Clemson University
Title Clemson University PDF eBook
Author Helene M. Riley
Publisher Arcadia Publishing
Pages 132
Release 2002
Genre History
ISBN 9780738514703

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The roots of agriculture run deeply in South Carolina's history; even its earliest settlers valued the rich and fertile land. However, after the Civil War devastated Southern land and economy, many questioned if the agrarian way of life could survive. Thomas Green Clemson, son-in-law of South Carolina's foremost statesman John C. Calhoun, believed in the promise of agricultural improvement through science and offered his estate, Fort Hill, to found the agricultural and mechanical college today called Clemson University. For more than a century, the institution that bears his name has served as a beacon for perhaps thousands of students, standing proudly in the solemn Carolina foothills. Through the years, faculty, students, alumni, and fans have realized Thomas G. Clemson's vision for higher education and strengthened the school to a mighty level. From the more than 600 students who applied the first year to join an all-male Cadet Corps, Clemson has developed into a powerhouse among Southern academic institutions. Recognized for its commitment to academic excellence, cultural opportunities, and aesthetic attractions, the university is perhaps best known as home of the famed athletic teams, the Clemson Tigers. This volume offers young and mature readers alike a chance to meet and reminisce about Clemson's legends; longtime Tiger fans may even find old friends they made along the way.

Legacy of a Southern Lady
Title Legacy of a Southern Lady PDF eBook
Author Ann Ratliff Russell
Publisher Clemson University Press
Pages 204
Release 2018-05-19
Genre History
ISBN 1638041415

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“Anna Calhoun Clemson was John C. Calhoun’s favorite child. After reading Ann Russell’s biography based on Anna’s letters, one finds it easy to understand why. The product of a famous family and an exceptional woman, Anna was also, as Russell ably demonstrates, very much “a southern lady.” Her story—her “life’s journey,” as Calhoun told his daughter her life would be–gives us a glimpse of an important southern family, of southern womanhood, of heartbreak and difficulty, of a nation torn apart by sectional conflict. Like Mary Chesnut’s famous diary, Anna’s letters, the crux of Russell’s study, provide us with a rich, detailed picture of southern life, both personal and public.”

Rhetoric, Public Memory, and Campus History
Title Rhetoric, Public Memory, and Campus History PDF eBook
Author Rhondda Thomas
Publisher Liverpool University Press
Pages 264
Release 2022-05-13
Genre History
ISBN 1638040214

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This essay collection explores the inextricable link between rhetoric, public memory, and campus history projects. Since the early twentieth century after Brown University appointed its Steering Committee on Slavery and Justice, higher education institutions around the globe have launched initiatives to research, document, and share their connections to slavery and its legacies. Many of these explorations have led to investigations about the rhetorical nature of campus history projects, including the names of buildings, the installation of monuments, the publication of books, the production of resolutions, and the hosting of public programs. The essays in this collection examine the rhetorical nature of a range of initiatives, including the creation of land acknowledgement statements, the memorialization of universities’ historic financial ties to the slave trade, the installation and removal of monuments or historical markers, the development of curriculum for campus history projects. The book takes a chronological approach, beginning with the examination of a project at a university that was built on the site of a historic Native American town, moving through a series of essays about initiatives that grew out of universities’ associations with slavery and its legacies in the United Kingdom and America, and ending with a critique of several pedagological approaches in campus history courses designed for undergraduate students.

South Carolina State University
Title South Carolina State University PDF eBook
Author William C Hine
Publisher Univ of South Carolina Press
Pages 497
Release 2018-04-16
Genre History
ISBN 1611178525

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The turbulent history of one of South Carolina's historically black colleges and its significant role in the civil rights movement Since its founding in 1896, South Carolina State University has provided vocational, undergraduate, and graduate education for generations of African Americans. Now the state's flagship historically black university, it achieved this recognition after decades of struggling against poverty, inadequate infrastructure and funding, and social and cultural isolation. In South Carolina State University: A Black Land-Grant College in Jim Crow America, William C. Hine examines South Carolina State's complicated start, its slow and long-overdue transition to a degree-granting university, and its significant role in advancing civil rights in the state and country. A product of the state's "separate but equal" legislation, South Carolina State University was a hallmark of Jim Crow South Carolina. Black and white students were indeed provided separate colleges, but the institutions were in no way equal. When established, South Carolina State emphasized vocational and agricultural subjects as well as teacher training for black students while the University of South Carolina offered white students a broad range of higher-level academic and professional course work leading to a bachelor's degree. Through the middle decades of the twentieth century, South Carolina State was an incubator for much of the civil rights activity in the state. The tragic Orangeburg massacre on February 8, 1968, occurred on its campus and resulted in the deaths of three students and the wounding of twenty-eight others. Using the university as a lens, Hine examines the state's history of race relations, poverty and progress, and the politics of higher education for whites and blacks from the Reconstruction era into the twenty-first century. Hine's work showcases what the institution has achieved as well as what was required for the school to achieve the parity it was once promised. This fascinating account is replete with revealing anecdotes, more than sixty photographs and illustrations, and a cast of famous figures including Benjamin R. Tillman, Coleman Blease, Benjamin E. Mays, Marian Birnie Wilkinson, Mary McLeod Bethune, Modjeska Simkins, Strom Thurmond, Essie Mae Washington Williams, James F. Byrnes, John Foster Dulles, James E. Clyburn, and Willie Jeffries.

Agricultural Series
Title Agricultural Series PDF eBook
Pages 674
Release 1954
Genre Agriculture

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High Seminary: Vol. 1
Title High Seminary: Vol. 1 PDF eBook
Author Jerome V. Reel
Publisher Clemson University Press
Pages 536
Release 2023-12-15
Genre History
ISBN 1638041059

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This study shows how Clemson weaves together the three federal charges of land-grant institutions—teaching (specified in the Land Grant Act of 1862), research (the Hatch Act of 1887), and public service (the Smith-Lever Act of 1914)—into a “high seminary of learning.” Clemson students and their lives here are the other major theme of this work. The narrative of this institution traces the people who created it, those who guided it, and the people who lived under its influence and the paths they followed as they left “dear old Clemson.”

The High Seminary
Title The High Seminary PDF eBook
Author Jerome V Reel
Pages 546
Release 2021-10-18
ISBN 9781638040132

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This book begins where Volume 1 left off, with the name change from Clemson Agricultural College of South Carolina to Clemson University.