Clemson University

Clemson University
Title Clemson University PDF eBook
Author Helene M. Riley
Publisher Arcadia Publishing
Pages 132
Release 2002
Genre History
ISBN 9780738514703

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The roots of agriculture run deeply in South Carolina's history; even its earliest settlers valued the rich and fertile land. However, after the Civil War devastated Southern land and economy, many questioned if the agrarian way of life could survive. Thomas Green Clemson, son-in-law of South Carolina's foremost statesman John C. Calhoun, believed in the promise of agricultural improvement through science and offered his estate, Fort Hill, to found the agricultural and mechanical college today called Clemson University. For more than a century, the institution that bears his name has served as a beacon for perhaps thousands of students, standing proudly in the solemn Carolina foothills. Through the years, faculty, students, alumni, and fans have realized Thomas G. Clemson's vision for higher education and strengthened the school to a mighty level. From the more than 600 students who applied the first year to join an all-male Cadet Corps, Clemson has developed into a powerhouse among Southern academic institutions. Recognized for its commitment to academic excellence, cultural opportunities, and aesthetic attractions, the university is perhaps best known as home of the famed athletic teams, the Clemson Tigers. This volume offers young and mature readers alike a chance to meet and reminisce about Clemson's legends; longtime Tiger fans may even find old friends they made along the way.

Call My Name, Clemson

Call My Name, Clemson
Title Call My Name, Clemson PDF eBook
Author Rhondda Robinson Thomas
Publisher University of Iowa Press
Pages 313
Release 2020-11-02
Genre History
ISBN 1609387414

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Between 1890 and 1915, a predominately African American state convict crew built Clemson University on John C. Calhoun’s Fort Hill Plantation in upstate South Carolina. Calhoun’s plantation house still sits in the middle of campus. From the establishment of the plantation in 1825 through the integration of Clemson in 1963, African Americans have played a pivotal role in sustaining the land and the university. Yet their stories and contributions are largely omitted from Clemson’s public history. This book traces “Call My Name: African Americans in Early Clemson University History,” a Clemson English professor’s public history project that helped convince the university to reexamine and reconceptualize the institution’s complete and complex story from the origins of its land as Cherokee territory to its transformation into an increasingly diverse higher-education institution in the twenty-first century. Threading together scenes of communal history and conversation, student protests, white supremacist terrorism, and personal and institutional reckoning with Clemson’s past, this story helps us better understand the inextricable link between the history and legacies of slavery and the development of higher education institutions in America.

Tonkin Gulf and the Escalation of the Vietnam War

Tonkin Gulf and the Escalation of the Vietnam War
Title Tonkin Gulf and the Escalation of the Vietnam War PDF eBook
Author Edwin E. Moïse
Publisher Univ of North Carolina Press
Pages 325
Release 2000-11-09
Genre History
ISBN 0807863483

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Retracing the confused pattern of planning for escalation of the Vietnam War, Moise reconstructs the events of the night of August 4, 1964, when the U.S. Navy destroyers Maddox and Turner Joy reported that they were under attack by North Vietnamese torpedo boats in the Gulf of Tonkin. Using declassified records and interviews with the participants, Moise demonstrates that there was no North Vietnamese attack; the original report was a genuine mistake.

High Seminary: Vol. 1:

High Seminary: Vol. 1:
Title High Seminary: Vol. 1: PDF eBook
Author Jerome V. Reel
Publisher Clemson University Press
Pages 0
Release 2018-05-22
Genre History
ISBN 9780984259892

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A history of Clemson University, from its founding in 1889 as the Clemson Agricultural College of South Carolina to its renaming as Clemson University in 1964.

The High Seminary

The High Seminary
Title The High Seminary PDF eBook
Author Jerome V Reel
Pages 546
Release 2021-10-18
ISBN 9781638040132

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This book begins where Volume 1 left off, with the name change from Clemson Agricultural College of South Carolina to Clemson University.

Data on Marine Engines of Great Lakes Steamships

Data on Marine Engines of Great Lakes Steamships
Title Data on Marine Engines of Great Lakes Steamships PDF eBook
Release 19??
Genre Marine engines

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Title Clemson PDF eBook
Author Sam Blackman
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Pages 416
Release 2017-08-15
Genre Sports & Recreation
ISBN 1683580400

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Clemson: Where the Tigers Play is the most comprehensive book ever written on Clemson University athletics. This book chronicles over 100 years of Tiger athletics, listing yearly accounts of statistics, records, bowl and tournament appearances, and historical moments. Read about the legends that put the Clemson Tigers on the map, including Banks McFadden, John Heisman, Rupert Fike, Frank Howard, Fred Cone, Bruce Murray, Bill Wilhelm, and I. M. Ibrahim. Also included are vignettes on some of Clemson’s greatest moments—the 1981 national football championship and the 2015 national championship game appearance, the 1984 and 1987 national championship soccer seasons, College World Series appearances, the Frank Howard era, and the inaugural running down the hill in Death Valley. Other vignettes include career sports records; players in the NFL, the major leagues, and the NBA; and Tiger Olympic medalists. This newly revised edition offers the ground breaking accomplishments and victories that countless teams have had at this university. Clemson: Where the Tigers Play is a must-have for any library of every loyal Clemson fan. This book examines the rich history and tradition of the Clemson Tigers, and the coaches and players who made it happen!