If Not Now, When?
Title If Not Now, When? PDF eBook
Author Esther Rantzen
Publisher Headline Book Publishing
Pages 0
Release 2008
Genre Baby boom generation
ISBN 9780755317196

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An inspirational life guide for the baby boomer generation.

Jilted Generation
Title Jilted Generation PDF eBook
Author Ed Howker
Publisher Icon Books Ltd
Pages 231
Release 2010-09-04
Genre Political Science
ISBN 1848312369

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Why are so many adult children living still living with mum and dad? Why do young people seem so disinterested in politics? And what are the hidden threats to Britain's long-term prosperity lurking in the next few decades? First published in 2010, Ed Howker and Shiv Mailk's Jilted Generation answers fundamental questions about the society you thought you knew. It identified, for the first time, the perilous position of Britain's young adults and, with a title brandished by everyone from Ed Miliband to student protesters, the book's thesis has formed a controversial but essential part of Britain's political debate. With significant additional material, this edition updates the argument and explains the real effects of austerity policies and the recession. And, crucially, it explains what must be done to protect a vital and underestimated national asset – Britain's newest adults.

If Not Now, When?
Title If Not Now, When? PDF eBook
Author Esther Rantzen
Publisher Hachette UK
Pages 304
Release 2014-03-27
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 1472220579

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TV personality, founder of Childline, writer and broadcaster, Esther Rantzen has spent her life tirelessly campaigning on behalf of children and mental health sufferers. In this personal and anecdotal handbook, she turns her attention to the baby boomer and shows how, ultimately, reaching your fifties and beyond is just the beginning. Starting from her own experiences whether it be her childhood, the death of her husband, her battle with prejudice against women in the media, laughter and the love of friends, irritations with brainless ageism, the importance of travel, sex and good health all is of huge relevance and will give the fifty-something-plus-year-old a huge jolt of recognition, or a shocked gasp, or a laugh. Interspersed with practical advice and the occasional nostalgic rant, this is a fun celebration and an inspiration for the nations 17 million baby boomers.

The British National Bibliography
Title The British National Bibliography PDF eBook
Author Arthur James Wells
Pages 1922
Release 2009
Genre Bibliography, National

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Musings and Adventures of a Baby Boomer, That Generation Before X, Y, and Z
Title Musings and Adventures of a Baby Boomer, That Generation Before X, Y, and Z PDF eBook
Author Kay Hoflander
Publisher AuthorHouse
Pages 553
Release 2020-11-18
Genre Humor
ISBN 1665503947

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As Kay Hoflander personally knows, Baby Boomers are a generation all of their own. From having parents known as the "Greatest Generation" to witnessing the moon landing and ushering in the digital age, this generation has experienced it all. This collection columns are a compilation of the musings and adventures she has experienced as a Baby Boomer in a world more virtual than reality. The humorous and whimsical approach she brings to life leads readers to reminisce the writings of Erma Bombeck. Tackling everything from aging to "going viral", her columns remind us not to take life too seriously and maintain focus on the things that really matter. Join Kay Hoflander on a honest and refreshing look back on the experiences of this unique generation and the challenges of aging digital.

Baby Boomers and Beyond
Title Baby Boomers and Beyond PDF eBook
Author Michelle McAllister
Publisher iUniverse
Pages 86
Release 2010-03
Genre Medical
ISBN 0595524796

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Aging is the most natural, unpredictable yet manageable part of humanity. Baby Boomers and Beyond is a self-help guide that provides easy-to-apply suggestions and practical advice for those with a desire to age both healthfully and gracefully. Michelle McAllister brings a wealth of professional knowledge and volunteer experience in a variety of geriatric healthcare settings as she shares key points that will help the elderly and their caregivers create an effective action plan to not only take charge and manage their healthcare, but also to: Create a secure, financial portfolio Evaluate when it is the right time to change living arrangements Stay fulfilled through activities, friends, faith, and family Enjoy life, stay positive, and pursue passions Deal with changing family dynamics Baby Boomers and Beyond will teach seniors how to create a lasting legacy, make a ripple in the universe, and leave an impression on the world. Isn't it time to take charge of your future?

Maturing with Moxie
Title Maturing with Moxie PDF eBook
Author Jan Cannon
Publisher University Press of New England
Pages 226
Release 2018-05-01
Genre Self-Help
ISBN 1512602795

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Whether widowed, divorced, married, or single, more and more women of retirement age are taking control of their lives. Maturing with Moxie takes a close look at personal and professional circumstances affecting women over sixty by surveying the best and latest thinking on issues from housing to health care, finances to family, and combines them all in one practical, go-to volume. The veteran consultant Jan Cannon takes a comprehensive approach to a range of decisions facing women as they age, and offers sensible, helpful advice on everyday questions about employment, Medicare, changing family dynamics, and dating. Drawing on her extensive client case files, Cannon poses provocative questions, designs useful exercises, and offers clear, upbeat examples of women moving forward with purpose. Maturing with Moxie gives women a wealth of resources for finding the answers they need.