Being Nixon
Title Being Nixon PDF eBook
Author Evan Thomas
Publisher Random House
Pages 640
Release 2015-06-16
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 0812995376

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The landmark New York Times bestselling biography of Richard M. Nixon, a political savant whose gaping character flaws would drive him from the presidency and forever taint his legacy. “A biography of eloquence and breadth . . . No single volume about Nixon’s long and interesting life could be so comprehensive.”—Chicago Tribune One of Time’s Top 10 Nonfiction Books of the Year In this revelatory biography, Evan Thomas delivers a radical, unique portrait of America’s thirty-seventh president, Richard Nixon, a contradictory figure who was both determinedly optimistic and tragically flawed. One of the principal architects of the modern Republican Party and its “silent majority” of disaffected whites and conservative ex-Dixiecrats, Nixon was also deemed a liberal in some quarters for his efforts to desegregate Southern schools, create the Environmental Protection Agency, and end the draft. The son of devout Quakers, Richard Nixon (not unlike his rival John F. Kennedy) grew up in the shadow of an older, favored brother and thrived on conflict and opposition. Through high school and college, in the navy and in politics, Nixon was constantly leading crusades and fighting off enemies real and imagined. He possessed the plainspoken eloquence to reduce American television audiences to tears with his career-saving “Checkers” speech; meanwhile, Nixon’s darker half hatched schemes designed to take down his political foes, earning him the notorious nickname “Tricky Dick.” Drawing on a wide range of historical accounts, Thomas’s biography reveals the contradictions of a leader whose vision and foresight led him to achieve détente with the Soviet Union and reestablish relations with communist China, but whose underhanded political tactics tainted his reputation long before the Watergate scandal. A deeply insightful character study as well as a brilliant political biography, Being Nixon offers a surprising look at a man capable of great bravery and extraordinary deviousness—a balanced portrait of a president too often reduced to caricature. Praise for Being Nixon “Terrifically engaging . . . a fair, insightful and highly entertaining portrait.”—The Wall Street Journal “Thomas has a fine eye for the telling quote and the funny vignette, and his style is eminently readable.”—The New York Times Book Review

A Man Divided Annotated
Title A Man Divided Annotated PDF eBook
Author William Olaf Stapledon
Pages 244
Release 2020-12

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"What was it really like to be Richard Nixon? Evan Thomas tackles this fascinating question by peeling back the layers of a man driven by a poignant mix of optimism and fear. ...

Richard M. Nixon
Title Richard M. Nixon PDF eBook
Author Conrad Black
Publisher Hachette UK
Pages 360
Release 2008-10-23
Genre History
ISBN 0786727039

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From the late 1940s to the mid-1970s, Richard Nixon was a polarizing figure in American politics, admired for his intelligence, savvy, and strategic skill, and reviled for his shady manner and cutthroat tactics. Conrad Black, whose epic biography of FDR was widely acclaimed as a masterpiece, now separates the good in Nixon -- his foreign initiatives, some of his domestic policies, and his firm political hand -- from the sinister, in a book likely to generate enormous attention and controversy. Black believes the hounding of Nixon from office was partly political retribution from a lifetime's worth of enemies and Nixon's misplaced loyalty to unworthy subordinates, and not clearly the consequence of crimes in which he participated. Conrad Black's own recent legal travails, though hardly comparable, have undoubtedly given him an unusual insight into the pressures faced by Nixon in his last two years as president and the first few years of his retirement.

Nixon in New York
Title Nixon in New York PDF eBook
Author Victor Li
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield
Pages 368
Release 2018-04-02
Genre History
ISBN 1683930010

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This book details Richard Nixon’s years as a lawyer on Wall Street as a time of rebirth and reinvention, and how his firm served as a springboard to his successful comeback in 1968.

They Said No to Nixon
Title They Said No to Nixon PDF eBook
Author Michael Koncewicz
Publisher Univ of California Press
Pages 236
Release 2020-09-15
Genre History
ISBN 0520377486

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"In more than 3,000 recorded conversations, the Nixon tapes famously exposed a president's sinister views of governance that would eventually lead to his downfall. Despite Richard Nixon's best efforts, his vision of a government where he could use his power to punish his political enemies never came to fruition because there were those in his party who defied the president's directives. While many are familiar with the Republicans who turned against Nixon during the final stages of the Watergate saga, They Said No to Nixon uncovers for the first time those within the administration--including Nixon's own appointees--who opposed the White House early on, quietly blocking the president's attacks on the IRS, the Justice Department, and other sectors of the federal government. Culling from previously unpublished excerpts from the tapes and recently released material that expose the thirty-seventh president's uncensored views, Michael Koncewicz reveals how several Republican party members chose loyalty to their roles as civil servants over Nixon's attempts to expand the imperial presidency. Delving into the culture of criminality surrounding Watergate and why it did not succeed, They Said No to Nixon sheds light on the significant cultural and ideological shifts that occurred within the GOP during the pivotal 1970s. To this day, the Nixon tapes are a bracing reminder of the threat to constitutional order posed by a president who wields power without restraint"--Provided by publisher.

The Nixon Presidency
Title The Nixon Presidency PDF eBook
Author Timothy N. Thurber
Publisher Routledge
Pages 172
Release 2022-03-30
Genre History
ISBN 1000548821

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The Nixon Presidency is a concise and accessible survey of domestic policy, foreign affairs, and politics during the thirty-seventh president’s time in office. Richard Nixon was the most polarizing president of the twentieth century and one who continues to fascinate observers of American political life. Admirers saw him as the personification of the American dream of upward mobility and their ally against threats at home and abroad. Detractors considered him a deceitful, sinister figure who threatened democracy, was wrapped up in Watergate, and perpetuated an immoral war in Vietnam. As time passes, new questions and insights into the Nixon era arise and various phenomena, such as the expansion of the welfare state, the growth of the administrative state, the evolution of the Republican and Democratic Parties, and the deepening polarization in politics and the broader society, cast Nixon’s presidency in a new light. This book uses Nixon as a prism through which to view American history at home and abroad and shows how Nixon’s influence remains evident half a century after he left office. The text is supported by primary source documents, which makes it ripe for classroom use and key for students of American history, the American presidency, and the sixties.

The Hardhat Riot
Title The Hardhat Riot PDF eBook
Author David Paul Kuhn
Publisher Oxford University Press, USA
Pages 417
Release 2020
Genre Anti-war demonstrations
ISBN 0190064714

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"In May 1970, four days after Kent State, construction workers chased students through downtown Manhattan, beating scores of protesters bloody. As hardhats clashed with hippies, it soon became clear that something larger was underway- Democrats were at war with themselves. In The Hardhat Riot, David Paul Kuhn tells the fateful story of when the white working class first turned against liberalism, when Richard Nixon seized the breach, and America was forever changed. It was unthinkable one generation before: FDR's "forgotten man" siding with the party of Big Business and, ultimately, paving the way for presidencies from Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump. This is the story of the schism that tore liberalism apart. In this riveting story- rooted in meticulous research, including thousands of pages of never-before-seen records- we go back to a harrowing day that explains the politics of today. We experience an emerging class conflict between two newly polarized Americas,m and how it all boiled over on one brutal day, when the Democratic Part's future was bludgeoned by its past."--