Last Lecture

Last Lecture
Title Last Lecture PDF eBook
Author Perfection Learning Corporation
Publisher Turtleback
Release 2019
ISBN 9781663608192

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You Were Born to Win

You Were Born to Win
Title You Were Born to Win PDF eBook
Author Daisaku Ikeda
Publisher Middleway Press
Pages 88
Release 2017-12-01
Genre Religion
ISBN 1938252977

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Young people are the hope of the future. Their passion and power can usher in an age of hope and respect for all people. Over many years, Daisaku Ikeda--president of the Soka Gakkai International Buddhist association and spiritual leader for millions--has often shared with youth the lessons of life and faith that he himself has learned.The universal messages in You Were Born to Win will inspire youth of all ages and all faiths to find fulfillment and happiness and lead a life of purpose.


Title Potential PDF eBook
Author Troy Gramling
Publisher Whitaker House
Pages 191
Release 2024-06-11
Genre Religion

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Somewhere along the line, every CEO, celebrity, professional athlete, and government leader realized they had something to help them pursue their dreams. It’s something that the rest of us may think we don’t have, but we do. All of us have God-given potential! “Potential is within the grasp of everyone,” says author Troy Gramling, “because everyone has a dream deep within them. They just need a coach and an example at times to point the way and encourage them to pursue their dream.” Using examples from the life of Moses, Potential: The Uncontainable Power of God Within You takes you on a journey to discover your own promised land. You will learn: • What Moses knew that you need to know • How to go from the parking lot to the platform • Who you are and the greatness within you • How much you have in common with a leader who lived 4,000 years ago • The dream you were afraid to pursue but were created to experience Potential will help you discover the masterpiece you were created to be.

Jesus Was Thin so You Can Be Thin Too

Jesus Was Thin so You Can Be Thin Too
Title Jesus Was Thin so You Can Be Thin Too PDF eBook
Author Elvin Adams
Publisher iUniverse
Pages 246
Release 2011-03-18
Genre Health & Fitness
ISBN 1462005748

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This is a verse-by-verse exploration of what the Bible has to say about foods, nutrition, gluttony and obesity. The Bible contains the formula for lasting behavior change through the power supplied by Jesus Christ. Jesus struggled with appetite in the wilderness and successfully resisted the temptations of the devil. Jesus enables you to resist temptations to overeat. Jesus can give you the same victory that he had. With Jesuss help you can reach your ideal weight. Additionally, this book is enriched with 200 quotations on appetite and nutrition from the writings of the 19th chentury health reformer, Ellen G. White. This practical counsel seconds and makes practical application of the principles found in the Bible.

Whose Choice Is It?

Whose Choice Is It?
Title Whose Choice Is It? PDF eBook
Author Dawill Estimable
Publisher Xlibris Corporation
Pages 253
Release 2014-01-25
Genre Religion
ISBN 1493159593

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The book is divided in three important parts. Part one talks about God, devil, human, and choices. Part two talks about my biography. My biography reveals some of the reasons why I believe that we are who we are not by choice. Part three talks about the American justice system, and a law suit I filed on my own, against a bank. We say in America justice is for all! I say in America, the justice system is simply a little bit better than other places that Ive been. Ask yourselves, if the law is run by humans, and we know humans dont protect humans right. Humans only protect interest in human rights. How can justice be served to everyone when according to us there is no interest in everyones right? But, its all about perception. Like our God, everyone thinks the way they perceive God is the right way! It may be true according to them. Because, I read an anonymous quote that says, Everyone creates their own reality. As for me, I just order every fiber of my body to give glory to God for whom and what I am today. Who I am which resulting what I am today is all due to God. Because the LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. He has a heart for those of us who are nothing. He sees our needs, even before we ask for help. He blessed me even before I even knew him! He changes my messes in to messages. My biography in the middle of the book will tangibly prove my statement. You will learn about my existence throughout the book. Youll see why I am so in love with the Lord! Most of my siblings have been killed. My father has had 19 kids with eight mothers. Only seven of us remain alive. From 19 kids, he has had five with my mother with whom he was married. I was the first one, but the only one remains alive. See my biography for details. When we create something, we humans issue a manual that tells others how to manage it. The Lord gave the manual of life written with his hand. Thats the 10 commandment. The bible is the development of the Ten Commandments according to human perception. The bible is loaded with philosophy. My belief is whatever it is were doing, we are either inspired by Holy Spirit, or the devil. We say, Those who wrote the bible were inspired by God. The bible talks about the Lord, of course. The authors would have to be inspired by God through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit talks to us, through our perceptions. Im also inspired by God to write this book, because Im talking about God. If this book appears to be against the Lord, may he stop it now!

Live the Dream

Live the Dream
Title Live the Dream PDF eBook
Author Larry Winters
Publisher Center Street
Pages 133
Release 2012-04-03
Genre Self-Help
ISBN 1455513636

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At the age of 24, working with his wife at a car wash, Larry Winters was struggling to get by. He decided he needed to make a change for the better, so he seized control of his life and, day by day, built his own business. Along the way, he learned many lessons about sacrifice, personal responsibility, determination and independence Live the Dream: No More Excuses, is Winters' inspiring story of his journey from a young man with no ambition to a man in control of his financial destiny. He uses examples from his own life to teach readers how to gain financial freedom for themselves. Most importantly, Winters stresses how self limitation is damaging and holds people back, keeping them from achieving the successful lives they desire. Live the Dream provides an inspirational blueprint for readers to gain financial freedom, and build their own businesses -- to give up excuses and achieve their life goals, all while staying grounded in what really matters: family, friends and faith. Larry Winters' powerful motivational style will have readers ready to seize the day and live their dreams.

Making Children Mind without Losing Yours

Making Children Mind without Losing Yours
Title Making Children Mind without Losing Yours PDF eBook
Author Dr. Kevin Leman
Publisher Revell
Pages 336
Release 2017-08-01
Genre Family & Relationships
ISBN 1493411780

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We've seen the enemy, and they're small . . . and unionized. If anyone understands why children behave the way they do, it's internationally known psychologist and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Kevin Leman. Using the 7 principles of reality discipline, this father of five and grandfather of four reveals a practical, action-oriented game plan to - get kids to listen to parents - encourage healthy attitudes and two-way communication - turn off temper tantrums, minimize sibling rivalries, and foil finicky eaters - put parents back in the driver's seat - prompt long-lasting, positive behavior and instill values - rear respectful, well-behaved children who become responsible difference makers in the world Thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter and Dr. Leman's real-life examples give readers sure-fire techniques for developing a loving, no-nonsense approach for rearing children. With over a million satisfied customers, parents can't go wrong with this classic, perennial bestseller.