How Children Learn (New Edition)
Title How Children Learn (New Edition) PDF eBook
Author Linda Pound
Publisher Andrews UK Limited
Pages 195
Release 2019-10-08
Genre Education
ISBN 1912611074

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An ideal introduction to the pioneers of educational theory for anyone studying childcare, child development or education – whether at further or higher education level. The first edition of this book has been a best-seller for almost a decade, identified as one of the top ten books for students of child development or early childhood care and education. In this new edition, there is an increased emphasis on both what practice based on particular theories of learning looks like and on criticisms of each theory. A glossary is included in sections highlighting words and concepts particular to the theorist in question. Full-colour photographs are used to illustrate some aspects of each theory or approach. How Children Learn looks at a wide range of theorists and practitioners who have influenced current understandings of how children learn and what this means for work with young children. The book summarises the findings and ideas of famous giants such as Montessori and Piaget as well as the more recent ideas of writers and thinkers such as Howard Gardner and Margaret Donaldson. It begins by looking at the work and life of Comenius who is widely described as the father of modern education and looks at the theory behind different approaches to early childhood care and education such as Steiner Waldorf education, HighScope and Te Whariki. You will find this book invaluable in giving you a clearer picture of how ideas about children's learning have developed over the past four centuries.

How Children Learn
Title How Children Learn PDF eBook
Author John Caldwell Holt
Publisher Topeka Bindery
Pages 208
Release 1969
Genre Education

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Children do not need to be made to learn, Holt maintains, because each is born with what Einstein called the holy curiosity of inquiry. For them, learning is as natural as breathing. First published in 1967, How Children Learn has become a classic for parents and teachers, providing an effective, gentle voice of reason (Life).

Teaching Children to Learn
Title Teaching Children to Learn PDF eBook
Author Robert Fisher
Publisher Nelson Thornes
Pages 188
Release 2005
Genre Education
ISBN 9780748794423

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This exciting book fosters the skills involved in learning, providing a framework for developing active learning in every community, classroom, and school. This new edition suggests more ways to create powerful learning environments. Teaching Children to Learn has been revised and enlarged, giving more practical ideas to develop creative learning skills. It includes new sections on learning styles, accelerated learning, and ways to motivate learning.

How Children Learn
Title How Children Learn PDF eBook
Author John Holt
Publisher Hachette UK
Pages 140
Release 2009-04-20
Genre Education
ISBN 0786746904

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From the preface by Deborah Meier: "We have a long way to go to make John Holt's dream available to all children. But his books make it possible and easier for many of us to join him in the journey." In this enduring classic, rich with deep, original insight into the nature of early learning, John Holt was the first to make clear that, for small children, "learning is as natural as breathing." In his delightful book he observes how children actually learn to talk, to read, to count, and to reason, and how, as adults, we can best encourage these natural abilities in our children.

How Children Learn to Read
Title How Children Learn to Read PDF eBook
Author Ken Pugh
Publisher Taylor & Francis
Pages 379
Release 2011-02-25
Genre Psychology
ISBN 1136874593

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This book brings together information about the neurobiological, genetic, and behavioral bases of reading and reading disabilities. Research findings and interventiona approaches by leaders in the field are presented.€The volume provides essential reading for a range of researchers, clinicians, and other professionals interested in reading and reading disability.

How Children Learn
Title How Children Learn PDF eBook
Author Nancy Stewart
Publisher eBook Partnership
Pages 322
Release 2017-03-03
ISBN 0904187764

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What children learn is important but how children learn is even more important if they are to become learners for life in today's society. In this book, Nancy Stewart brings her wealth of experience to help policy makers and practitioners articulate the importance of early childhood as a valuable stage in its own right as well as a preparation for the future.This best seller explores effective early childhood learning through exploring the characteristics of effective learning, as identified in revised Early Years Foundation Stage in England. Its content is however, applicable across the range of curricula and frameworks that govern early childhood education across the four UK nations, as well as internationally.

How Children Learn to Read and how to Help Them
Title How Children Learn to Read and how to Help Them PDF eBook
Author Cedric Cullingford
Publisher Psychology Press
Pages 754
Release 2001
Genre Education
ISBN 9780749434915

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