Hey, Dollface

Hey, Dollface
Title Hey, Dollface PDF eBook
Author Deborah Hautzig
Publisher Random House Books for Young Readers
Pages 162
Release 1989
Genre Coming out (Sexual orientation)
ISBN 9780394820460

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The story of a deep friendship between two girls and the concern of one that it might become a physical relationship.

Rebecca Rocks

Rebecca Rocks
Title Rebecca Rocks PDF eBook
Author Anna Carey
Publisher The O'Brien Press
Pages 167
Release 2013-08-05
Genre Young Adult Fiction
ISBN 1847176216

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My name is Rebecca Rafferty, and I know that this is going to be the best summer ever. Well, maybe. On the plus side, holidays mean no school for three months. And my band Hey Dollface are going to a cool summer camp where we will (hopefully) learn how to become total rock stars. Which is all good, obviously. But there are problems too. There are summer exams, a band of mean boys out to spoil our fun, my friend Cass's love life is complicated and my own love life just doesn't really exist at all ... The third installment of the award-winning series about Rebecca Rafferty.


Title Hindenberg! PDF eBook
Author Billy Madison
Publisher Baker's Plays
Pages 92
Release 1998
Genre Musicals
ISBN 9780874400748

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At Long Last, Love

At Long Last, Love
Title At Long Last, Love PDF eBook
Author Judy Bagshaw
Publisher Pearlsong Press
Pages 148
Release 2007-04-01
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1597190098

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Big beautiful―and in some cases mature―heroines grace the pages of this collection of romantic short stories by Judy Bagshaw. Among the offerings: Jen believes fat girls like her don't find love—but at her best friend's wedding her beliefs are put to the test. Middle-aged widow Tricia thought she had to be content living solo. Then she met Harry. Bev ran away with the "bad boy" as a teenager, only to find out that fantasy and reality are vastly different. Twenty years later, can she recapture the love she threw away? Lori has long fantasized about meeting sexy-voiced Dan, one of her clients at the answering service. Will she break the rules and find true love? Karen has kissed a lot of frogs, but not yet met her prince. A chance encounter might change her life―if she's willing to throw caution to the wind. "These are heroines you'll recognize because they are real women like you and me," Bagshaw says. "They have busy lives and character flaws. They make mistakes and have regrets. They long for long and have suffered hurts. But they persevere. And in the stories in this collection they find the love they've been looking for, sometimes where they least expect it."

Sexual Cultures and the Construction of Adolescent Identities

Sexual Cultures and the Construction of Adolescent Identities
Title Sexual Cultures and the Construction of Adolescent Identities PDF eBook
Author Janice Irvine
Publisher Temple University Press
Pages 340
Release 2009
Genre Family & Relationships
ISBN 9781439901625

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Adolescent sexual awakening is reevaluated in terms of social and cultural influences.

Becoming a Woman Through Romance

Becoming a Woman Through Romance
Title Becoming a Woman Through Romance PDF eBook
Author Linda K. Christian-Smith
Publisher Routledge
Pages 282
Release 2019-10-01
Genre Literary Criticism
ISBN 1000639126

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A woman is incomplete without a man, motherhood is a woman’s destiny, and a woman’s place is in the home. These conservative political themes are woven throughout teen romance fiction’s sagas of hearts and flowers. Using the theory and interpretive methods of feminism and cultural studies, Christian-Smith explores the contradictory role that popular culture plays in constructing gender, class, race, age and sexual meanings. Originally published in 1990, Becoming a Woman through Romance combines close textual analyses of thirty-four teen romance novels (written in the United States from 1942-1982) with a school study in three midwestern American schools. Christian-Smith situates teen romance fiction within the rapidly changing publishing industry and the important political and economic changes in the United States surrounding the rise of the New Right. By analysing the structure of the novels in terms of the themes of romance, sexuality and beautification, and the Good/Bad and Strong/Weak dichotomies, she demonstrates how each has shaped the novels’ versions of femininity over forty years. She also shows that although romance fiction is presented as a universal model, it is actually an expression of white middle class gender ideology and tension within this class. This high readable, comprehensive and coherent work was the first to combine in one volume three vital areas of cultural studies research: the political economy of publishing, textual analysis, and a study of readers. The first full-scale study of teen romance fiction, Becoming a Woman through Romance establishes the importance of the study of popular culture forms found in school for understanding the process of school materials in identity formation.

Rebecca's Rules

Rebecca's Rules
Title Rebecca's Rules PDF eBook
Author Anna Carey
Publisher The O'Brien Press
Pages 181
Release 2012-10-15
Genre Young Adult Fiction
ISBN 1847175368

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My name is Rebecca Rafferty, and there are lots of things wrong with my life right now. 1. My boyfriend has moved to Canada. Canada! 2. I have annoyed my best friends Cass and Alice by going on about him all the time. 3. I am going to a crazy girl's mad birthday party and I am not sure why. Things have got to change. So I've made some new rules. ? No moping. ? No ignoring my friends' problems. ? Find something exciting for me, Cass and Alice to do so our friendship gets back to normal. Something fun. Something new. Something like joining the school musical ...