Title HANG ON PDF eBook
Author Eshwarmurthy G Pillai
Publisher Clever Fox Publishing
Pages 136
Release 2020-12-30
Genre Fiction

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Continuous drought season takes a heavy toll on Subodh’s life. As the bank debt piles up, it leaves him with no choice. During one such suicide attempt, Subodh happens to meet Vanhi, a schoolgirl near a railway track. Their initial conversation enlightens him and the grief disappears in no time, because of her innocence and simplicity. All those intentions of committing suicide are metamorphosed by her audacity and the magical tiffin box that she carries. Subodh's incredible journey begins with the little one's brilliance and under the lights of Stephen Noronha. Every obstacle towards his journey creates an opportunity for himself and for the villagers at large. On achieving his ambitious dream, Stephen helps Subodh to deliver a powerful message to all the debt-ridden farmers. "Committing suicide is not the ultimate solution. A person hardly needs a few seconds to commit suicide and be relieved of it. The problem expands multifold, which later one’s family has to bear, lifelong. There exists a thin line between life and death while killing self. The thin lifeline is often neglected and crossed because of the huge burden of loans and poverty. If we remain calm and composed, we can see that thin lifeline, through our savior. The savior can be in any form, a living thing, or any object, close to us. The living thing can be any of our near and dear ones. If we look around patiently, our cattle too can be a rescuer, with their simple touch.”

The Promise of the Second Wind

The Promise of the Second Wind
Title The Promise of the Second Wind PDF eBook
Author Bill Butterworth
Publisher WaterBrook
Pages 208
Release 2010-04-28
Genre Religion
ISBN 0307551687

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Fresh Fuel for Running the Good Race. At times we all feel as if we can’t go on. Our dreams have faded or crashed. We wake up one day and realize we’re just plodding through life. We’ve embraced life, but still we wonder what “might have been?” What happened to our hopes and plans for stronger relationships, greater career success, and lasting achievements? Why have we settled for what is instead of striving for what could be? When these conditions or other dilemmas leave you feeling trapped, you are an ideal candidate for one of life’s great surprises–a “second wind.” God wishes to give you such dramatic turnarounds in many areas of life. Just when you think you can’t go on, you can tap into the wellspring of God’s power and allow him to give your life a “jump start.” With this newly discovered energy, you can stop your plodding and once again run the race of life with a spirit of exhilaration and joyous abandon.

Second Wind

Second Wind
Title Second Wind PDF eBook
Author Lori Davis
Publisher a-argus books
Pages 413
Release 2010-01-31
ISBN 0984259619

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Surviving the Andersonville prison, Pike Wheeling returns home to find his one love married.to his own brother. Determined to begin again, Pike departs for the Indian Territory with his brothers and his former love. Tricked into an unsatisfying marriage and finding out he loved another, Pike has to face many more mountains as well as his enemy from Andersonville, who is determined to seek Pike dead...no matter how many bodies he has to wade through.

MARRIAGE: Catching A Second Wind

MARRIAGE: Catching A Second Wind
Title MARRIAGE: Catching A Second Wind PDF eBook
Author Dr. David Stevens
Publisher Xlibris Corporation
Pages 131
Release 2010-01-06
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1462811388

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Drawing on his years of experience as a pastor, couples counselor and minister of the arts, Dr. Stevens has written an insightful book firmly grounded in counseling methodology, and biblical foundation presenting practical information for couples still growing and maturing. The vignettes are gripping, full of wisdom and biblical teaching for couples and singles seeking to understand what people need to have for a lasting and growing marital relationship. This book is enlightening and timely as a valuable resource for lay people, pastors, ministers and Christian counselors, who help couples work out their responsibilities and reconciliation. Through Stevens’ very encouraging book, we are reminded of Ephesians 4:29, “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen” . Jean Wilkinson, Ph.D. Director, Department of Human Services Children’s Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School Dr. David Stevens’ writings on marital challenges and successes have testified to a divine calling which he answers with great sensitivity and responsible spirituality. One hallmark of his works is the absence of unnecessary complexity matched with the presence of assured accessibility. Dave has grown beyond his previous achievements to give us “Marriage: Catching a Second Wind” which is well launched on biblical creation principles developed with inspired imagination and pastoral caring. You won’t want to miss his treatment of inter alia, “Say It” as well as his penetrating hands on “China Cup” illustration in “You Must Move On.” The reader should find this work a touching experience as well as a welcomed blessing. Reginald G. Smith D. Min. Pastor Emeritus West Broward C.O.G. Plantation, FL Once again as in his other books, Dr. David Stevens has done all of us, but especially those of us who are married, a great service by writing this much needed book, "Marriage: Catching a Second Wind" Like a skilled navigator and an experienced guide, Dr. Stevens shows us how to make the second half of marriage the best half. With these guidelines, any marriage can indeed, "catch a second wind" and soar to the next level. Bishop Timothy j. Clarke First C.O.G. Columbus, OH "Congratulations to Pastor Stevens who has so thoughtfully packed this book with sound practical, clinical and Biblical concepts for building healthy marriages. I have enjoyed reading it and will add this book as a resource in my practice counseling marital couples." Rev. Carol Smith, MSW, ACSW, LCSW "Timely advice for those of us who want to go the distance in marriage" Pastor Paul E. Sheppard Speaker, Enduring Truth radio broadcast

Born in the Second Wind

Born in the Second Wind
Title Born in the Second Wind PDF eBook
Author Ajit Sherawat
Publisher Sristhi Publishers & Distributors
Pages 336
Release 2015-05-01
Genre Fiction
ISBN 9382665382

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The fortitude which won Kamlesh the cycle race had the designs of victories her future awaited. Though the battle was still her own, it was for her son Jeet to win for her. The tide takes a turn for the worse when the very people who should have been the springboard to Jeet’s success, pull the ladder from right under his feet. The inconsistencies of the unjust world left her tentative and worried, and her son, battered and bruised. Jeet had fallen. That’s when Jeet’s angel – the Doppelganger – emerges with the second wind, which if unleashed would take Jeet to unprecedented heights. Will he remain fallen? Will he not throw his dice in the game called life anymore? Will his courage rise with every attempt of intimidating him? Above all, will he be Born in the Second Wind?

Second Wind

Second Wind
Title Second Wind PDF eBook
Author Neil Shulman,
Publisher Author House
Pages 339
Release 2013-12-31
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1491846933

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About the book: Anyone who thinks nursing homes are depressing places to visit hasnt been to Millys Merry Roost or any other elder care community for that matter! Nursing Homes are not only full of hilarious stories but theyre also filled with the wonderful people who have lived them. Open the first page of Second Wind and start reading about the colorful characters who play out the story of a group of elderly people and some younger folks who have gotten a second wind. Neil Shulman is a medical doctor,was a medical director of a nursing home and author of many books including Doc Hollywood. He currently travels the country with his one-man comedy act based primarily on personal experience. P.K. Beville, a clinician specializing in geriatrics and founder of Second Wind Dreams is a champion of eldercare. She travels the country making dreams come true and raising awareness about the needs of Alzheimers care. The characters and stories in Second Wind are based on actual events. Second Wind Dreams, a nonprofit organization, makes dreams come true for elders in long term care and is the home of the award winning Virtual Dementia Tour. Changing the perception of aging through dreams and innovative programming is what they are all about. Second Wind Dreams organizes and motives elder care communities to find out what their residents dream about and using their local communities as a resource, sets out to fulfill each dream. From dinner at a local favorite restaurant to a visit with a long lost friend, each dream gives all involved a Second Wind. Please visit www.secondwind.org

A Second Wind

A Second Wind
Title A Second Wind PDF eBook
Author Philippe Pozzo di Borgo
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Pages 272
Release 2012-09-13
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 1471110494

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'He is unbearable, vain, proud, brutal, inconsistent, human. Without him, I would have rotted to death. Abdel looked after me without fail, like I was an infant. Attentive to the smallest detail, present during all my absences, he delivered me when I was a prisoner, protected me when I was weak. He made me laugh when I cried. He is my guardian devil.' As the descendent of two prominent, wealthy French families and Director of Pommery Champagnes, Philippe Pozzo di Borgo was not in the habit of asking for help. Then, in 1993, right on the heels of his beloved wife's diagnosis of a terminal illness, a paragliding accident left him a quadriplegic. He was 42 years old and unable to do anything - even feed himself - without help. Hidden behind the high walls of his Paris townhouse, Philippe found himself the modern equivalent of an 'untouchable' -- his total paralysis rendered him unable to reach out to others, and seemed to make others afraid to touch or acknowledge him. For the first time, he learned what it felt like to be excluded. The only person who wasn't bothered by Philippe's condition was someone who had been marginalized his entire life - Abdel, the unemployed Algerian immigrant from the outskirts of society who would become Philippe's unlikely caretaker. In between dramas and jokes, he sustained Philippe's life for the next ten years.