Cataloging with AACR2 and MARC21

Cataloging with AACR2 and MARC21
Title Cataloging with AACR2 and MARC21 PDF eBook
Author Deborah A. Fritz
Publisher American Library Association
Pages 692
Release 2007
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN 0838909353

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Recent changes in both cataloging rules (AACR2) and MARC coding standards (MARC21) mean that for catalogers to create or edit records effectively, they need new up-to-date guidance. In a unique one-stop guide, cataloging expert Fritz provides the hands-on cross-references between AACR2 and MARC21 required for easy online cataloging. The 2006 Cumulation brings the second edition up-to-date with the inclusion of the 2004, 2005, and 2006 updates. Designed to streamline the process and avoid errors, the book is organized in order of MARC tags. Following this step-by-step guide, users can: Identify the rules that govern each MARC field Match resources to records Edit records Create new records easily Clone records for different editions Make individual MARC records "play well" with others in the database. Beginning catalogers can use this guide to create simple records while experienced catalogers will be able to identify specific rules. Fritz also helps copy catalogers pick better matching records, and systems librarians understand the content of records at the core of their collections. Providing clear, practical, easy-to-use guidance, this authoritative reference is the premier resource for students and instructors as a basis for creating and editing consistently good MARC records. Available in loose-leaf format to fit in a standard 3-ring binder.

Les Majuscules et la Ponctuation

Les Majuscules et la Ponctuation
Title Les Majuscules et la Ponctuation PDF eBook
Author R. Solski
Publisher On The Mark Press
Pages 65
ISBN 1770729569

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Help Your Kids with English, Ages 10-16 (Key Stages 3-4)

Help Your Kids with English, Ages 10-16 (Key Stages 3-4)
Title Help Your Kids with English, Ages 10-16 (Key Stages 3-4) PDF eBook
Author Carol Vorderman
Publisher Dorling Kindersley Ltd
Pages 250
Release 2014-07-01
Genre Education
ISBN 0241011833

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A simple, visual guide to helping children understand English from Carol Vorderman Reduce the stress of studying English and help your child with their homework by following Help Your Kids with English, a unique visual guide that demystifies the subject for everyone. Carol Vorderman uses clear, accessible pictures, diagrams and easy-to-follow step-by-steps to cover all the important areas including punctuation, grammar, spelling and communication skills, so you can approach even the most complex English concepts with confidence. Includes cross-references throughout to show links between language ideas and a glossary of key terms. Help Your Kids with English is the perfect guide for every frustrated parent and struggling child who wants to understand English and put what they've learnt into practise.


Title Cyberspace PDF eBook
Author Evon Abu-Taieh
Publisher BoD – Books on Demand
Pages 186
Release 2020-06-17
Genre Computers
ISBN 1789858577

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Parallel to the physical space in our world, there exists cyberspace. In the physical space, there are human and nature interactions that produce products and services. On the other hand, in cyberspace there are interactions between humans and computer that also produce products and services. Yet, the products and services in cyberspace don’t materialize—they are electronic, they are millions of bits and bytes that are being transferred over cyberspace infrastructure.

A Dictionary of Literary Devices

A Dictionary of Literary Devices
Title A Dictionary of Literary Devices PDF eBook
Author Bernard Marie Dupriez
Publisher University of Toronto Press
Pages 572
Release 1991-01-01
Genre Literary Criticism
ISBN 9780802068033

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Comprising some 4000 terms, defined and illustrated, "Gradus" calls upon the resources of linguistics, poetics, semiotics, socio-criticism, rhetoric, pragmatics, combining them in ways which enable readers quickly to comprehend the codes and conventions which together make up 'literarity.'

Disabilities of the Color Line

Disabilities of the Color Line
Title Disabilities of the Color Line PDF eBook
Author Dennis Tyler
Publisher NYU Press
Pages 333
Release 2022-02-15
ISBN 1479831123

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"Rather than simply engaging in a triumphalist narrative of overcoming where both disability and disablement are shunned alike, Disabilities of the Color Line argues that Black authors and activists have consistently avowed disability as a part of Black social life in varied and complex ways. Sometimes their affirmation of disability serves to capture how their bodies, minds, and health have been and are made vulnerable to harm and impairment by the state and society. Sometimes their assertion of disability symbolizes a sense of commonality and community that comes not only from a recognition of the shared subjection of blackness and disability but also from a willingness to imagine and create a world distinct from the dominant social order. Through the work of David Walker, Henry Box Brown, William and Ellen Craft, Charles Chesnutt, James Weldon Johnson, and Mamie Till-Mobley, Disabilities of the Color Line examines how Black writer-activists have engaged in an aesthetics of redress: modes of resistance that show how Black communities have rigorously acknowledged disability as a response to forms of racial injury and in the pursuit of racial and disability justice"--

Top the Toefl

Top the Toefl
Title Top the Toefl PDF eBook
Author Kaiwen E. T. Al LEONG
Publisher World Scientific
Pages 361
Release 2015-10-09
Genre Foreign Language Study
ISBN 9814663484

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Top the TOEFL is a TOEFL book like no other. It recognizes an essential key to the problem: students who struggle with the TOEFL have problems mastering English. Hence, while other TOEFL books teach strategies with long wordy explanations that hardly make sense to the average student, Top the TOEFL focuses on teaching students in the most intuitive way possible: examples.Each unit is systematically broken down to make it simple for any student to Top the TOEFL. First, 'Simple Steps' are condensed at the outset for easy reference. Next begins 'Elaboration with Examples' -- a section where the 'Simple Steps' are put into practice. The unit concludes with the 'TOEFL Trainer' which divides exercises according to the 'Simple Steps', allowing students a chance to directly put the strategies to practice rather than just throwing students into the deep end by providing a full set of TOEFL practice tests.