Dalit Art and Visual Imagery

Dalit Art and Visual Imagery
Title Dalit Art and Visual Imagery PDF eBook
Author Gary Michael Tartakov
Publisher OUP India
Pages 0
Release 2012-11-01
Genre Social Science
ISBN 9780198079361

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Through the use of visuals and accompanying explanatory texts, this volume investigates the representation of Dalit identities in Buddhist imagery, Hindu temples and traditional caste system, popular art and painting, and state-sponsored architecture and sculpture in the historical and contemporary period.

Dalit Text

Dalit Text
Title Dalit Text PDF eBook
Author Judith Misrahi-Barak
Publisher Taylor & Francis
Pages 422
Release 2019-06-18
Genre Literary Criticism
ISBN 1000006964

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This book, companion to the much-acclaimed Dalit Literatures in India, examines questions of aesthetics and literary representation in a wide range of Dalit literary texts. It looks at how Dalit literature, born from the struggle against social and political injustice, invokes the rich and complex legacy of oral, folk and performative traditions of marginalised voices. The essays and interviews systematically explore a range of literary forms, from autobiographies, memoirs and other testimonial narratives, to poems, novels or short stories, foregrounding the diversity of Dalit creation. Showcasing the interplay between the aesthetic and political for a genre of writing that has ‘change’ as its goal, the volume aims to make Dalit writing more accessible to a wider public, for the Dalit voices to be heard and understood. The volume also shows how the genre has revolutionised the concept of what literature is supposed to mean and define. Effervescent first-person accounts, socially militant activism and sharp critiques of a little-explored literary terrain make this essential reading for scholars and researchers of social exclusion and discrimination studies, literature (especially comparative literature), translation studies, politics, human rights and culture studies.

Gods in the Time of Democracy

Gods in the Time of Democracy
Title Gods in the Time of Democracy PDF eBook
Author Kajri Jain
Publisher Duke University Press
Pages 267
Release 2021-01-08
Genre Art
ISBN 1478012889

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In 2018 India's prime minister, Narendra Modi, inaugurated the world's tallest statue: a 597-foot figure of nationalist leader Sardar Patel. Twice the height of the Statue of Liberty, it is but one of many massive statues built following India's economic reforms of the 1990s. In Gods in the Time of Democracy Kajri Jain examines how monumental icons emerged as a religious and political form in contemporary India, mobilizing the concept of emergence toward a radical treatment of art historical objects as dynamic assemblages. Drawing on a decade of fieldwork at giant statue sites in India and its diaspora and interviews with sculptors, patrons, and visitors, Jain masterfully describes how public icons materialize the intersections between new image technologies, neospiritual religious movements, Hindu nationalist politics, globalization, and Dalit-Bahujan verifications of equality and presence. Centering the ex-colony in rethinking key concepts of the image, Jain demonstrates how these new aesthetic forms entail a simultaneously religious and political retooling of the “infrastructures of the sensible.”

Subjects of Modernity

Subjects of Modernity
Title Subjects of Modernity PDF eBook
Author Saurabh Dube
Pages 190
Release 2017-10-11
Genre Philosophy
ISBN 1928357458

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"e;Dube ranges widely and globally - from histories of empires and genealogies of disciplines to recent Dalit artwork from India - to explore and carefully delineate a tension he regards as fundamental to the formation of the modern: the modern subject's inevitable entanglement with those subject to modernity. A tour de force, this book offers a critical, timely and powerful sequel to postcolonial and subaltern studies."e; - Dipesh Chakrabarty, University of Chicago

Caste and nature

Caste and nature
Title Caste and nature PDF eBook
Author Mukul Sharma
Publisher Oxford University Press
Pages 336
Release 2017-09-25
Genre Religion
ISBN 0199091609

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Rarely do Indian environmental discourses examine nature through the lens of caste. Whereas nature is considered as universal and inherent, caste is understood as a constructed historical and social entity. Mukul Sharma shows how caste and nature are intimately connected. He compares Dalit meanings of environment to ideas and practices of neo-Brahmanism and certain mainstreams of environmental thought. Showing how Dalit experiences of environment are ridden with metaphors of pollution, impurity, and dirt, the author is able to bring forth new dimensions on both environment and Dalits, without valourizing the latter’s standpoint. Rather than looking for a coherent understanding of their ecology, the book explores the diverse and rich intellectual resources of Dalits, such as movements, songs, myths, memories, and metaphors around nature. These reveal their quest to define themselves in caste-ridden nature and building a form of environmentalism free from the burdens of caste. The Dalits also pose a critical challenge to Indian environmentalism, which has, until now, marginalized such linkages between caste and nature.

Beyond Dalit Theology

Beyond Dalit Theology
Title Beyond Dalit Theology PDF eBook
Author Paulson Pulikottil
Publisher Augsburg Fortress Publishers
Pages 177
Release 2022-05-24
Genre Religion
ISBN 1506478859

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This book is a critique of Dalit theology, with proposals for the future directions of a theology of social transformation in India. It explores new ways of doing Christology, pneumatology, and ecclesiology, and ultimately argues for the need of a new public theology in the changing religious-political contexts of India.

Urban Utopias

Urban Utopias
Title Urban Utopias PDF eBook
Author Tereza Kuldova
Publisher Springer
Pages 289
Release 2017-03-09
Genre Social Science
ISBN 3319476238

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This book brings anthropologists and critical theorists together in order to investigate utopian visions of the future in the neoliberal cities of India and Sri Lanka. Arguing for the priority of materiality in any analysis of contemporary ideology, the authors explore urban construction projects, special economic zones, fashion ramps, films, archaeological excavations, and various queer spaces. In the process, they reveal how diverse co-existing utopian visions are entangled with local politics and global capital, and show how these utopian visions are at once driven by visions of excess and by increasing expulsions. It’s a dystopia already in the making – one marred by land grabs and forced evictions, rising inequality, and the loss of urbanity and civility.