concerns that these contemporary philosophers currently debate. Breaking from the conceptual apparatus of the Marxian tradition, Theorizing Contemporary Anarchism instead takes Hegelian concepts and feeds them through the thought of contemporary theorists in order to form an original, productive, and inclusive scaffold with which to understand today's world of social and political movements.

Revolutionary Affinities

Revolutionary Affinities
Title Revolutionary Affinities PDF eBook
Author Michael Löwy
Publisher PM Press
Pages 225
Release 2023-06-20
Genre Political Science
ISBN 1629639842

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A sweeping history of revolutionary struggle and unbreakable alliances, Revolutionary Affinities takes readers from the Paris Commune to the Occupy movement, and through the heart of bloody fratricidal struggles to paint a vivid picture of the greatest anarchist and Marxist figures who dared to join forces, from Louise Michel to Subcomandante Marcos, from Emma Goldman to Walter Benjamin. With the urgent need for a unified front against the far right, there has never been a better time for this inspiring story. Authors Olivier Besancenot and Michael Löwy, two of the foremost voices in the French anti-authoritarian radical left, explore the promises—and challenges—of developing a fully sustainable, libertarian Marxist society by examining questions of political organization, economic policy, radical ecology, and more. Strikingly accessible, brilliantly illuminating, Besancenot and Löwy have given readers more than a history book, they’ve created a road map for the future.

Anarchist Modernism

Anarchist Modernism
Title Anarchist Modernism PDF eBook
Author Allan Antliff
Publisher University of Chicago Press
Pages 322
Release 2001-04-15
Genre Art
ISBN 9780226021034

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Reveals that during the World War I era modernists participated in a wide-ranging anarchist movement that encompassed lifestyles, literature, and art, as well as politics.

Anarchists Against the Wall

Anarchists Against the Wall
Title Anarchists Against the Wall PDF eBook
Author Uri Gordon
Publisher Anarchist Interventions
Pages 0
Release 2013
Genre History
ISBN 9781849351140

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Part of a small but growing phenomenon in Israel since 2003, Anarchists Against the Wall have been boldly challenging the Segregation Barrier and generalised violence against occupied Palestine. The reflections herein offer a window into some of the most dynamic direct action activism today. Includes contributions from several well-respected journalists and political commentators, including: Bill Templer, Adar Grayevsky, Yanai Israeli, Kobi Snitz, Anat Guthmann, Anat Matar, Neve Gordon, Yossi Bartal, Sarah Assouline, Basel Mansour and the editors themselves.