Bird of Paradise Drums Beating

Bird of Paradise Drums Beating
Title Bird of Paradise Drums Beating PDF eBook
Author Penny Ross
Release 2012
ISBN 9780986903304

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The Drum Beat

The Drum Beat
Title The Drum Beat PDF eBook
Pages 110
Release 1864

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Birds in Paradise

Birds in Paradise
Title Birds in Paradise PDF eBook
Author Gregory A. Morris
Publisher iUniverse
Pages 194
Release 2000-08-11
Genre Fiction
ISBN 0595011721

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What begins as just another case for Jake Stewart, a rather cynical Houston based on private detective, turns out to be an introduction to the mysteriously cultural world of the Hawaiian Islands. When everyone seems to have a different story surrounding the ten-year-old disappearance of a local man, Jake and his brother, Marshall, wonder if they'll ever be able to report the truth to the man's long distraught daughter. When Jake and Marshall stumble onto the truth, the action heats up as they race against time and the Hawaiian underworld to make things right for all concerned. The islands of Hawaii provide the backdrop for this intriguing mystery filled with the magical atmosphere found only in the deep, southern tropics where sunsets are a major daily event and surprises await around every turn.

Ancestral Presence

Ancestral Presence
Title Ancestral Presence PDF eBook
Author Eric Hirsch
Publisher Routledge
Pages 255
Release 2020-12-28
Genre Social Science
ISBN 1000293866

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Ancestral Presence tells a history that has more than one history in it while also telling the story of the relation between worlds. For the Fuyuge people of the Papuan highlands, the past is not ‘history’ in a conventional sense. For them, the world and its history derive from a creator force called Tidibe which is central to Fuyuge cosmology: the Fuyuge are at the ‘centre of the world’. But Fuyuge people are part of another history, too: they have experienced decades of mission and government influence from centres of power located elsewhere, to which their mountain home is marginal and remote. Through a detailed exploration of Fuyuge myth, changes to ritual life and cosmology, Eric Hirsch weaves an account of the relationship between these two histories. He documents the real changes wrought by colonialism, government and Christianity from the late nineteenth century to the turn of the millennium. Yet this is not a story of ‘continuity and change’. Hirsch demonstrates how transformation was always central to Fuyuge life: changes brought by missionaries and government were processes they themselves initiated in the ancestral past through Tidibe, the cosmological creator force. Engaging in debates that have been pivotal to Melanesian anthropology, the book presents an ethnographically rich account of a distinctive world, cosmology and ideas of historical change. It also raises questions regarding assumptions central to Western History, its worldview and ideas of historical time.

Managing Animals in New Guinea

Managing Animals in New Guinea
Title Managing Animals in New Guinea PDF eBook
Author Paul Sillitoe
Publisher Routledge
Pages 417
Release 2004-06-02
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 1134462328

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Managing Animals in New Guinea analyzes the place of animals in the lives of New Guinea Highlanders. Looking at issues of zoological classification, hunting of wild animals and management of domesticated ones, notably pigs, it asks how natural parameters affect people's livelihood strategies and their relations with animals and the wider environment.

Beauty and the Brain

Beauty and the Brain
Title Beauty and the Brain PDF eBook
Publisher Birkhäuser
Pages 321
Release 2013-11-11
Genre Philosophy
ISBN 3034863500

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Redefining Nature

Redefining Nature
Title Redefining Nature PDF eBook
Author Roy Ellen
Publisher Routledge
Pages 503
Release 2021-01-07
Genre Nature
ISBN 1000323862

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How can anthropology improve our understanding of the interrelationship between nature and culture?- What can anthropology contribute to practical debates which depend on particular definitions of nature, such as that concerning sustainable development?Humankind has evolved over several million years by living in and utilizing 'nature' and by assimilating it into 'culture'. Indeed, the technological and cultural advancement of the species has been widely acknowledged to rest upon human domination and control of nature. Yet, by the 1960s, the idea of culture in confrontation with nature was being challenged by science, philosophy and the environmental movement. Anthropology is increasingly concerned with such issues as they become more urgent for humankind as a whole. This important book reviews the current state of the concepts of 'nature' we use, both as scientific devices and ideological constructs, and is organised around three themes:- nature as a cultural construction;- the cultural management of the environment; and- relations between plants, animals and humans.