How to homeschool the kids you have: Advice from the kitchen table

How to homeschool the kids you have: Advice from the kitchen table
Title How to homeschool the kids you have: Advice from the kitchen table PDF eBook
Author Courtney Ostaff
Publisher John Catt
Pages 215
Release 2022-12-09
Genre Education
ISBN 1915361826

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In How to Homeschool the Kids You Have, three veteran home educators lead you through the process of creating a custom educational plan that works for your family's unique situation and your children's needs. You'll identify your own educational priorities and learn how to translate them into a strong academic program. You'll also learn about what science tells us about how humans- especially young humans-learn, and why that information is crucial for the success of your homeschooling plans. Along the way, the authors share their own experiences and those of other homeschoolers to help you avoid pitfalls so you can provide your children with the excellent education that is their birthright.

Raising Prayerful Kids

Raising Prayerful Kids
Title Raising Prayerful Kids PDF eBook
Author Stephanie Thurling
Publisher Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
Pages 240
Release 2022-03-08
Genre Religion
ISBN 1496455541

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More than a book, Raising Prayerful Kids is a tool parents can use to make prayer fit naturally into their daily routines without it feeling like a chore or a lecture. Relatable stories of the authors’ successes and failures along with fun activities and games help parents turn everyday moments into faith-filled moments that are naturally filled with prayer. Praying with your kids can be connecting, fun, nonintimidating, and even life changing. Includes: Prayer games Prayer Activities

Better Late Than Early

Better Late Than Early
Title Better Late Than Early PDF eBook
Author Raymond S. Moore
Publisher Reader's Digest Association
Pages 262
Release 1975
Genre Education

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Plan Your Year

Plan Your Year
Title Plan Your Year PDF eBook
Author Pam Barnhill
Release 2019-05-07
ISBN 9780999742129

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Ultimate Weird But True

Ultimate Weird But True
Title Ultimate Weird But True PDF eBook
Author National Geographic
Publisher National Geographic Books
Pages 196
Release 2011
Genre Braille books
ISBN 1426308647

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Presents facts, brief stories, photos, and illustrations showing that fact can be as weird as fiction.

The Unhurried Homeschooler

The Unhurried Homeschooler
Title The Unhurried Homeschooler PDF eBook
Author Durenda Wilson
Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages 0
Release 2016-02
Genre Education
ISBN 9781523805921

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Homeschooling is a wonderful, worthwhile pursuit, but many homeschool parents struggle with feelings of burnout and frustration. If you have ever felt this way, you're not alone! Most of us need to be reminded of the "why" of homeschooling from time to time-but "The Unhurried Homeschooler" takes parents a step further and lifts the unnecessary burdens that many parents place on themselves.Drawing on twenty years of homeschooling her eight children, Durenda Wilson gently reminds parents about the things that really matter, as she offers a clear portrait of what a life-giving home life can be during the homeschooling years. Reading "The Unhurried Homeschooler" is like having coffee with a trusted friend. You'll be encouraged as you learn to do what God has put before you. This book will lighten your load while helping you learn how to raise life long learners and ENJOY the homeschool years with your kids.

Homeschool Like an Expert

Homeschool Like an Expert
Title Homeschool Like an Expert PDF eBook
Author Anne Crossman
Pages 252
Release 2020-09-23
ISBN 9781735544106

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Homeschool Like an Expert is the definitive guide helping parents teach their children at home, taking content from the video series to the next level by providing examples and tools to help every parent. Useful for new and experienced homeschoolers alike, it makes teaching easier, more fun, and more meaningful. As a former homeschooler, Anne attended Stanford and Duke Universities taught in public high schools and military barracks, authored three books on education, and homeschools her kids.