Iola Leroy, Or Shadows Uplifted
Title Iola Leroy, Or Shadows Uplifted PDF eBook
Author Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
Publisher Oxford University Press, USA
Pages 334
Release 1988
Genre Fiction
ISBN 9780195052404

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An original work of fiction first published in 1893, this is one volume in a series of thirty, The Schomberg Library of Nineteenth-Century Black Women Writers.

Iola Leroy
Title Iola Leroy PDF eBook
Author Frances E.W. Harper
Publisher Oxford University Press
Pages 340
Release 1990-07-12
Genre Fiction
ISBN 9780195063240

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First published in 1892, Iola Leroy was probably the best-selling novel by an African-American writer prior to the twentieth century. Frances Harper had already gained an international reputation as a writer, lecturer, and political activist when Iola Leroy—her only novel—appeared, as evident by the sizable audience she enjoyed of men and women, black and white, in the U.S., Canada, and England. Her writings reveal her in-depth knowledge of African-American literature as well as of other literatures, and through this novel we can see the preferences and aesthetic assumptions of her nineteenth-century audience.

Teach the Nation
Title Teach the Nation PDF eBook
Author Anne-Elizabeth Murdy
Publisher Routledge
Pages 202
Release 2018-10-24
Genre Education
ISBN 1317849493

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Is knowledge power? In Teach the Nation , Anne-Elizabeth Murdy explores the history and contradictions in the notion that education and literacy are vital means for improving social and political status in the US. By closely examining the rapidly shifting social context of education, and the emerging literature by and for African-American women during the 1890s, Murdy proves that the histories of education and literature are deeply connected and argues that their current lives must be regarded as mutually dependent. Teach the Nation offers a new understanding of literacy and pedagogical study and identifies how literary history enhances current feminist and anti-racist teachings. By excavating notions about education in the 1890s-as turbulent a time for American public education as today-Murdy asks readers to step back from this historical moment to better understand the contexts and institutions within which we theorize learning and teaching. In doing so, she compels readers to reimagine the potential for gaining social power through education and literature.

Iola Leroy
Title Iola Leroy PDF eBook
Author Frances Harper
Publisher Beacon Press
Pages 0
Release 1999-12-10
Genre Fiction
ISBN 0807065196

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Iola Leroy was originally published in 1892, during a time of black disenfranchisement, lynching, and Jim Crow laws. It is the story of a "refined mulatto" raised to believe she's white until she and her mother are sold into slavery. Iola becomes an outspoken advocate for her people and a critic of race-mixing. Her story offers an important portrait of black life during the Civil War and Reconstruction.

Written by Herself
Title Written by Herself PDF eBook
Author Frances Smith Foster
Publisher Indiana University Press
Pages 224
Release 1993
Genre Literary Criticism
ISBN 9780253207869

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"...substantial contribution to African-American Studies and women's studies." --Mississippi Quarterly "A bravura performance by an accomplished scholar... it strikes a perfect balance between insightful literary analysis and historical investigation." --Eighteenth-Century Studies "... an impressive study of a wide range of writers.... Foster's work is both scholarly and accessible. Her prose is economical and direct, making this book enjoyable as well as instructive." --Belles Lettres "... an impressively wide-ranging discussion of texts and contexts... " --Signs "Foster has written a fine book that provides the reader with a context for understanding the importance of the written word for women who chose to 'set the record straight'." --Journal of American History "... fascinating, meticulously researched... Likely to prove seminal in the field... highly recommended... " --Library Journal " Written by Herself comprises a volume of remarkable female characters whose desires for social change often made them catalysts for spiritual awakening in their own times." --MultiCultural Review "... an outstanding piece of scholarship... Foster's book offers deeply intelligent, provocative, totally accessible analysis of a tradition and of writers still not sufficiently read and taught." --American Literature "Well written and thoroughly researched. Highly recommended... " --Choice The first comprehensive cultural history of literature by African American women prior to the 20th century. From the oral histories of Alice, a slave born in 1686, to the literary tradition that included Jarena Lee and Octavia Victoria Rogers Albert, this literature was argument, designed to correct or to instruct an audience often ignorant about or even hostile to black women.

Resistance Reimagined
Title Resistance Reimagined PDF eBook
Author Regis M. Fox
Publisher University Press of Florida
Pages 202
Release 2018-09-12
Genre Literary Criticism
ISBN 0813063663

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Resistance Reimagined highlights unconventional modes of black women's activism within a society that has spoken so much of freedom but has granted it so selectively. Looking closely at nineteenth- and twentieth-century writings by African American women that reimagine antebellum America, Regis Fox introduces types of black activism that differ from common associations with militancy and maleness. In doing so, she confronts expectations about what African American literature can and should be. Fox analyzes Harriet Wilson's Our Nig, Elizabeth Keckly's Behind the Scenes, Anna Julia Cooper's A Voice From the South, and Sherley Anne Williams's Dessa Rose. The thinkers highlighted by Fox have been dismissed as elitist, accommodationist, or complicit—yet Fox reveals that in reality, these women use their writing to protest antiblack violence, reject superficial reform, call for major sociopolitical change, and challenge the false promises of American democracy.

Discarded Legacy
Title Discarded Legacy PDF eBook
Author Melba Joyce Boyd
Publisher Wayne State University Press
Pages 268
Release 1994
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 9780814324899

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In this important study, poet Melba Joyce Boyd analyzes Harper not simply as a feminist and an activist, but as a writer.