Dandelion Wine
Title Dandelion Wine PDF eBook
Author Ray Bradbury
Publisher Spectra
Pages 254
Release 1985-03-01
Genre Fiction
ISBN 0553277537

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The summer of '28 was a vintage season for a growing boy. A summer of green apple trees, mowed lawns, and new sneakers. Of half-burnt firecrackers, of gathering dandelions, of Grandma's belly-busting dinner. It was a summer of sorrows and marvels and gold-fuzzed bees. A magical, timeless summer in the life of a twelve-year-old boy named Douglas Spaulding—remembered forever by the incomparable Ray Bradbury. The only god living in Green Town, Illinois, that Douglas Spaulding knew of. The facts about John Huff, aged twelve, are simple and soon stated. • He could pathfind more trails than any Choctaw or Cherokee since time began. • Could leap from the sky like a chimpanzee from a vine. • Could live underwater two minutes and slide fifty yards downstream. • Could hit baseballs into apple trees, knocking down harvests. • Could jump six-foot orchard walls. • Ran laughing. • Sat easy. • Was not a bully. • Was kind. • Knew the words to all the cowboy songs and would teach you if you asked. • Knew the names of all the wild flowers and when the moon would rise or set and when the tides came in or out. He was, in fact, the only god living in the whole of Green Town, Illinois, during the twentieth century that Douglas Spaulding knew of. “[Ray] Bradbury is an authentic original.”—Time

Ray Bradbury
Title Ray Bradbury PDF eBook
Author Jonathan R. Eller
Publisher Kent State University Press
Pages 606
Release 2004
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 9780873387798

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This is a textual, bibliographical and cultural study of 60 years of Bradbury's fiction. The authors draw upon correspondence with his publishers, agents and friends, as well as archival manuscripts, to examine the story of Bradbury's authorship over more than half a century.

A Film Adaptation of Ray Bradbury's Novel, Dandelion Wine
Title A Film Adaptation of Ray Bradbury's Novel, Dandelion Wine PDF eBook
Author Elizabeth Anne Hanney
Pages 230
Release 1969

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Pacific Feast
Title Pacific Feast PDF eBook
Author Jennifer Hahn
Publisher Skipstone
Pages 256
Release 2010-10-05
Genre House & Home
ISBN 9781594854057

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CLICK HERE to download a sample recipe from Pacific Feast * Features more than 60 recipes from some of the Pacific Coast's best chefs, including David Tanis, Maria Hines, Dustin Clark, Kirsten Dixon, and Tom Douglas * Accessible and inspiring, Pacific Feast will appeal to home cooks and nature lovers alike * Conveys a strong conservation and sustainability message throughout the recipes and stories Once thought to be the stuff of back-to-the-landers, foraging has become a gourmet pastime, and there are a growing number of wild-food classes in which experts teach hungry folks how to spot the "food at our feet." Especially fortunate are those of us who live along the Pacific Coast -- from Southern California to Puget Sound to Anchorage -- where the climate provides many a delicacy in our wild (and not so wild) spaces. Pacific Feast shares expert advice on how to identify the good eats, harvest responsibly, and create delicious meals with your finds. Author Jennifer Hahn provides detailed field notes on more than 40 species, including where to find them, which parts are edible, and their best culinary uses. In addition to the delectable recipes from well-known coastal chefs, readers will also appreciate Hahn's intimate stories of reveling in nature's bounty and Mac Smith's lush identification photographs. With more than 25 years of wilderness travel under her boots and kayak hull--including thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail from northern California to Canada and kayaking solo from Ketchikan, Alaska to Washington--writer Jennifer Hahn relies on wild harvesting to keep her pack and kayak light. Jennifer's favorite foraged lunch is sea urchin, nori seaweed, and "goose tongue" leaves. She lives in Bellingham, Washington with her potter husband, Chris Moench. To learn more, visit the authors website at www.pacificfeast.com

South Dakota Wine: A Fruitful History
Title South Dakota Wine: A Fruitful History PDF eBook
Author Denise DePaolo and Kara Sweet
Publisher Arcadia Publishing
Pages 160
Release 2017
Genre Technology & Engineering
ISBN 1625858434

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A young commercial wine industry notwithstanding, winemaking traditions run deep in the Mount Rushmore State. Sodbusting pioneers like Anna Pesä and Jon Vojta defied South Dakota's harsh terrain and paved the way for Prairie Berry Winery. University biologists, including Dr. Ronald Peterson, cultivated the unique grapes needed for the climate, like the Valiant, Marquette, Brianna and Frontenac grapes. Despite subzero winters and torrid summers, strawberries, buffaloberries and rhubarb have grown on both sides of the Missouri River. Since the 1996 Farm Winery Bill passed, the state welcomed thirty vintners, including Strawbale Winery, Wilde Prairie Winery and Belle Joli' Winery. Denise DePaolo and Kara Sweet explore the heritage behind winemaking from the harvests of the prairie.

Dictionary of Plant Lore
Title Dictionary of Plant Lore PDF eBook
Author D.C. Watts
Publisher Elsevier
Pages 488
Release 2007-05-02
Genre Science
ISBN 9780080546025

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Knowledge of plant names can give insight into largely forgotten beliefs. For example, the common red poppy is known as "Blind Man" due to an old superstitious belief that if the poppy were put to the eyes it would cause blindness. Many plant names derived from superstition, folk lore, or primal beliefs. Other names are purely descriptive and can serve to explain the meaning of the botanical name. For example, Beauty-Berry is the name given to the American shrub that belongs to the genus Callicarpa. Callicarpa is Greek for beautiful fruit. Still other names come from literary sources providing rich detail of the transmission of words through the ages. Conceived as part of the author's wider interest in plant and tree lore and ethnobotanical studies, this fully revised edition of Elsevier's Dictionary of Plant Names and Their Origins contains over 30,000 vernacular and literary English names of plants. Wild and cultivated plants alike are identified by the botanical name. Further detail provides a brief account of the meaning of the name and detailed commentary on common usage. * Includes color images * Inclusive of all Latin terms with vernacular derivatives * The most comprehensive guide for plant scientists, linguists, botanists, and historians

Colonial Spirits
Title Colonial Spirits PDF eBook
Author Steven Grasse
Publisher Abrams
Pages 311
Release 2016-09-13
Genre Cooking
ISBN 1613122217

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This tour of early American alcohol shares recipes, “fun facts and anecdotes about our forefathers’ drinking habits with a 21-century sense of humor” (Chicago Tribune). In Colonial Spirits, legendary distiller Steven Grasse presents a historical manifesto on drinking, including 50 colonial era– inspired cocktail recipes. The book features a rousing timeline of colonial imbibing and a cultural overview of all kinds of alcoholic beverages: beer, rum and punch; temperance drinks; liqueurs and cordials; medicinal beverages; cider; wine, whiskey, bourbon and more. The book is spiced with delightful illustrations and liquored-up adages from our founding fathers. Grasse shares expert guidance on DIY home brewing, plus recipes like the Philadelphia Fish House Punch (a crowd pleaser!) and Snakebites (drink alone!). Hot beer cocktails and rattle skulls have never been so irresistible.