Discipline that Lasts a Lifetime
Title Discipline that Lasts a Lifetime PDF eBook
Author Ray Guarendi
Publisher Servant Books
Pages 0
Release 2003
Genre Child rearing
ISBN 9781569553688

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Author, counselor, broadcaster and dad, Dr. Ray Guarendi, offers parents practical advice about disciplining children to form their children's character and to teach them the basics of living, moral responsibility, and respect. A Servant Book. The audio edition of the book can be downloaded via Audible.

Discipline that Lasts a Lifetime
Title Discipline that Lasts a Lifetime PDF eBook
Author Raymond Guarendi
Pages 306
Release 2003
Genre Child rearing

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Prayer Warrior Mom
Title Prayer Warrior Mom PDF eBook
Author Marla Alupoaicei
Publisher Thomas Nelson
Pages 256
Release 2013-04-01
Genre Religion
ISBN 1400204364

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Moms, are you struggling with patience? Worrying about your children’s spiritual development? Concerned about their social or behavioral issues? Wondering how to get it all done when there’s just never enough time? Author Marla Alupoaicei knows that today’s Christian moms want to be the parents God intended. They desire to pray boldly and stand in the gap for their kids. But many mothers haven’t been equipped with the prayer skills, scriptural knowledge, and practical strategies to fight the spiritual battle for themselves and their children. Marla is no stranger to these trials. She has felt the simmering frustration and discontentment that come from the constant tension of trying to do it all for her family. But as Marla began to turn everything over to God in prayer, He granted her an attitude of gratitude, the antidote to despair. “When you and I choose to praise the Lord, He will be fully present in our hearts, in our homes, and with our children,” she says. In Prayer Warrior Mom, Marla invites you to walk with her through fifteen life-transforming principles that will empower you to effectively intercede for your children. Learn to cultivate your own attitude of gratitude, pray Scripture, be persistent, pray with power and authority, be your children’s #1 advocate, hear God’s voice above the noise of daily life, and much more! “The only real power we have on this earth is the power of prayer. Our potent prayers for our kids connect them with the reality of God and His will for their lives,” Marla says. Mom, this is your year. Your year of spiritual breakthrough. Your year to see your children start loving God and living for Him. What are you waiting for? Become a Prayer Warrior Mom today!

The Four Keys to Everlasting Love
Title The Four Keys to Everlasting Love PDF eBook
Author Manuel P. Santos
Publisher Ave Maria Press
Pages 256
Release 2016-04-08
Genre Religion
ISBN 1594716048

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Pope Francis, in his recent exhortation Amoris Laetitia (“Joy of Love”), praises marriage as a unique “friendship marked by passion” and “a free, faithful, and exclusive love.” We live in a culture that doesn’t cherish the permanence of marriage, according to Karee and Manuel Santos. Even Catholics aren’t immune from the epidemic of divorce. But how can you make the ideals of being forever, faithful, fruitful, and free a reality? How can you maintain a healthy Catholic marriage when society is pushing against it? In The Four Keys to Everlasting Love, the Santoses draw on real-life stories, scriptural principles, and the timeless wisdom of St. John Paul II to help you celebrate the sacrament of Marriage without downplaying the difficulties of married life. In doing so, they will inspire you to stay in love with each other, Christ, and the wisdom of the Church. The Santoses tell their own story as well: how they learned not to cling to personality, culture, or religious differences; how they learned to put family first; how they overcame health crises that exacted a physical, emotional, and spiritual toll; and how they navigated stressful holiday get-togethers with extended family. They let God transform them and make their marriage stronger. Each chapter provides discussion questions, action prompts, quotes from the Catechism of the Catholic Church and various popes, and additional online and print resources to stimulate the couple’s conversation, mutual understanding, and positive change. Free worksheets and other supplemental resources are available on the authors’ website, canwecana.blogspot.com.

Hot Buttons Dating Edition
Title Hot Buttons Dating Edition PDF eBook
Author Nicole O'Dell
Publisher Kregel Publications
Pages 160
Release 2012-06-01
Genre Family & Relationships
ISBN 0825488702

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From dating to drugs, modesty to purity, morals to popularity, teens face all sorts of tough issues. How teens respond to these hot-button issues can have lasting effects on who they want to be and who they actually become. What if parents can help their teens prepare for these hot buttons--before the issues become a problem?The uniquely packaged Hot Buttons Series is an accessible, quick-reference resource that parents can use to equip their children to make the right decisions, even in the face of peer pressure and outside influences. More than just another how-to manual, Hot Button Dating edition offers practical real-life situations that parents can read and discuss with their preteens. Topics include: physical activity, missionary dating, and violance/abuse in dating relationships.

Marriage, a Miracle of Completion
Title Marriage, a Miracle of Completion PDF eBook
Author Charles O. Soyoye
Publisher Xlibris Corporation
Pages 153
Release 2012-03-06
Genre Self-Help
ISBN 9781469151823

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Do you aspire to make a success out of your marriage and a happier home? Do you pray for a satisfying relationship with your spouse, your children and your friends? Then you need to learn and practice the factor that can help your marriage succeed such as: Firm Foundation Commitment Forgiveness Teamwork Priorities Respect Being Reasonable Submission How do you break out of modernization lies of marriage and divorce that the devil is unleashing on families, and experience the full potential that God intends you to have? Marriage, a Miracle of Completion The answer lies in the ability and profound process to change the way you think about yourself, your marriage and help you to attain whats truly important. Your journey to a successful marital life begins with making the Word of God, the standard for your personal guidance to have a successful relationship. This book makes you aware of your responsibility as a husband or a wife to have a loving, peaceful and stress free environment to raise godly offspring. Marriage, a Miracle of Completion is a must book for every man or woman that wants to celebrate their marriage, protect and make it become a miracle of completion ordained by God. This book is a guide to improve your marital relationship for good and to help you experience success, joy and fulfillment. It is my sincere desire, hope, prayer and expectation that this book will bless your life and challenge you to focus in raising a successful marriage. You can live the good marital life you want, the marital life you were meant to lead. What are you waiting for? The major transformation you can make in your relationship starts with YOU.

The Publishers Weekly
Title The Publishers Weekly PDF eBook
Pages 648
Release 2009
Genre American literature

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