Cicero: Brutus and Orator
Title Cicero: Brutus and Orator PDF eBook
Author Robert A. Kaster
Publisher Oxford University Press
Pages 329
Release 2020-01-23
Genre History
ISBN 0190857870

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Cicero's Brutus and Orator constitute his final major statements on the history of Roman oratory and the nature of the ideal orator. In the Brutus he traces the development of political and judicial speech over the span of 150 years, from the early second century to 46 BCE, when both of these treatises were written. In an immensely detailed account of some 200 speakers from the past he dispenses an expert's praise and criticism, provides an unparalleled resource for the study of Roman rhetoric, and engages delicately with the fraught political circumstances of the day, when the dominance of Julius Caesar was assured and the future of Rome's political institutions was thrown into question. The Orator written several months later, describes the form of oratory that Cicero most admired, even though he insists that neither he nor any other orator has been able to achieve it. At the same time, he defends his views against critics the so-called Atticists who found Cicero's style overwrought. In this volume, the first English translation of both works in more than eighty years, Robert Kaster provides faithful and eminently readable renderings, along with a detailed introduction that places the works in their historical and cultural context and explains the key stylistic concepts and terminology that Cicero uses in his analyses. Extensive notes accompany the translations, helping readers at every step contend with unfamiliar names, terms, and concepts from Roman culture and history.

De Oratore, Brutus, Orator
Title De Oratore, Brutus, Orator PDF eBook
Author Marcus Tullius Cicero
Pages 476
Release 1659

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Ciceros Orator ad M. Brutum
Title Ciceros Orator ad M. Brutum PDF eBook
Author Marcus Tullius Cicero
Pages 528
Release 1876
Genre Oratory

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The Politics and Poetics of Cicero's Brutus
Title The Politics and Poetics of Cicero's Brutus PDF eBook
Author Christopher S. van den Berg
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Pages 307
Release 2023-07-20
Genre Literary Criticism
ISBN 1009281348

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Cicero's Brutus (46 BCE), a tour-de-force of intellectual and political history, was written amidst political crisis: Caesar's defeat of the republican resistance at the battle of Thapsus. This magisterial example of the dialogue genre capaciously documents the intellectual vibrancy of the Roman Republic and its Greco-Roman traditions. This book studies the work from several distinct yet interrelated perspectives: Cicero's account of oratorical history, the confrontation with Caesar, and the exploration of what it means to write a history of an artistic practice. Close readings of this dialogue-including its apparent contradictions and tendentious fabrications-reveal a crucial and crucially productive moment in Greco-Roman thought. Cicero, this book argues, created the first nuanced, sophisticated, and ultimately 'modern' literary history, crafting both a compelling justification of Rome's oratorical traditions and also laying a foundation for literary historiography that abides to this day. This title is also available as Open Access on Cambridge Core.

Ciceros Brutus de claris oratoribus. Erklaert von Otto Jahn
Title Ciceros Brutus de claris oratoribus. Erklaert von Otto Jahn PDF eBook
Author Marcus Tullius Cicero
Pages 192
Release 1856

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Title Cicero PDF eBook
Author Marcus Tullius Cicero
Publisher Oxford University Press, USA
Pages 329
Release 2020
Genre Foreign Language Study
ISBN 0190857846

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"These translations of the Brutus and Orator were conceived as a sequel to the excellent translation of the De oratore by James May and Jaap Wisse, also published by Oxford University Press (Cicero: On the Ideal Orator, Oxford 2001). The book's raison d'ĂȘtre is easily stated. No new, complete, and readily available English versions of the two texts have appeared since the Loeb Classical Library edition was published in 1939, with translations by G. L. Hendrickson and H. M. Hubbell. Though both translations are accurate and still readable (Hendrickson's, in fact, is excellent), the introductions to the two works are brief and insufficient, and the annotation (in the manner of older Loebs) is still less adequate. Furthermore, our understanding of Cicero and the late Roman Republic has changed significantly in the eighty years since the Loeb appeared, and the resources available to students of the Brutus, in particular, are much more ample. I have reason to hope, therefore, that this book will be of some use. There is no need to discuss here the overall plan of the book, which the table of contents makes clear, or the approach taken to the translation and annotation, addressed in Introduction par. 5. The annotation very likely provides more detail than some readers will require, but I thought it best to err on the side of inclusion and leave it to readers to ignore-as readers can be relied on to do-material that does not speak to their needs or interests. I should add two notes. First, because Brutus and Orator are the most important sources for our understanding of Roman "Atticism" (Introduction par. 3), I have included in Appendix A a translation of the third Ciceronian text that bears on that subject, On the Best Kind of Orator (De optimo genere oratorum), a brief fragment that Cicero wrote but abandoned in the interval between the composition of Brutus and Orator in 46 BCE. Second, for the fragmentary remains of orators other than Cicero I have retained references to the fourth edition of Enrica Malcovati's Oratorum Romanorum Fragments (e.g., "ORF4 no. 8 fr. 149"), despite the fact that its successor, Fragments of the Roman Republican Orators (FRRO)-the work of a team led by Catherine Steel-will soon appear. The orators in FRRO will not be numbered and ordered chronologically, as they are in ORF4, but will be organized alphabetically by clan name for ready location, and a set of concordances will facilitate movment back and forth between the two editions"--

Renaissance Rhetoric Short-title Catalogue 1460-1700
Title Renaissance Rhetoric Short-title Catalogue 1460-1700 PDF eBook
Author Lawrence D. Green
Publisher Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
Pages 512
Release 2006-01-01
Genre Literary Criticism
ISBN 9780754605096

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The most accurate inventory of Renaissance rhetoric yet attempted, this substantially revised and expanded volume provides a complete list of the printed sources for study of the pervasive influence of rhetoric on Renaissance culture. It includes 1,717 authors and 3,842 rhetorical titles in 12,325 printings, published in 310 towns and cities by 3,340 printers and publishers from Finland to Mexico prior to 1700. The catalogue is presented in alphabetical order by author surnames, with place, printer, date, and library locations for each publication. An extensive introduction explores the state of bibliography in Renaissance rhetoric today.