Grandpa Green

Grandpa Green
Title Grandpa Green PDF eBook
Author Lane Smith
Publisher Macmillan
Pages 49
Release 2011-08-30
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 1596436077

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A child explores the ordinary life of his extraordinary great-grandfather, as expressed in his topiary garden.

The Grandpa Tree

The Grandpa Tree
Title The Grandpa Tree PDF eBook
Author Mike Donahue
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield
Pages 27
Release 2001-05-23
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 1461745403

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The elementary tale of the life cycle of a tree, from its beginnings as a sapling to its demise on the forest floor, where it decomposes and becomes "a home for rabbits, and food for flowers", is also a life lesson for people. In this enhanced version, enjoy read-along, some fun animations, and a coloring page!

Grandpa's Garden

Grandpa's Garden
Title Grandpa's Garden PDF eBook
Author Stella Fry
Publisher Barefoot Books
Pages 43
Release 2018-09-01
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 1782854800

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This beautifully told story follows Billy from early spring to late summer as he helps his grandpa on his vegetable patch. They dig the hard ground, sow rows of seeds, and keep them watered and safe from slugs. When harvest time arrives they can pick all the vegetables and fruit they have grown. Children will be drawn in by the poetry of the language and the warm illustrations, while also catching the excitement of watching things grow! Includes educational endnotes on gardening throughout the year.

Grandpa and Thomas and the Green Umbrella

Grandpa and Thomas and the Green Umbrella
Title Grandpa and Thomas and the Green Umbrella PDF eBook
Author Pamela Allen
Publisher Picture Puffin
Pages 0
Release 2009
Genre Children's stories
ISBN 9780143503682

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This beautiful picture book for the very young follows on from the CBC Award-winning Grandpa and Thomas and again depicts the special relationship between grandchild and grandfather. This time, when Grandpa and Thomas go to the beach they swim, picnic, slide down the sand-dunes and build a sand-car. Then the weather turns stormy and the two shelter in the car, under the green umbrella, until the storm passes.Pamela Allen's picture books are ideal for showing students how rhythm, repetition and humour can be used to create a successful and engaging text. It is wonderful to share and read aloud with very small children, as the words encourage their active participation.

Grandpa Comes to First Grade

Grandpa Comes to First Grade
Title Grandpa Comes to First Grade PDF eBook
Author J. Jean Robertson
Publisher Carson-Dellosa Publishing
Pages 24
Release 2011-08-01
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 1612367178

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Featuring 24 pages of colorful illustrations with a fictional story and supporting vocabulary, Grandpa Comes to First Grade introduces young readers to punctuation, sight words, and reading comprehension skills. Little Birdie Books provide a fun, informative way to approach essential educational skills. These age-appropriate readers engage early learners by using simple language and appealing topics while also featuring helpful sections like Words to Know Before You Read, Comprehension & Extension activities, and more.

Grandpa Gazillion's Number Yard

Grandpa Gazillion's Number Yard
Title Grandpa Gazillion's Number Yard PDF eBook
Author Laurie Keller
Publisher Henry Holt and Company (BYR)
Pages 36
Release 2005-08-01
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 1429940050

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Don't you hate when your eyebrows fall into your soup? Dig them out with a SIX—it's a great eyebrow scoop! If you ever thought that numbers were only for counting—think again! At Grandpa Gazillion's Number Yard, numbers have all sorts of uses that can come in handy when in a pinch. For instance, a two can be used as a saxophone, a ten makes a great pogo stick, and a fourteen is a terrific sailboat. So head over to Grandpa Gazillion's Number Yard and stock up on numbers, because you never know when you just might need them! In her signature style, Laurie Keller has created a wonderfully inventive counting book—from one to twenty—that will keep children laughing and learning.

What's Happening to Grandpa?

What's Happening to Grandpa?
Title What's Happening to Grandpa? PDF eBook
Author Maria Shriver
Publisher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Pages 43
Release 2008-11-16
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 0316049212

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Kate has always adored her grandpa's storytelling - but lately he's been repeating the same stories again and again. One day, he even forgets Kate's name. Her mother's patient explanations open Kate's eyes to what so many of the elderly must confront: Alzheimer's disease and other forms of memory loss. Determined to support her grandfather, Kate explores ways to help him - and herself - cope by creating a photo album of their times together, memories that will remain in their hearts forever.