Japanese by Spring
Title Japanese by Spring PDF eBook
Author Ishmael Reed
Publisher Penguin Books
Pages 244
Release 1996-08
Genre Fiction

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Benjamin "Chappie" Puttbutt, a black junior professor at the overwhelmingly white Jack London College, lusts after tenure and its glorious perks. When Puttbutt's mysterious Japanese tutor, who promises to teach him Japanese by spring, suddenly becomes the school's new president and appoints Puttbutt academic dean, the fun really begins as Puttbutt sets out to stir things up and settle old scores.

To the Spring Equinox and Beyond
Title To the Spring Equinox and Beyond PDF eBook
Author Natsume Soseki
Publisher Tuttle Publishing
Pages 336
Release 2012-02-14
Genre Literary Collections
ISBN 1462904874

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This classic Japanese story by Soseki Netsume—the foremost novelist of the Meiji Period—is a masterpiece of Japanese literature. This book demonstrates Soseki Natsume's ability to dissect and elucidate the human personality in all its complexity. Here, his facile blending of narrative, extended monologue and sharp dialog leaves the reader with an almost personal knowledge of the characters. We are introduced to Keitaro, a recent college graduate hunting for his first job; he is the hero through whose eyes the other characters are seen. There is also Morimoto, the young adventurer with his tall tales; Sunaga, a troubled young man whose moving story forms the center of the novel; Taguchi, Sunaga's fun–loving yet practical uncle; Matsumoto, another uncle–a high–class "idler," but wise in his own way; and Chiyoko, Sunaga's cousin and apparently the cause of much of his distress. Keitaro does not merely tell us the story of the others, however. Their lives are a part of his elucidation beyond that of the world of academia, and his knowing them enables him eventually to experience, however directly or indirectly, the romantic, the practical, the philosophical, and the existential.

Spring Snow
Title Spring Snow PDF eBook
Author Yukio Mishima
Publisher Random House
Pages 402
Release 2010-02-23
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1407054139

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Tokyo, 1912. The closed world of the ancient aristocracy is being breached for the first time by outsiders - rich provincial families, a new and powerful political and social elite. Kiyoaki has been raised among the elegant Ayakura family - members of the waning aristocracy - but he is not one of them. Coming of age, he is caught up in the tensions between old and new, and his feelings for the exquisite, spirited Satoko, observed from the sidelines by his devoted friend Honda. When Satoko is engaged to a royal prince, Kiyoaki realises the magnitude of his passion.

Spring Garden
Title Spring Garden PDF eBook
Author Tomoka Shibasaki
Publisher Pushkin Press
Pages 111
Release 2017-01-26
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1782272739

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Winner of the Akutagawa Prize, a sharp, photo-realistic novella of memory and thwarted hope 'He'd come to realise that it was a mistake to grind up his father's remains with such a thing. The mortar was lined with narrow grooves, a little too perfect for ashes to get stuck in.' Divorced and cut off from his family, Taro lives alone in one of the few occupied apartments in his block, a block that is to be torn down as soon as the remaining tenants leave. Since the death of his father, Taro keeps to himself, but is soon drawn into an unusual relationship with the woman upstairs, Nishi, as she passes on the strange tale of the sky-blue house next door. First discovered by Nishi in the little-known photo-book 'Spring Garden', the sky-blue house soon becomes a focus for both Nishi and Taro: of what is lost, of what has been destroyed, and of what hope may yet lie in the future for both of them, if only they can seize it. Tomoka Shibasaki was born in 1973 in Osaka and began writing fiction while still in high school. After graduating from university, she took an office job but continued writing, and was shortlisted for the Bungei Prize in 1998. Her first book, A Day on the Planet, was turned into a hit movie, and Spring Garden won the prestigious Akutagawa Prize in 2014.

Spring & Asura
Title Spring & Asura PDF eBook
Author 宮沢賢治
Pages 136
Release 1973
Genre Fiction

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Spring Snow
Title Spring Snow PDF eBook
Author Yukio Mishima
Publisher Vintage
Pages 424
Release 1990-04-14
Genre Fiction

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Kiyoaki Matsugae's passionate and ill-fated love for the betrothed daughter of a Tokyo aristocrat brings him into disfavor at the Imperial Court.

Energy Research Abstracts
Title Energy Research Abstracts PDF eBook
Pages 906
Release 1993
Genre Power resources

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Semiannual, with semiannual and annual indexes. References to all scientific and technical literature coming from DOE, its laboratories, energy centers, and contractors. Includes all works deriving from DOE, other related government-sponsored information, and foreign nonnuclear information. Arranged under 39 categories, e.g., Biomedical sciences, basic studies; Biomedical sciences, applied studies; Health and safety; and Fusion energy. Entry gives bibliographical information and abstract. Corporate, author, subject, report number indexes.