Computing Science in Ancient India
Title Computing Science in Ancient India PDF eBook
Author Thammavarapu R. N. Rao
Pages 128
Release 2000
Genre Computer science

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Description: Not only the sign for zero, but also the binary number system, the ideas of metarules, algebraic transformation, recursion, hashing, mathematical logic, formal grammars, and high level language description arose first in India. Indian mathematical science had already reached dizzying heights about 2,500 years ago by the time of Panini and Pingala, considered by tradition to have been brothers. Panini's grammar for Sanskrit, which is equivalent in its computing power to the most powerful computing machine, has not yet been matched for any other language, while Pingala described the binary number system. This classic book of contributions by the leading scholars in the world presents an overview of these seminal contributions to computer science. It also includes chapters on models and computation in astronomy and cognitive science.

Computation in Ancient India
Title Computation in Ancient India PDF eBook
Author T. R. N. Rao
Release 2016-07
ISBN 9781988207124

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The material in this book presents an introduction to the Indian contributions to the science of computing. The book starts with an overview of Indian science. The next three chapters deal with the description of binary numbers, the Katapayadi notation and its equivalence to hashing that is used in computer systems, and the Panini-Backus form to describe a high-level computer language based on the ideas of the great grammarian Panini. The next two chapters describe some technical aspects of Panini's grammar and Indian logic. The Paninian structure (5th century BCE) has been shown to be equivalent to the Turing machine. The rise of mathematical logic in India took place centuries before its rediscovery in Europe. The next chapter shows how one needs ingenuity in decoding Indian texts. It is shown that Indian myths represent information regarding the motions of the planets. The last two chapters deal with cosmology and cognitive science.

Ancient Indian Leaps into Mathematics
Title Ancient Indian Leaps into Mathematics PDF eBook
Author B.S. Yadav
Publisher Springer Science & Business Media
Pages 218
Release 2011-01-20
Genre Mathematics
ISBN 0817646957

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This book presents contributions of mathematicians covering topics from ancient India, placing them in the broader context of the history of mathematics. Although the translations of some Sanskrit mathematical texts are available in the literature, Indian contributions are rarely presented in major Western historical works. Yet some of the well-known and universally-accepted discoveries from India, including the concept of zero and the decimal representation of numbers, have made lasting contributions to the foundation of modern mathematics. Through a systematic approach, this book examines these ancient mathematical ideas that were spread throughout India, China, the Islamic world, and Western Europe.

Ancient Computing
Title Ancient Computing PDF eBook
Author Michael Woods
Publisher Twenty-First Century Books
Pages 98
Release 2000-01-01
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 9780822529972

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Discusses the methods of computation developed in various civilizations around the world, from prehistoric times up until the end of the Roman Empire.

Ancient Computing Technology
Title Ancient Computing Technology PDF eBook
Author Michael Woods
Publisher Twenty-First Century Books
Pages 100
Release 2011-01-01
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 0761365281

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Describes the mathematical technology used by ancient societies, covering techniques used for counting, measurements, weights, time, and calculations, including the ancient civilizations of China, Greece, Rome, India, and the Middle East.

Vedic Mathematics
Title Vedic Mathematics PDF eBook
Author Pradeep Kumar
Pages 119
Release 2013-01-01
ISBN 9788120784390

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"Vedic Mathematics" is a magical method of fast calculations. This wonderful tool has been developed on the basis of ancient Indian principles. This unique method of calculation is a book for students. It helps them to increase their speed of working with figures, independently of electronic computing machines. This book will give you the cutting edge in crucial competitive examinations, and help you steer your career towards the pinnacle of success.

Bio-Inspired Computing and Applications
Title Bio-Inspired Computing and Applications PDF eBook
Author De-Shuang Huang
Publisher Springer Science & Business Media
Pages 735
Release 2012-01-03
Genre Computers
ISBN 3642245528

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The three-volume set LNCS 6838, LNAI 6839, and LNBI 6840 constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Intelligent Computing, ICIC 2011, held in Zhengzhou, China, in August 2011. This volume contains 93 revised full papers, from a total of 281 presentations at the conference - carefully reviewed and selected from 832 initial submissions. The papers address all issues in Advanced Intelligent Computing, especially Methodologies and Applications, including theories, methodologies, and applications in science and technology. They include a range of techniques such as artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, evolutionary computing, informatics theories and applications, computational neuroscience and bioscience, soft computing, human computer interface issues, etc.