How I Resist
Title How I Resist PDF eBook
Author Maureen Johnson
Publisher Wednesday Books
Pages 320
Release 2018-05-15
Genre Young Adult Nonfiction
ISBN 1250168376

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"The Ultimate Resistance Guidebook." — Bustle "This book will be a light in the darkness for some, and help guide them from despair."— Booklist An all-star collection of essays about activism and hope, edited by bestselling YA author Maureen Johnson. Now, more than ever, young people are motivated to make a difference in a world they're bound to inherit. They're ready to stand up and be heard - but with much to shout about, where they do they begin? What can I do? How can I help? How I Resist is the response, and a way to start the conversation. To show readers that they are not helpless, and that anyone can be the change. A collection of essays, songs, illustrations, and interviews about activism and hope, How I Resist features an all-star group of contributors, including, John Paul Brammer, Libba Bray, Lauren Duca, Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his husband Justin Mikita, Alex Gino, Hebh Jamal, Malinda Lo, Dylan Marron, Hamilton star Javier Muñoz, Rosie O'Donnell, Junauda Petrus, Jodi Picoult, Jason Reynolds, Karuna Riazi, Maya Rupert, Dana Schwartz, Dan Sinker, Ali Stroker, Jonny Sun (aka @jonnysun), Sabaa Tahir, Shaina Taub, Daniel Watts, Jennifer Weiner, Jacqueline Woodson, and more, all edited and compiled by New York Times bestselling author Maureen Johnson. In How I Resist, readers will find hope and support through voices that are at turns personal, funny, irreverent, and instructive. Not just for a young adult audience, this incredibly impactful collection will appeal to readers of all ages who are feeling adrift and looking for guidance. How I Resist is the kind of book people will be discussing for years to come and a staple on bookshelves for generations.

Girls, Performance, and Activism
Title Girls, Performance, and Activism PDF eBook
Author Dana Edell
Publisher Routledge
Pages 334
Release 2021-08-30
Genre Performing Arts
ISBN 1000429008

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Girls, Performance, and Activism offers artists, activists, educators, and scholars a comprehensive analysis, celebration, and critique of the ways in which teenage girls create and perform activist theater. Girls, particularly Black and Latinx teenagers, are using the tools of performance to share their stories, devise new ones, and use the stage to advocate for social change. Interweaving interviews, poetic text, drama, and theory, this book provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of how and why this field erupted and the ways in which girls are using performance to transform themselves and enact change in their communities. As a white woman who has collaboratively created theater with hundreds of girls of color over the past 20 years, Dana Edell offers strategies for engaging with girls across difference through an intersectional lens in order to acknowledge the ways in which race, gender, age, class, ability, and sexuality influence girls’ experiences and relationships with adult collaborators as they work to create meaningful, impactful, and often personal activist performances. This is the go-to handbook for teachers, theater directors, and performance makers who want to create politically engaged work with teenage girls.

The Girl-Positive Library
Title The Girl-Positive Library PDF eBook
Author Mary Ann Harlan
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Pages 173
Release 2018-12-07
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN 1440860645

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Providing a model of critique useful in readers advisory, collection development, and book clubs, this title encourages the inclusion of young adult titles advancing a positive representation of girls in programming and instruction. Even in an era in which there are multiple and wide-ranging conversations about representations of diverse groups in literature, the depiction of girls in young adult literature has received inadequate attention. This text provides a model for understanding how girls are represented in young adult literature that will aid school and youth services librarians in their personal understanding and awareness as they build collections and create programming. It provides practical suggestions for how to use and implement a feminist lens while reading, discussing, and reviewing titles. Included are a list of recommended annotated titles and discussion questions for use in developing appropriate instructional and interesting programs that explore concepts of girlhood, media literacy programs, and diverse collections.

Teaching and Reading New Adult Literature in High School and College
Title Teaching and Reading New Adult Literature in High School and College PDF eBook
Author Sharon Kane
Publisher Taylor & Francis
Pages 221
Release 2022-11-10
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN 100068895X

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An introduction to the rapidly growing category of New Adult (NA) literature, this text provides a roadmap to understanding and introducing NA books to young people in high school, college, libraries, and other settings. As a window into the experiences and unique challenges that young and new adults encounter, New Adult literature intersects with but is distinct from Young Adult literature. This rich resource provides a framework, methods, and plentiful reading recommendations by genre, theme, and discipline on New Adult literature. Starting with a definition of New Adult literature, Kane demonstrates how the inclusion of NA literature helps support and encourage a love of reading. Chapters address important topics that are relevant to young people, including post-high school life, early careers, relationships, activism, and social change. Each chapter features text sets, instructional strategies, writing prompts, and activities to invite and encourage young people to be reflective and engaged in responding to thought-provoking texts. A welcome text for professors of literacy and literature instruction, first-year college instructors, researchers, librarians, and educators, this book provides new ways to assist students as they embark upon the next stage of their lives and is essential reading for courses on teaching literature.

Simple Acts
Title Simple Acts PDF eBook
Author Natalie Silverstein
Publisher Free Spirit Publishing
Pages 163
Release 2022-07-12
Genre Young Adult Nonfiction
ISBN 1631986287

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Simple and actionable tools to help busy young people make a difference in the world. Young people can make a difference in the world no matter how busy they are. Simple Acts shows them how, with easy and practical tips, activities, and resources that will inspire teens to add intentional acts of kindness and service to their everyday lives. Simple Acts equips tween and teens with the hands-on tools and know-how they need to make small but meaningful change, such as: honoring happy occasions by giving back raising money and awareness for the causes they care about harnessing the power of social media to spread positive messages A passionate advocate for family and youth service, Natalie Silverstein, MPH, wrote Simple Acts to inspire a more realistic approach to service for young people, a more organic way to make the world a better place: one simple act at a time.

Teen Mental Health
Title Teen Mental Health PDF eBook
Author Len Sperry
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Pages 413
Release 2022-09-27
Genre Psychology
ISBN 1440876886

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This encyclopedia provides a concise introduction to the mental health topics of greatest concern to adolescents. It offers young readers the information they need to better understand mental disorders and the importance of psychological well-being. Addressing mental illness and prioritizing psychological well-being are important at any age, but the teen years present unique challenges. Hormonal changes, peer pressure, and the demands of school and a busy social life combined with many other factors put adolescents at high risk for mental health problems. Certain disorders, such as depression and anxiety, are particularly prevalent in this age group, as are risky behaviors like substance abuse, self-harm, and distracted driving. Today's teens also face uniquely modern threats to their psychological well-being, such as Internet addiction and social media–induced fear of missing out (FOMO). Yet there are also ample opportunities for adolescents to strengthen their mental health and resiliency through such practices as meditation, activism, and youth leadership. Teen Mental Health: An Encyclopedia of Issues and Solutions is a ready-reference guide to the mental health topics that most affect the lives of American teens in the 21st century. Entries are accessibly written and feature extensive cross-referencing and helpful further reading lists. This volume also offers a collection of recommended resources, including a number of hotlines for teens in crisis.

Parkland Speaks
Title Parkland Speaks PDF eBook
Author Sarah Lerner
Publisher Crown Books for Young Readers
Pages 192
Release 2019-01-22
Genre Young Adult Nonfiction
ISBN 1984850016

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Featuring art and writing from the students of the Parkland tragedy, this is a raw look at the events of February 14, and a poignant representation of grief, healing, and hope. The students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School share their emotional journeys that began on February 14, 2018, and continue today. This revealing and unfiltered look at teens living in the wake of tragedy is a poignant representation of grief, anger, determination, healing, and hope. The intimate collection includes poetry, eyewitness accounts, letters, speeches, journal entries, drawings, and photographs from the events of February 14 and its aftermath. Full of heartbreaking loss, a rally cry for change, and hope for a safe future, these artistic pieces will inspire readers to reflect on their own lives and the importance of valuing and protecting the ones you love.