Consequences of Capitalism
Title Consequences of Capitalism PDF eBook
Author Noam Chomsky
Publisher Penguin UK
Pages 416
Release 2021-01-05
Genre Political Science
ISBN 0241482623

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An essential primer on capitalism, politics and how the world works, based on the hugely popular undergraduate lecture series 'What is Politics?' Is there an alternative to capitalism? In this landmark text Chomsky and Waterstone chart a critical map for a more just and sustainable society. 'Covid-19 has revealed glaring failures and monstrous brutalities in the current capitalist system. It represents both a crisis and an opportunity. Everything depends on the actions that people take into their own hands.' How does politics shape our world, our lives and our perceptions? How much of 'common sense' is actually driven by the ruling classes' needs and interests? And how are we to challenge the capitalist structures that now threaten all life on the planet? Consequences of Capitalism exposes the deep, often unseen connections between neoliberal 'common sense' and structural power. In making these linkages, we see how the current hegemony keeps social justice movements divided and marginalized. And, most importantly, we see how we can fight to overcome these divisions.

Available to Be Poisoned
Title Available to Be Poisoned PDF eBook
Author Dipali Mathur
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield
Pages 221
Release 2022-09-23
Genre Nature
ISBN 1666919829

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This book explores the broader question of what it means to “live with” toxicity as a condition of life, particularly for disadvantaged communities in India. Mathur argues that the geographically uneven exposure to toxicity is a deliberate strategy of global neoliberalism to ensure that power is concentrated in the hands of the few.

Notes on Resistance
Title Notes on Resistance PDF eBook
Author Noam Chomsky
Publisher Haymarket Books
Pages 258
Release 2022-09-22
Genre Political Science
ISBN 1642599077

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Noam Chomsky dissects the multiple crises facing humankind and the planet; and provides a road map for resistance. In this completely original set of interviews between the legendary duo of Noam Chomsky and David Barsamian, the two confront topics such as the pandemic, the wealth gap (made worse because of the pandemic), climate destruction, the increasing power of the corporate owned media, systematic racism, Big Tech, and more. Noam Chomsky is one of the most cited scholars in human history. He ranks right up there with Aristotle and Marx, and this book reaffirms his esteemed reputation. Notes on Resistance will inspire all those struggling for human liberation.

Pedagogy of Resistance
Title Pedagogy of Resistance PDF eBook
Author Henry A. Giroux
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
Pages 288
Release 2022-03-24
Genre Education
ISBN 1350269514

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Henry A. Giroux argues that education holds a crucial role in shaping politics at a time when ignorance, lies and fake news have empowered right-wing groups and created deep divisions in society. Education, with its increasingly corporate and conservative-based technologies, is partly responsible for creating these division. It contributes to the pitting of people against each other through the lens of class, race, and any other differences that don't embrace White nationalism. Giroux's analysis ranges from the pandemic and the inequality it has revealed, to the rise of Trumpism and its afterlife, and to the work of Paulo Freire and how his book Pedagogy of Hope can guide us in these dark times and help us produce critical and informed citizens. He argues that underlying the current climate of inequity, isolation, and social atomization (all exacerbated by the pandemic) is a crisis of education. Out of this comes the need for a pedagogy of resistance that is accessible to everyone, built around a vision of hope for an alternative society rooted in the ideals of justice, equality, and freedom.

A Beginner’s Guide to Building Better Worlds
Title A Beginner’s Guide to Building Better Worlds PDF eBook
Author Gahman, Levi
Publisher Policy Press
Pages 188
Release 2022-05-31
Genre Social Science
ISBN 1447362179

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This ambitious book offers radical alternatives to conventional ways of thinking about the planet’s most pressing challenges, ranging from alienation and exploitation to state violence and environmental injustice. Bridging real-world examples of resistance and mutual aid in Zapatista territory with big-picture concepts like critical consciousness, social reproduction and decolonisation, the authors encourage readers to view themselves as co-creators of the societies they are a part of – and ‘be Zapatistas wherever they are'. Written by a diverse team of first-generation authors, this book offers an emancipatory set of anti-colonial ideas related to both refusing liberal bystanding and collectively constructing better worlds and realities.

Everything with Capitalism is not Bad
Title Everything with Capitalism is not Bad PDF eBook
Author Sujit Kumar Chattopadhyay
Publisher Literatureslight Publishing
Pages 164
Release 2023-04-20
Genre Political Science

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The book ‘Everything with Capitalism is not bad’ is perhaps the first of its kind ever. Usually this has been a fashion for the intellectuals to counter capitalism at all levels especially by the influence of communism. But this book argues that there are a lot of good points in capitalism such as entrepreneurship, innovation and competition all of which may produce an energetic and intelligent community if it is practiced at social levels and thus these features can open the route of horizontal capitalism throughout the world. In spite of some critical estimates, this book throws light on its positive social and cultural implications as a result of which vertical capitalism and crony capitalism will come to an end and world will prosper at large. If I am asked as to what problems am I setting out to solve I can answer that I am presenting many good points of capitalism and thus pleading that capitalism, if somewhat reorganized, can be the alternative doctrine of the day. If one asks me as to what confusions do I wish to clarify, I want to clear that capitalism is not all-out bad; it has some good points as well that can economically and culturally benefit the human society. In the question of what previously unknown or unfortunately neglected story am I planning to tell, I must argue that positive cultural implications of capitalism are perhaps the untold story here. For the question as to how can be this book different from all other denominations of this topic I must say that all other books are absolutely critical about capitalism but this book has offered a mixed perception with special emphasis on its good points. This book matters to everyone from common people to statesman.

Higher Education and Disaster Capitalism in the Age of COVID-19
Title Higher Education and Disaster Capitalism in the Age of COVID-19 PDF eBook
Author Marina Vujnovic
Publisher Springer Nature
Pages 427
Release 2022-11-09
Genre Education
ISBN 3031123700

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This book reveals the layered effects of the corporatization of higher education, situated within the phenomenon of disaster capitalism. The authors argue that higher education administrators have seized on the Covid-19 pandemic as an opportunity to advance a corporate higher education agenda consistent with the principles of disaster capitalism. This crisis deeply impacts what and how students in the United States learn, who gets to learn, and the very mission of the academy. Chapters also address neoliberalism as a policy statement that has reshaped and continues to shape higher education in the United States and in much of Western societies.