Digging Deep
Title Digging Deep PDF eBook
Author Laura Scandiffio
Pages 116
Release 2019
Genre Archaeology
ISBN 9781773212388

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"Archaeological finds add to our understanding of the world. This book showcases six discoveries made that changed the way we view history through recent advances in science. Discoveries include new clues about life in the Stone Age gleaned from Ötzi the Ice Man, the extent of the lost city of Angkor through the use of drones, and King Richard III's villainous reputation deduced from the discovery of his long-lost tomb, Digging Deep is full of fascinating examples of how modern science has disrupted the status quo."--

Accidental Archaeologists
Title Accidental Archaeologists PDF eBook
Author Sarah Albee
Publisher Scholastic Inc.
Pages 249
Release 2020-11-10
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 1338575805

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Science meets real-life mystery in this adventurous look at incredible unexpected finds that changed history. Secret treasures are buried all around us -- you just have to look for them!Accidental Archaeologists takes you on an adventure through time to relive some of the coolest surprise discoveries by totally ordinary people all over the world. Meet:- The cowboy who found an ancient skeleton- A famous king buried underneath a parking lot- The team who found New York City's hidden African Burial Ground- A boy who finds the Dead Sea Scrolls while looking for his lost goat- And many more.Packed with incredible stories and expert tips for making your own exciting finds, this is an accessible, action-packed introduction to the world of archaeology.

Unearthing the Past
Title Unearthing the Past PDF eBook
Author Douglas Palmer
Publisher Globe Pequot
Pages 0
Release 2005
Genre Antiquities, Prehistoric
ISBN 9781592287185

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Filled with more than a hundred full-color photographs and artwork, this book takes readers to the major archaeological sites of different places, times, and civilizations in history, revealing the remarkable stories behind the fascinating expeditions, the discoveries, and the people who uncovered them.

Puzzles of Reason: Journey into Logic
Title Puzzles of Reason: Journey into Logic PDF eBook
Author Negrea Petru Cristian
Publisher Negrea Petru Cristian
Pages 159
Genre Mathematics

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This book presents a collection of logical games, each encompassing a distinct logical pattern that, when discerned, unveils the answer to a question mark. Your primary objective is to identify and comprehend these underlying patterns to successfully uncover the solutions. To facilitate your mission and effectively tackle these games, you will require knowledge of various subjects, including the English alphabet, natural numbers, integers, rational numbers, and basic mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, radicals (roots), primes, critical thinking, observation skills, and access to a calculator, among other pertinent topics. However, paramount to all these requirements are determination and perseverance. Armed with these qualities, you can delve into the realm of abstraction and security, allowing you to unlock the sought-after answers and grasp the essence of logic.

Quill & Quire
Title Quill & Quire PDF eBook
Pages 506
Release 1990
Genre Book industries and trade

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The Dogma of Hell: Illustrated by Facts Taken from Profane and Sacred History
Title The Dogma of Hell: Illustrated by Facts Taken from Profane and Sacred History PDF eBook
Author F. X. Schouppe
Pages 0
Release 2010-03
Genre Philosophy
ISBN 9780895559005

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The Dogma of Hell explores the basic Catholic doctrine on Hell, purposefully awakening in the reader a profound realization of its reality and eternity of horrors. Eminent French theologian Fr F X Schouppe, SJ, author of Purgatory Explained by the Lives and Legends of the Saints, has written here a similar but much smaller book. In short chapters, he has recounted numerous true stories, apparitions of the damned, and complete Catholic teaching on Hell. He clearly shows that for those who are not motivated to do good out of love of God, the fear of Hell is a legitimate and often salutary motive for avoiding sin. Although the subject matter is frightening, the ultimate purpose of this book is not to frighten souls, but to help them avoid damnation by reminding them of the pain and suffering in an eternity spent in the absence of God.