Ewa Beach, Proposed Ewa Marina, Oahu
Title Ewa Beach, Proposed Ewa Marina, Oahu PDF eBook
Pages 736
Release 1993

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The Brick People
Title The Brick People PDF eBook
Author Alejandro Morales
Publisher Arte Publico Press
Pages 324
Release 1988-01-01
Genre Fiction
ISBN 9781611920796

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The Brick People is an historical novel that traces the growth of California from the nineteenth to the twentieth century by following the development of the Simons Brick Factory. The bricks that laid the foundation of modern California were manufactured by the people that ventured from Central Mexico to stoke the furnaces of industry. With an attention to historical reality blended with myth and legend, Morales recounts the epic struggle of a people who forge their destiny, along with Californiaƍs. In this fictional story rooted in factual history, two families are pitted against each other: the powerful Simons and the proud Revueltas clan. The Brick People provides an authentic portrayal of the history of California and those who built it.

Author Alexander Lawrence
Publisher iUniverse
Pages 488
Release 2010-06-01
Genre Fiction
ISBN 9781450229838

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2nd VICTORY IN JESUS is the third volume of THE GOINS BRICOLAGE, a saga of Tecumseh and Stonewall Counties in the State of Indiana. It is the second part of the tale of Lamar Ainsley Goins, an inept, middle-aged minister of the Gospel who despite himself achieves national and even international success in the late 1970s and early 80s as pastor of The Temple of Holy Truth & World Outreach Center of Aschburgh. Lamar Ainsley Goins, the youngest child of the late Wilton Fox Goins, the greatest man ever to emerge from Aschburgh, has now settled into his unanticipated success, and sets his eye on ministering to a better educated and more affluent clientele to the north of Indianapolis. He puts in motion a plan to get rid of his Pentecostal ties, his grubby, down-at-the-heels Prophetess OnFire, as well as his working-class Board members and song-leader, while improving his grammar and adding the Rabboni Barry Wolfowitz, a dynamic trumpet-playing and yarmulke-wearing ersatz Christian-Jew. As Lamar finally achieves the Victory for which he seems to have been destined, the ever conniving founding pastor of the Temple, Doctor Carter Bald, no longer pursued by the FBI and IRS, returns to Tecumseh County with a plan to take back the church and destroy Lamar's ministry.

Sorry Kid, I Don't Much Feel Like Playing Today
Title Sorry Kid, I Don't Much Feel Like Playing Today PDF eBook
Author Kelly D. Cleaver Sr
Publisher iUniverse
Pages 287
Release 2011-05
Genre Sports & Recreation
ISBN 1462017193

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"In 1919, members of the Chicago White Sox "threw" the World Series, intentionally losing to the Cincinnati Reds in exchange for money. Two years later, after a lengthy investigation, eight players, including the immortal "Shoeless" Joe Jackson, received lifetime bans for their part in the scandal. Debates have raged ever since about whether all of the eight banned players actively "threw" plays or games. Sorry Kid, I Don't Much Feel Like Playing Today settles the debates once and for all by breaking down each player's contributions on a play-by-play basis. Each player is put under the microscope. Each play is dissected and analyzed. You will be the final judge. Journey back to the second decade of the twentieth century to relive the most famous World Series in baseball history."--Back cover

Dance With A Poor Man's Daughter
Title Dance With A Poor Man's Daughter PDF eBook
Author Pamela Jooste
Publisher Random House
Pages 300
Release 2011-10-31
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1448110408

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'Immensely moving and readable' The Times 'My name is Lily Daniels and I live in The Valley . . . Some of us, like my mother, don't live here any more. People say she went on the Kimberley train to try for white and I mustn't blame her because she could get away with it even if we didn't believe she would.' Through the sharp yet loving eyes of eleven-year-old Lily we see the whole vivid culture of the Cape Coloured community at the time when apartheid threatened its destruction. As Lily's beautiful but angry mother returns to Cape Town, determined to fight for justice for her family, so the story of Lily's past - and future - erupts. Dance with a Poor Man's Daughter is a powerful and moving tribute to a richly individual people.

Almost Home
Title Almost Home PDF eBook
Author Barbara Freethy
Publisher Fog City Publishing, LLC
Pages 188
Release 2012-12-04
Genre Fiction
ISBN 0983651701

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Customers who enjoy books by Robyn Carr, Debbie Macomber and Susan Wiggs will enjoy this contemporary romance set in the lush horse country of Kentucky filled with small town charm, romance, love, family and friends from #1 NY Times bestselling author Barbara Freethy. Katherine Whitfield hadn't left her seamless life in California to get mixed-up with a rough around the edges man like Zach Tyler. With his well-worn jeans and slow, seductive smile, he was nothing but a cowboy on the wrong side of the Mississippi - a diversion in her heartfelt quest to discover the father she never knew. Zach has a gentle hand with horses and a seductive touch with women ... and when he takes Katherine in his arms, he unleashes the passion simmering just below her cool exterior. Yes, her probing questions and tantalizing ways could cause nothing but trouble - but sometimes a man needs a little trouble ....

100 Fold Strength
Title 100 Fold Strength PDF eBook
Author Sterling Bristol
Publisher Xulon Press
Pages 121
Release 2005-11
Genre Religion
ISBN 1597816426

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Bristol's guide offers readers the secrets of how to apply faith, love, power, peace, and purpose to their lives and ministries by gaining strength and security from these truths. (Christianity)