Title Ascent PDF eBook
Author Bruce McGhie
Publisher Ruder Finn Press
Pages 358
Release 2007
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 9781932646283

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Rendered quadriplegic at 22, aspiring Air Force pilot McGhie writes a straight-forward, compelling autobiography of the challenges, disappointments and successes of his life. Now in his sevenites, McGhie has been CEO of his own company and is also a certified glider pilot, father, artist and photographer. The book shows how those with disabiling injuries can live productive lives on equal terms with those without disability - and in some cases accomplish even more.

Title Soaring PDF eBook
Pages 852
Release 2007
Genre Gliders (Aeronautics)

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The Ascent
Title The Ascent PDF eBook
Author Jeff Long
Publisher William Morrow
Pages 296
Release 1992
Genre Fiction

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The treacherous dark side of Mount Everest is the setting for this high-stakes adventure, the story of ten men and two women who pit themselves against the ultimate summit. The ascent is the supreme test of physical and emotional discipline. Yet the mountain, in its otherworldly, ice-sheathed beauty, offers two of the climbers a special promise of release from a haunting past.

The Ascent of Man
Title The Ascent of Man PDF eBook
Author Jacob Bronowski
Publisher Random House
Pages 354
Release 2011
Genre Civilization
ISBN 1849901155

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A new paperback edition of Dr. Bronowski's classic history of humankind, with a foreword by Richard Dawkins Dr. Jacob Bronowksi's classic traces the development of human society through our understanding of science. First published in 1973 to accompany the groundbreaking BBC television series, it is considered one of the first works of "popular science," illuminating the historical and social context of scientific development for a generation of readers. In his highly accessible style, Dr. Bronowski discusses human invention from the flint tool to geometry, agriculture to genetics, and from alchemy to the theory of relativity, showing how they all are expressions of our ability to understand and control nature. In this new paperback edition, The Ascent of Man inspires, influences, and informs as profoundly as ever.

The Ascent
Title The Ascent PDF eBook
Author Ronald Malfi
Publisher Medallion Media Group
Pages 322
Release 2010-09-01
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1605422622

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Having lost himself in extreme sports since the death of his wife, sculptor Tim Overleigh joins a team of men bent on climbing the Godesh Ridge in Nepal in order to stop his downward spiral, only to find what was supposed to be a journey based in Tibetan mysticism to be an experiment in terror.

The Ascent of Humanity
Title The Ascent of Humanity PDF eBook
Author Charles Eisenstein
Publisher Panenthea Productions
Pages 0
Release 2007-03
Genre Nature
ISBN 9780977622207

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"An exploration of the history and future of civilization, tracing the converging crises of our age to a common source: the ideology of the discrete and separate self"--Provided by publisher

Imperial Ascent
Title Imperial Ascent PDF eBook
Author Peter L. Bayers
Pages 200
Release 2003
Genre Masculinity

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A comparative study of seven twentieth-century mountaineering narratives.