Curious Matrix

Curious Matrix
Title Curious Matrix PDF eBook
Author Domagoj Pernar
Publisher National and University Library in Zagreb
Pages 216
Release 2021-12-22
ISBN 9789534983300

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Curiosity is all around us. You just need to explore it. This book is doing exactly that - exploring various questions and hypotheseses about past, present and future world and society we're living in. What you are going to read is by no means scientifically accurate in every way or a complete truth, but it is one man's reflections on different topics with a pinch of creativity. A good part of the book is supported by various research, but a good portion is open to the imagination. That's why I wrote this book, to share my view, which can be correct, it can be fictional and imaginable, but it is curious and explorational in many ways. That is the essence of writing - to explore your mind while bringing fiction closer to nonfiction. The book consists of 18 chapters that are not connected subjectwise but are somehow connected in curiosity. Those chapters are structured to make you question your foundations of thinking and consider difficult subjects. Whether those are; a future world with sex robots, a world without weapons, or perhaps a world without electricity, I think they are very interesting questions that are open to interpretation.

Why Do Onions Make Me Cry?

Why Do Onions Make Me Cry?
Title Why Do Onions Make Me Cry? PDF eBook
Author Jay Ingram
Publisher Simon & Schuster
Pages 288
Release 2019-04-02
Genre Humor
ISBN 198211083X

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Discovery Channel host and acclaimed writer Jay Ingram helps you find the answers to questions you've never really settled, like “What is déjà vu?” “Why do we blink?”, “Why are yawns contagious?” and the perennial “Do we really use only 10% of our brains?” Note that this book is a combined and abridged edition of The Science of Why and The Science of Why2. Have you ever wondered if people really do weird things during the full moon? How about whether fingernails grow faster than toenails? And do we really dream in color? Jay Ingram is here to put these and many other long-lived scientific uncertainties to rest in this whimsically illustrated guide to the science of everyday life. Combining the wit of What If? by Randall Munroe and the accessible science smarts of ASAP Science, this new collection features answers to common queries with part sections that address the supernatural, the human body, the animal kingdom, the natural world, and more. It includes fun facts, myth busters and line drawings, all with the end goal of delighting and surprising your inner science geek. Whether these questions have been on your mind constantly, or occasionally resurface like the myth of Loch Ness (Is it real?), whether they’re silly (Why does my pee smell like asparagus?) or serious (Why does time speed up as I age?) or just plain frustrating (Why do mosquitoes love me?), Ingram will settle them once and for all.


Title Prosocial PDF eBook
Author Paul W.B. Atkins
Publisher New Harbinger Publications
Pages 230
Release 2019-10-01
Genre Psychology
ISBN 1684030269

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A groundbreaking, comprehensive program for designing effective and socially equitable groups of all sizes—from businesses and social justice groups to global organizations. Whether you work in business or schools, volunteer in neighborhoods or church organizations, or are involved in social justice and activism, you understand the enormous power of groups to enact powerful and lasting change in the world. But how exactly do you design, build, and sustain effective groups? Based on the work of Nobel Prize winning economist Elinor Ostrom and grounded in contextual behavioral science, evolutionary science, and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), Prosocial presents a practical, step-by-step approach to help you energize and strengthen your business or organization. Using the Prosocial model, you’ll learn to design groups that are more harmonious, have better member or employee retention, have better relationships with other groups or business partners, and have more success and longevity. Most importantly, you’ll learn to target the characteristics that foster cooperation and collaboration—key ingredients for any effective group.

Cutting Edge Internal Auditing

Cutting Edge Internal Auditing
Title Cutting Edge Internal Auditing PDF eBook
Author Jeffrey Ridley
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Pages 486
Release 2008-04-30
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 0470756276

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Cutting Edge Internal Auditing provides guidance and knowledge for every internal auditor, encouraging each to pioneer new ground in the development of their professional practices in all risk management, control and governance processes. Serving as an excellent reference guide that develops a pattern of internal auditing now and for the future, this book explores the concept of 'cutting edge' internal auditing as an imaginative adventure: demonstrating how this has influenced and will continue to influence the development of professionalism in internal auditing. Built on the foundations of Jeffrey Ridley's extensive internal auditing experience across the public and private sectors, the author uses his articles and research to explore and develop the motivations, goals and categories of innovation in internal auditing today. It develops and brings up to date an imaginative internal auditing model, created and used by the author in the early 1980s, drawing on research and guidance by The Institute of Internal Auditors Inc., its Research Foundation and the Institute of Internal Auditors - UK and Ireland. Each chapter stands alone by focusing on an individual internal auditing theme, considered from both the perspective of internal auditing and its customers to suggest an appropriate vision as a goal for every internal audit activity. Each chapter also includes self-assessment questions to challenge the readers understanding of its messages. Companion website contains some of the author's training slides and seventy case studies, many written by leading internal audit practitioners, this book creates a vision for future cutting edge internal auditing.

The Manager's Answer Book

The Manager's Answer Book
Title The Manager's Answer Book PDF eBook
Author Barbara Mitchell
Publisher Red Wheel/Weiser
Pages 185
Release 2018-06-18
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 1632658801

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The award-winning Q&A guide on management from the authors of The Big Book of HR. 2020 Winner, Next Generation Indie Book Award in the Career Category Congratulations, you’re a manager! Now what? Of course, you have expertise in the field you’re managing—but there’s so much more to know, and your responsibilities can become overwhelming at times. A management career means continuous learning: encountering new situations, solving new problems, and gaining new skills on a constant basis. In question-and-answer format, this easy-to-use guide provides information on many aspects of managing, including: • Getting started: moving from peer to manager, setting goals, managing projects, resources, and much more • Developing your management skills: communicating, delegating, motivating, and facilitating • Building and managing your team: hiring, firing, and everything in between • Creating your personal brand: building credibility for yourself, your team, and your department • Managing up, down, and around: working with people and functions in your organization • Potential land mines: conflict, change, and risk • Legal pitfalls: navigating the miasma of laws and regulations, and more

If Not Now, When?

If Not Now, When?
Title If Not Now, When? PDF eBook
Author Camilla Arnold
Publisher A&C Black
Pages 226
Release 2010-06-15
Genre Self-Help
ISBN 1408125056

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Frequent changes in work and career is the new norm in business and this book is your indispensable guide to taking control of your career whether you are working toward a goal of a dream job or are sorting out the options from an involuntary career switch. Includes first-hand case studies of successful career change experiences, thought-provoking quizzes, evaluation exercises and self-assessment tools to help readers make the best career choices.

Be Useful

Be Useful
Title Be Useful PDF eBook
Author Arnold Schwarzenegger
Publisher Random House
Pages 176
Release 2023-10-10
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 1529916305

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THE INSTANT NUMBER ONE BESTSELLER The seven rules to follow to realise your true purpose in life-distilled by Arnold Schwarzenegger from his own journey of ceaseless reinvention and extraordinary achievement, and available for absolutely anyone. The world's greatest bodybuilder. The world's highest paid movie star. The leader of the world's sixth largest economy. That these are the same person sounds like the setup to a joke. But this is no joke. This is Arnold Schwarzenegger. And this did not happen by accident. Arnold's stratospheric success happened as part of a process. As the result of clear vision, big thinking, hard work, direct communication, resilient problem-solving, open-minded curiosity, and a commitment to giving back. All of it guided by the one lesson Arnold's father hammered into him above all: be useful. As Arnold conquered every realm he entered, he kept his father's adage close to his heart. Written with his uniquely earnest, blunt, powerful voice, BE USEFUL takes readers on an inspirational tour through Arnold's toolkit for a meaningful life. Arnold shows us how to put those tools to work, in service of whatever fulfilling future we can dream up for ourselves. He brings his insights to vivid life with compelling personal stories, life-changing successes and life-threatening failures alike--some of them famous, some told here for the first time ever. Too many of us struggle to disconnect from our self-pity and connect to our purpose. At an early age, Arnold forged the mental tools to build the ladder out of the poverty and narrow-mindedness of his rural Austrian hometown, tools he used to add rung after rung from there. Now he has shared that wisdom with all of us. As he puts it, no one is going to come rescue you -- you only have yourself. The good news, it turns out, is that you are all you need. The instant number 1 Sunday Times bestseller, October 2023