Harry Potter and Philosophy

Harry Potter and Philosophy
Title Harry Potter and Philosophy PDF eBook
Author David Baggett
Publisher Open Court Publishing
Pages 266
Release 2004
Genre Literary Criticism
ISBN 0812694554

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In 'Harry Potter and Philosophy', 17 philosophical experts unlock some of Hogwarts' secret panels, and uncover surprising insights that are enlightening both for wizards and the most discerning muggles.

Harry Potter and Philosophy

Harry Potter and Philosophy
Title Harry Potter and Philosophy PDF eBook
Author Associate Professor of Philosophy David Baggett
Publisher ReadHowYouWant.com
Pages 406
Release 2010-10
Genre Literary Criticism
ISBN 145960105X

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You don't need a diploma in arithmancy, the friendship of a hippogriff, or even a Hogwarts Library card to discover amazing and arcane secrets in the labyrinthine world of Harry Potter. In the book you now hold in your hands (or for more advanced students, the book you have levitated into a suitable position while you feed snacks to your owl), seventeen philosophical scholars unlock some of Hogwarts secret panels, displaying fresh insights enlightening both for sorcerers and for the more discerning Muggles. Among the occult lore here revealed, behold the best recipe for true courage, proof that self-deception does not yield happiness, how ethics can be applied to the branch of technology known as magic, why the Mirror of Erised isn't adequate for real life, whether prophecy rules out free choice, and what dementors and boggarts can teach us about joy, fear, and the soul. All the pages of this book are acid-free and have been individually bewitched with an anti-befuddlement incantation. Dont forget to keep your wand primed and read between the lines. Failure to observe these precautions may invite the malign influence of Vol sorry, He Who Must Not Be Named. ''Harry Potter and Philosophy is the most enjoyable HP spin-off Ive read and Ive read most of them. Some chapters are so full of good reflections, clear thinking, and reliable scholarship, I couldnt resist reading entire passages aloud. Our family plans to read these thought-provoking essays at the dinner table, sparking intelligent conversation with our teen- and college-aged children Harry Potter fans all.''

If Harry Potter Ran General Electric

If Harry Potter Ran General Electric
Title If Harry Potter Ran General Electric PDF eBook
Author Tom Morris
Publisher Crown Currency
Pages 274
Release 2006-05-16
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 0385518919

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However important the magic of wands, brooms, cauldrons, potions, and spells might be to the vivid story telling of [the Harry Potter] books, it is merely incidental to their philosophy of life…. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard someone in a business context say something like “I wish I could just magically solve all these problems” or “I’ll try my best to deal with this, but remember, I’m no magician.” What is particularly interesting is that the most difficult problems that the people in Harry’s world face are rarely solved with just magic, but rather by the use of intelligence, reasoning, planning, courage, determination, persistence, resourcefulness, creativity, fidelity, friendship, and many other qualities traditionally known by the philosophers in our world as virtues…. The meaning of life is not to be found in elixirs or incantations, secret words or exotic objects with esoteric powers, but in real moral virtue and the magic of what it can help us do….” J. K. Rowling’s novels about Harry Potter and the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry have captured the imaginations of people everywhere. In IF HARRY POTTER RAN GENERAL ELECTRIC, bestselling business author Tom Morris (IF ARISTOTLE RAN GENERAL MOTORS) uncovers the values and timeless truths that underlie Rawling’s hugely popular books and illuminate the lessons they offer to all of us in our careers and daily lives. But, you say, Harry Potter lives in a world of magic? What can we possibly learn to apply to our own careers and everyday lives? Morris shows that the most difficult problems Harry and his friends face are rarely solved by the use of magic alone. Rather, they are conquered by intelligence, reasoning, determination, creativity, friendship, and a host of other classic virtues–the very qualities, in fact, that make for success in every aspect of our lives. Blending an array of provocative examples from the novels with thought-provoking commentary on contemporary management practices, IF HARRY POTTER RAN GENERAL ELECTRIC offers readers a master’s course on leadership and ethics, told in an engaging and insightful way.

Muggles, Monsters and Magicians

Muggles, Monsters and Magicians
Title Muggles, Monsters and Magicians PDF eBook
Author Claudia Fenske
Publisher Peter Lang
Pages 488
Release 2008
Genre Children's stories, English
ISBN 9783631566619

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Originally published as the author's dissertation (doctoral)--Philipps-Universiteat Marburg, 2006.

Reading Harry Potter Again

Reading Harry Potter Again
Title Reading Harry Potter Again PDF eBook
Author Giselle Liza Anatol
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Pages 254
Release 2009-05-19
Genre Literary Criticism
ISBN 0313361983

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Reading Harry Potter Again: New Critical Essays extends the discussion of the Harry Potter books by covering the entire series in one new and comprehensive volume. As was argued in Reading Harry Potter: Critical Essays (Praeger, 2003), interpreting the underlying messages and themes of the Harry Potter series is vital for understanding the ways in which we perceive and interact with each other in contemporary society. The novels and corresponding film adaptations have broken records with their astonishing sales and widespread acclaim. They have also generated a plethora of writing—by critics, academics, and fans. J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books could easily be called this generation's most formative narratives, and thus certainly warrant critical attention. This new volume of essays covers the entire seven-book sequence. Contributors consider myriad themes from a variety of perspectives. Areas addressed include religion, morality, race, magic, and other themes popular in discussing the books. With this book in hand, fans of the series—indeed anyone interested in the Harry Potter phenomenon—will better appreciate and understand Rowling's work and the impact of her stories on our culture and on our times.

The Ravenclaw Chronicles

The Ravenclaw Chronicles
Title The Ravenclaw Chronicles PDF eBook
Author Corbin Fowler
Publisher Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Pages 208
Release 2014-08-11
Genre Performing Arts
ISBN 1443865982

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What if there is much more to the Harry Potter saga than a simple tale of adventure and fantasy for kids? “Yes, there is much more,” is the guiding premise of the annual, academic gatherings at Edinboro University known as The Ravenclaw Conferences. Since 2011, faculty and students have met in Edinboro to deliver papers and discuss the many intellectual and ethical issues raised in this story of an orphan boy’s journey from being a nobody to becoming the Chosen One of prophecy. In The Ravenclaw Chronicles, the reader will find select articles developed from these conferences, most from professors, but a few from student presenters. There is even one original short story of Harry Potter fan fiction. These reflections come from diverse perspectives: namely, philosophy, history, English literature, media studies, and world languages.

Masculinity and Patriarchal Villainy in the British Novel

Masculinity and Patriarchal Villainy in the British Novel
Title Masculinity and Patriarchal Villainy in the British Novel PDF eBook
Author Sara Martín
Publisher Routledge
Pages 234
Release 2019-11-28
Genre Literary Criticism
ISBN 1000763315

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Masculinity and Patriarchal Villainy in the British Novel: From Hitler to Voldemort sits at the intersection of literary studies and masculinity studies, arguing that the villain, in many works of contemporary British fiction, is a patriarchal figure that embodies an excess of patriarchal power that needs to be controlled by the hero. The villains' stories are enactments of empowerment fantasies and cautionary tales against abusing patriarchal power. While providing readers with in-depth studies of some of the most popular contemporary fiction villans, Sara Martín shows how current representations of the villain are not only measured against previous literary characters but also against the real-life figure of the archvillain Adolf Hitler.