Down in the Chapel

Down in the Chapel
Title Down in the Chapel PDF eBook
Author Joshua Dubler
Publisher Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Pages 400
Release 2013-08-13
Genre Religion
ISBN 146683711X

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A bold and provocative interpretation of one of the most religiously vibrant places in America—a state penitentiary Baraka, Al, Teddy, and Sayyid—four black men from South Philadelphia, two Christian and two Muslim—are serving life sentences at Pennsylvania's maximum-security Graterford Prison. All of them work in Graterford's chapel, a place that is at once a sanctuary for religious contemplation and an arena for disputing the workings of God and man. Day in, day out, everything is, in its twisted way, rather ordinary. And then one of them disappears. Down in the Chapel tells the story of one week at Graterford Prison. We learn how the men at Graterford pass their time, care for themselves, and commune with their makers. We observe a variety of Muslims, Protestants, Catholics, and others, at prayer and in study and song. And we listen in as an interloping scholar of religion tries to make sense of it all. When prisoners turn to God, they are often scorned as con artists who fake their piety, or pitied as wretches who cling to faith because faith is all they have left. Joshua Dubler goes beyond these stereotypes to show the religious life of a prison in all its complexity. One part prison procedural, one part philosophical investigation, Down in the Chapel explores the many uses prisoners make of their religions and weighs the circumstances that make these uses possible. Gritty and visceral, meditative and searching, it is an essential study of American religion in the age of mass incarceration.

In This Place Called Prison

In This Place Called Prison
Title In This Place Called Prison PDF eBook
Author Rachel Ellis
Publisher Univ of California Press
Pages 279
Release 2023
Genre Mapleside Prison (not real name) Religion and/in prisons United States 21st century Women prisoners "shine a light on the tension between freedom and constraint experienced through religion in prison"(p4)
ISBN 0520384547

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"In This Place Called Prison offers a vivid and unique examination of religion within prison and argues for its key role among some of society's most vulnerable. Although prison is defined by control--from rules and routines to mandatory labor and monitored visits--for many, religion offers a way out. Religion challenges what it means to be punished and affords community and connection in the face of fear and isolation. Rachel Ellis spent twelve months conducting ethnographic research inside the guarded gates of Mapleside Prison, a US state women's correctional facility, talking with hundreds of incarcerated women, staff, and religious volunteers. Through their stories, Ellis sets the scene of mass incarceration today, detailing how contemporary prisons both reflect and worsen the systemic racial, social, and gender inequalities characteristic of the American landscape of profound stratification. She also offers insight into how religion relates to the carceral system, tracing the role of religious institutions throughout the history of prison punishment. Offering a trenchant account of how religion collides and colludes with the state in an enduring tension between freedom and control, In This Place Called Prison speaks to the human quest for dignity and light in even the darkest of places"--

Finding Freedom in Confinement

Finding Freedom in Confinement
Title Finding Freedom in Confinement PDF eBook
Author Kent R. Kerley Ph.D.
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Pages 276
Release 2018-01-25
Genre Social Science

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What is the nature and impact of faith and religion in prison? This book summarizes contemporary and cutting-edge research on religion in correctional contexts, enabling a scientific understanding of how prisoners use faith in their everyday lives. Religion long has been a tool for correctional treatment. In the United States, religion was the primary treatment modality in the first prisons. Only since the 1980s, however, have social scientists begun to study the nature, extent, practice, and impact of faith and faith-based prison programs. Bringing together the knowledge of scholars from around the world, this single-volume book offers readers a science- and research-based understanding of how prisoners use faith in everyday life, examining the role of religion in prison/correctional contexts from a variety of interdisciplinary and international viewpoints. By considering the perspectives of professionals actually working in corrections or prison settings as well as those of scholars studying religion and/or criminal justice, readers of Finding Freedom in Confinement: The Role of Religion in Prison Life can gain insight into the most contemporary research on religion in correctional contexts. The book contains data-driven, conceptual, and policy-oriented essays that cover major religions such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam within correctional environments. It also addresses subject matter such as the roles of prison chaplains and correctional officers and the relationships between religion and common aspects of prison life, such as drug abuse, gangs, violence, prisoner identity, rights of prisoners, and rehabilitation.

Handbook on Prisons and Jails

Handbook on Prisons and Jails
Title Handbook on Prisons and Jails PDF eBook
Author Danielle S. Rudes
Publisher Taylor & Francis
Pages 436
Release 2023-09-26
Genre Social Science
ISBN 100095479X

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The Handbook on Prisons and Jails brings together some of the brightest scholars and thinkers in the field to offer a wide range of perspectives for understanding the experiences of persons incarcerated or working/volunteering within carceral institutions. The assembled chapters consider what is known in the area while identifying emerging areas for theoretical, empirical, and policy work. The volume includes contributions on numerous topics and areas related to penal control, containment, living, and/or working in carceral institutions and addresses methodological considerations for doing research with individuals incarcerated in jail or prison. This collection is essential reading for scholars and students seeking an up-to-date guide to contemporary issues facing corrections and sentencing. It also provides practitioners with valuable resources for developing socially informed policies and practices.

Prison and Jail Administration

Prison and Jail Administration
Title Prison and Jail Administration PDF eBook
Author Peter M. Carlson
Publisher Jones & Bartlett Publishers
Pages 721
Release 2013-08-30
Genre Medical
ISBN 1449653065

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Thoroughly revised and updated, the third edition of the best-selling textbook Prison and Jail Administration: Practice and Theory covers all aspects of prison administration, from organizational structure and management accountability to food service, personnel corruption, and the impact of technology on penal institutions. Authored by over sixty leading experts in the field, the text provides students with a unique balance of practice and theory, and includes suggested readings, learning objectives, and discussion questions to help students gain an in-depth understanding of the material. The third edition includes all-new pedagogical features, instructor resources, and new chapters on current topics, such as women offenders, the world of a corrections officer, hiring and retention of staff, institution pre-release programs, and restorative justice. The most comprehensive and accessible prison administration textbook available, Prison and Jail Administration: Practice and Theory, Third Edition is essential reading for students in correctional administration courses.

The Restorative Prison

The Restorative Prison
Title The Restorative Prison PDF eBook
Author Byron R. Johnson
Publisher Routledge
Pages 182
Release 2021-09-05
Genre Religion
ISBN 1000412695

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Drawing on work from inside some of America’s largest and toughest prisons, this book documents an alternative model of "restorative corrections" utilizing the lived experience of successful inmates, fast disrupting traditional models of correctional programming. While research documents a strong desire among those serving time in prison to redeem themselves, inmates often confront a profound lack of opportunity for achieving redemption. In a system that has become obsessively and dysfunctionally punitive, often fewer than 10% of prisoners receive any programming. Incarcerated citizens emerge from prisons in the United States to reoffend at profoundly high rates, with the majority of released prisoners ending up back in prison within five years. In this book, the authors describe a transformative agenda for incentivizing and rewarding good behavior inside prisons, rapidly proving to be a disruptive alternative to mainstream corrections and offering hope for a positive future. The authors’ expertise on the impact of faith-based programs on recidivism reduction and prisoner reentry allows them to delve into the principles behind inmate-led religious services and other prosocial programs—to show how those incarcerated may come to consider their existence as meaningful despite their criminal past and current incarceration. Religious practice is shown to facilitate the kind of transformational "identity work" that leads to desistance that involves a change in worldview and self-concept, and which may lead a prisoner to see and interpret reality in a fundamentally different way. With participation in religion protected by the U.S. Constitution, these model programs are helping prison administrators weather financial challenges while also helping make prisons less punitive, more transparent, and emotionally restorative. This book is essential reading for scholars of corrections, offender reentry, community corrections, and religion and crime, as well as professionals and volunteers involved in correctional counseling and prison ministry.

Abject Joy

Abject Joy
Title Abject Joy PDF eBook
Author Ryan S. Schellenberg
Publisher Oxford University Press
Pages 249
Release 2021-07-19
Genre Religion
ISBN 0190065532

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No extant text gives so vivid a glimpse into the experience of an ancient prisoner as Paul's letter to the Philippians. As a letter from prison, however, it is not what one would expect. For although it is true that Paul, like some other ancient prisoners, speaks in Philippians of his yearning for death, what he expresses most conspicuously is contentment and even joy. Setting aside pious banalities that contrast true joy with happiness, and leaving behind too heroic depictions that take their cue from Acts, Abject Joy offers a reading of Paul's letter as both a means and an artifact of his provisional attempt to make do. By outlining the uses of punitive custody in the administration of Rome's eastern provinces and describing the prison's complex place in the social and moral imagination of the Greek and Roman world, Ryan Schellenberg provides a richly drawn account of Paul's nonelite social context, where bodies and their affects were shaped by acute contingency and habitual susceptibility to violent subjugation. Informed by recent work in the history of emotions, and with comparison to modern prison writing and ethnography provoking new questions and insights, Schellenberg describes Paul's letter as an affective technology, wielded at once on Paul himself and on his addressees, that works to strengthen his grasp on the very joy he names. Abject Joy: Paul, Prison, and the Art of Making Do by Ryan S. Schellenberg is a social history of prison in the Greek and Roman world that takes Paul's letter to the Philippians as its focal instance--or, to put it the other way around, a study of Paul's letter to the Philippians that takes the reality of prison as its starting point. Examining ancient perceptions of confinement, and placing this ancient evidence in dialogue with modern prison writing and ethnography, it describes Paul's urgent and unexpectedly joyful letter as a witness to the perplexing art of survival under constraint.