Collaboration and Co-Teaching

Collaboration and Co-Teaching
Title Collaboration and Co-Teaching PDF eBook
Author Andrea Honigsfeld
Publisher Corwin Press
Pages 249
Release 2010-08-10
Genre Education
ISBN 1412976502

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Help ELLs achieve success with an integrated, collaborative program! Teacher collaboration and co-teaching are proven strategies for helping students with diverse needs achieve academically. Now this practical resource provides a step-by-step guide to making collaboration and co-teaching work for general education teachers and English as a second language (ESL) specialists to better serve the needs of English language learners (ELLs). The authors address the fundamental questions of collaboration and co-teaching, examine how a collaborative program helps ELLs learn content while meeting English language development goals, and offer information on school leaders' roles in facilitating collaboration schoolwide. Featuring six in-depth case studies, this guide helps educators: Understand the benefits and challenges of collaborative service delivery Choose from a range of strategies and configurations, from informal planning and collaboration to a fully developed co-teaching partnership Use templates, planning guides, and other practical tools to put collaboration into practice Evaluate the strategies' success using the guidelines, self-assessments, and questionnaires included Collaboration and Co-Teaching helps ESL, ELL, and general education teachers combine their expertise to provide better support for their ELLs!


Title Interactions PDF eBook
Author Marilyn Penovich Friend
Publisher Prentice Hall
Pages 0
Release 2013
Genre Communication in education
ISBN 9780132774925

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"Interactions is a guide for preprofessionals and professionals to help them understand and participate effectively in their interactions with other school professionals and parents, in an increasingly diverse world that is also now routinely electronically and globally connected. Interactions presents theory and conceptual principles heavily seasoned with examples, cases, and applied activities. Written specifically to enable readers to quickly use their skills in professional settings, the book will be a useful tool for pre-service educators and practitioners-whether they are engaged in formal instructional settings, a study group, or independent study. The book recognizes that knowledge about instructional practices that can improve student outcomes are more important than ever before, and educators are scrambling to respond to the federal legislative mandates that require increasingly high standards and a clear trajectory of improving academic performance for all students, including those with disabilities and other special needs."--Publisher.

Co-Teaching and Collaboration in the Classroom

Co-Teaching and Collaboration in the Classroom
Title Co-Teaching and Collaboration in the Classroom PDF eBook
Author Susan Gingras Fitzell M Ed
Pages 152
Release 2010-01-01
Genre Teaching teams
ISBN 9781932995107

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Find strategies to work through personality differences between educators that can obstruct successful collaboration. Learn how to utilize the talents of your co-teacher so students who require more one-on-one instruction receive it. This edition includes the benefits and challenges of each co-teaching model as well as how to choose which model best suits your team. There are many suggestions on how to incorporate differentiated instruction into the co-teach model. Discover how to effectively implement flexible grouping with Fitzell Acceleration Centers(tm) to address the needs of a variety of students without singling out any particular group. Never heard of a Fitzell Acceleration Center? Follow explicit instructions on how to engage students and set one up in your classroom. The result will be a more motivated, accomplished, and well-behaved class. Many record-keeping chart templates are provided along with helpful follow-up questions to activities and conflict resolution scripts. The goal of any co-teaching situation is to reach more student learning styles, and this book succeeds at offering practical options for doing so.

Co-Teaching in the Differentiated Classroom

Co-Teaching in the Differentiated Classroom
Title Co-Teaching in the Differentiated Classroom PDF eBook
Author Melinda L. Fattig
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Pages 167
Release 2007-12-10
Genre Education
ISBN 0787987441

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Co-Teaching in the Differentiated Classroom is a practical hands-on guide that explains how to implement co-teaching programs in mixed-ability classrooms. Based on the authors' award-winning model, this important guide shows how special education teachers can pair with general education teachers to improve classroom functioning while promoting high achievement for all students. The book provides tested frameworks and tools for teacher collaboration on lesson planning, student grouping, assessment, and discipline. It also offers guidance on managing overcrowded classrooms and on designing and implementing differentiated lessons and assignments, and includes advice for administrators.

Co-Teaching for English Learners

Co-Teaching for English Learners
Title Co-Teaching for English Learners PDF eBook
Author Maria G. Dove
Publisher Corwin Press
Pages 351
Release 2017-09-27
Genre Education
ISBN 1506343244

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"Dove and Honigsfeld′s new book arrives at the perfect time as an increasing number of schools move to a collaborative instructional model and are searching for guidance. The authors not only tell us how to effectively collaborate and co-teach to benefit English learners, they actually show us what each component of the collaborative instructional cycle looks and feels like, complemented by innovative video and web content." —DIANE STAEHR FENNER, Coauthor of Unlocking ELs’ Potential and President of SupportEd Because teacher collaboration isn’t an option, it’s a MUST! The proof is borne out by any assessment: our non-native speakers learn faster and achieve more when general ed teachers and EL specialists co-plan and co-deliver instruction in the very same classroom. That’s why you’ll want to put Co-Teaching for English Learners at the top of your reading list. Step by step, EL authorities Maria Dove and Andrea Honigsfeld walk you through the entire collaborative instruction cycle, along with seven potential classroom configurations from which to choose. Whether you’re new to co-teaching or just see room for improvement in your practice, this practical handbook delivers every technique and tool you need to make the most of your collaboration, including video footage of co-teaching in action. Inside you’ll find: • In-depth profiles of the seven models, with detailed descriptions and analyses • A review of advantages and challenges of each model’s implementation • Clear explanations of each teacher’s role along with self-assessment tools • Tried-and-true strategies for the entire instructional cycle: co-planning, co-instruction, co-assessment, and reflection • Real-life accounts from co-teaching veterans Long gone are the days when our ELs are taught in isolation—and rightfully so. Read Co-Teaching for English Learners, implement its strategies, and soon enough you, too, can set up a learning environment in which all students thrive.

Collaboration, Coteaching, and Coaching in Gifted Education

Collaboration, Coteaching, and Coaching in Gifted Education
Title Collaboration, Coteaching, and Coaching in Gifted Education PDF eBook
Author Emily Mofield
Publisher Routledge
Pages 228
Release 2021-09-03
Genre Education
ISBN 1000491129

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Winner of NAGC's 2021 Book of the Year Award This must-have resource: Provides gifted educators with methods and strategies for successful coplanning, coteaching, coaching, and collaboration. Enables effective management of differentiation. Increases educators' understanding of gifted students' needs. Features the tools and how to steps for facilitating and maintaining collaborative work in order to challenge and support gifted students all day, every day. Encourages professional learning and a focus on shared responsibility and reflection. The book also includes considerations for working with special populations, including twice-exceptional students, underachievers, and culturally, linguistically, and economically diverse learners, as well as meeting students' social-emotional needs, collaborating with families and communities, and advocating for gifted education.

Collaborative Teaching in Elementary Schools

Collaborative Teaching in Elementary Schools
Title Collaborative Teaching in Elementary Schools PDF eBook
Author Wendy W. Murawski
Publisher Corwin Press
Pages 593
Release 2010
Genre Education
ISBN 1412968089

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Using marriage as a metaphor, this lighthearted, highly practical, and teacher-friendly resource helps general education teachers and special service providers successfully set up, conduct, and maintain co-teaching partnerships.