Royally Engaged: The Reality TV Star and the Lady Who Loved Him

Royally Engaged: The Reality TV Star and the Lady Who Loved Him
Title Royally Engaged: The Reality TV Star and the Lady Who Loved Him PDF eBook
Author Mindy Killgrove
Publisher Mindy Killgrove
Pages 114
Genre Fiction

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Samantha Mulligan won’t marry Finnegan Kane, but does she have the fortitude to watch him propose to someone else? Breakups are tough. The crying that lasts for days, binging on bags of potato chips and boxes of donuts and coping with the knowledge that someday the man who just got away is going to marry someone else can all take a toll. But for Samantha Mulligan, her suffering comes in epic proportions. After splitting from her boyfriend of eight years, Samantha is dealing with her turmoil, trying to figure out what she wants and who she is without him. She still loves him but knows the life he wants and the one she desires aren’t cohesive. For Samantha, the heartbreak of letting go of Finnegan Kane, America’s Golden Boy, and the Heir to the Kanedy Production Company, is one that’ll take eons to get over. But Samantha doesn’t have time to wallow. Just six weeks after ending their relationship, it’s announced that Finnegan Kane will be featured on a reality television dating program, Royally Engaged. Scores of women will be competing for the chance to marry Finn and Samantha will be stuck watching it all unfold…unless she decides to get in the game. Will Samantha join the cast of Royally Engaged and vie for Finn’s love and affection? Can she banish her negative thoughts about living a life in the spotlight because this is the only way to be with the man she adores? Or must Samantha suffer in silence because she's forced to watch while the man she loves dates, proposes to, and marries someone else? Find out by reading…Royally Engaged.

Brand New Me

Brand New Me
Title Brand New Me PDF eBook
Author Charlotte Crosby
Publisher Headline
Pages 288
Release 2017-06-29
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 1472243307

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For fans of ME ME ME, this is the next chapter in Charlotte Crosby's life - Celebrity Big Brother winner, MTV presenter, fitness DVD and book bestseller and one of the UK's best loved and funniest reality stars. In the two years since ME ME ME, national sweetheart Charlotte Crosby could not have been busier. Her jam-packed TV schedule has included appearances on some of the nation's favourite shows such as Celebrity Juice and This Morning, she is the presenter of MTV's new hit show Just Tattoo of Us and is now the face of her very own make-up range, Flique. Here in BRAND NEW ME Charlotte talks us through an incredibly busy year, making us laugh as ever with her funny moments (like when her mum woke up on Christmas morning to find her passed out naked by her new swimming pool) but also opening up about the difficult months surrounding her shock departure from Geordie Shore, betrayal and her heartbreaking ectopic pregnancy. After working through her loss by bravely speaking out, she is now an ambassador of the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust, helping raise awareness of the symptoms so other women can get early treatment and help if they find themselves going through a similar experience. So welcome to BRAND NEW ME, the next chapter in Charlotte's life: businesswoman, TV presenter, charity spokesperson, stronger than ever, inspiring us with her work ethic, smashing it with her style and still making us wet our pants laughing.

Help! I’m Alive

Help! I’m Alive
Title Help! I’m Alive PDF eBook
Author Gurjinder Basran
Publisher ECW Press
Pages 265
Release 2022-05-10
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1773059289

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A powerfully emotional story of four people touched by a teen’s death, award-winning author Gurjinder Basran’s Help! I’m Alive is a clear-eyed exploration of meaningful connection in the modern era After video footage of Jay’s death is shared on social media, a suburban Vancouver community is left to try to make sense of what happened to Jay and whether his death was an accident or a suicide. Help! I’m Alive explores the aftermath through the eyes of four people all suddenly confronted with who they have been and how they should be in the wake of such loss. Jay’s former best friend, Ash, wonders what happened to their friendship and questions the relationships he has now; Winona, Jay’s troubled girlfriend struggles with guilt and abandonment; Anik, Ash’s older brother, is on a search for the meaning of life but hasn’t left his basement apartment in months; and Pavan, Ash and Anik’s mother, finds Jay’s death lays bare all her personal and maternal anxieties. Unflinching but life-affirming, Help! I’m Alive is a Gen Z and Gen X coming-to-terms story about loneliness and connection, love and suffering, and the moments that bring us together and drive us apart.

The Fastest Men on Earth

The Fastest Men on Earth
Title The Fastest Men on Earth PDF eBook
Author Neil Duncanson
Publisher Headline Welbeck Non-Fiction
Pages 313
Release 2021-05-27
Genre Sports & Recreation
ISBN 1787396673

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With an exclusive foreword by Usain Bolt, The Fastest Men on Earth tells the fascinating inside stories of the Olympic Men's 100m Champions. It takes just under ten seconds to run, but the results of the Olympic men's 100 metres are etched forever into history. In The Fastest Men on Earth, journalist Neil Duncanson tells the stories of the 25 athletes who've been crowned champions in the event, and earned the coveted title of 'Fastest Man on Earth'. Each chapter explores the fascinating, inspiring, and occasionally tragic lives of these supremely talented sprinters, as well as the intense drama of the record-breaking runs that wrote them into history. Immaculately researched and featuring exclusive interviews with several Olympic champions, including a new conversation with Usain Bolt, The Fastest Men on Earth brings the stories of some of the greatest athletes of all time to life like never before.

Gathering the Indigo Maidens

Gathering the Indigo Maidens
Title Gathering the Indigo Maidens PDF eBook
Author Cecilia Velastegui
Publisher Libros Publishing
Pages 329
Release 2011-09
Genre Fiction
ISBN 0983745811

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Modern-day human traffickers and art thieves extort a wealthy Laguna Beach, California, art collector, Paloma Zubiondo, by offering to release a young Ecuadorian sex slave in exchange for one of Paloma's treasured seventeenth-century Spanish Colonial paintings, purportedly a stolen painting of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. An epic tale of interwoven narratives that connects art theft and sex trafficking to the palpable triumphs and pathos of three historical indigo maidens: artist, Isabel Santiago from 1699 Ecuador; printing heiress, Maria de Rivera Calderon y Benavides from 1754 Mexico City; and social activist sentenced to San Quentin prison, Modesta Avila from 1889 San Juan Capistrano.

A Companion to Reality Television

A Companion to Reality Television
Title A Companion to Reality Television PDF eBook
Author Laurie Ouellette
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Pages 598
Release 2016-12-19
Genre Performing Arts
ISBN 1119325196

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International in scope and more comprehensive than existing collections, A Companion to Reality Television presents a complete guide to the study of reality, factual and nonfiction television entertainment, encompassing a wide range of formats and incorporating cutting-edge work in critical, social and political theory. Original in bringing cutting-edge work in critical, social and political theory into the conversation about reality TV Consolidates the latest, broadest range of scholarship on the politics of reality television and its vexed relationship to culture, society, identity, democracy, and “ordinary people” in the media Includes primetime reality entertainment as well as precursors such as daytime talk shows in the scope of discussion Contributions from a list of international, leading scholars in this field

The Message of You

The Message of You
Title The Message of You PDF eBook
Author Judy Carter
Publisher Macmillan
Pages 338
Release 2013-02-19
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 1250007100

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Motivational humorist Judy Carter believes ordinary people have the ability to find the extraordinary stories tucked away deep inside of them, stories that not only can make a difference in the lives of others but also can result in a money-making career for the storyteller. In her previous bestseller, The Comedy Bible, Judy taught everyday people how to turn their problems into punch lines. Now, she is helping professional speakers, techies, entrepreneurs, survivors, and even complete novices to transform their tragedies and triumphs into hilarious and motivational speeches that not only educate, inspire, and entertain but also pay the rent.--From publisher description.