Lakota Woman

Lakota Woman
Title Lakota Woman PDF eBook
Author Mary Crow Dog
Publisher Open Road + Grove/Atlantic
Pages 202
Release 2014-11-18
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 080219155X

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The bestselling memoir of a Native American woman’s struggles and the life she found in activism: “courageous, impassioned, poetic and inspirational” (Publishers Weekly). Mary Brave Bird grew up on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota in a one-room cabin without running water or electricity. With her white father gone, she was left to endure “half-breed” status amid the violence, machismo, and aimless drinking of life on the reservation. Rebelling against all this—as well as a punishing Catholic missionary school—she became a teenage runaway. Mary was eighteen and pregnant when the rebellion at Wounded Knee happened in 1973. Inspired to take action, she joined the American Indian Movement to fight for the rights of her people. Later, she married Leonard Crow Dog, the AIM’s chief medicine man, who revived the sacred but outlawed Ghost Dance. Originally published in 1990, Lakota Woman was a national bestseller and winner of the American Book Award. It is a story of determination against all odds, of the cruelties perpetuated against American Indians, and of the Native American struggle for rights. Working with Richard Erdoes, one of the twentieth century’s leading writers on Native American affairs, Brave Bird recounts her difficult upbringing and the path of her fascinating life.

Ohitika Woman

Ohitika Woman
Title Ohitika Woman PDF eBook
Author Mary Brave Bird
Publisher Open Road + Grove/Atlantic
Pages 228
Release 2014-11-18
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 0802191568

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In this follow-up to her acclaimed memoir Lakota Woman, the bestselling author shares “a grim yet gripping account” of Native American life (The Boston Globe). In this stirring sequel to the now-classic Lakota Woman, Mary Brave Bird continues the chronicle of her life with the same grit, passion, and piercing insight. It is a tale of ancient glory and present anguish, of courage and despair, of magic and mystery, and, above all, of the survival of both body and mind. Having returned home from Wounded Knee in 1973 and gotten married to American Indian movement leader Leonard Crow Dog, Mary became a mother who had hope of a better life. But, as she says, “Trouble always finds me.” With brutal frankness she bares her innermost thoughts, recounting the dark as well as the bright moments in her tumultuous life. She talks about the stark truths of being a Native American living in a white-dominated society as well as her experience of being a mother, a woman, and, rarest of all, a Sioux feminist. Filled with contrasts, courage, and endurance, Ohitika Woman is a powerful testament to Mary’s will and spirit.

Madonna Swan

Madonna Swan
Title Madonna Swan PDF eBook
Author Mark St. Pierre
Publisher University of Oklahoma Press
Pages 236
Release 1994-06-30
Genre Social Science
ISBN 9780806126760

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Biography of Lakota woman, Madonna Swan. Her life on an Indian reservation and her struggle with tuberculosis.

The Real Rosebud

The Real Rosebud
Title The Real Rosebud PDF eBook
Author Marjorie Weinberg
Publisher U of Nebraska Press
Pages 148
Release 2004-01-01
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 9780803248083

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Her great-grandfather was a famed Lakota warrior, her father a buffalo hunter, and Rosebud Yellow Robe hosted a CBS radio show in New York City. From buffalo hunting to the hub of twentieth-century urban life, this book chronicles the momentous changes in the life of a prominent Plains Indian family over three generations. At the center of the story is Rosebud (1907?92), whose personal recollections, family memoirs, letters, and stories form the basis of this book. Rosebud?s father, Chauncey Yellow Robe, was the son of a Lakota chief and had a traditional childhood until he was sent to the Carlisle Indian School, where he became an advocate for Indian education and citizenship. He was instrumental in planning the 1927 ceremony that brought his daughter into national prominence?an induction of Calvin Coolidge into the Lakota tribe, capped by Rosebud placing a feathered war bonnet on the president?s head. Marjorie Weinberg follows the young woman from Rapid City, South Dakota, to New York City, where she became a noted lecturer and teller of Indian tales (and where her broadcasting career brought her name to the attention of Orson Welles, who may indeed have used her name for his famous sled in Citizen Kane). Reflecting a lifelong interest and a friendship that provided Weinberg access to family archives and a rich reservoir of family oral tradition, The Real Rosebud offers an intimate picture of a century and a half of a remarkable Lakota family.

Crow Dog

Crow Dog
Title Crow Dog PDF eBook
Author Leonard C. Dog
Publisher Harper Collins
Pages 278
Release 2012-03-13
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 0062200143

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"I am Crow Dog. I am the fourth of that name. Crow Dogs have played a big part in the history of our tribe and in the history of all the Indian nations of the Great Plains during the last two hundred years. We are still making history." Thus opens the extraordinary and epic account of a Native American clan. Here the authors, Leonard Crow Dog and Richard Erdoes (co-author of Lakota Woman) tell a story that spans four generations and sweeps across two centuries of reckless deeds and heroic lives, and of degradation and survival. The first Crow Dog, Jerome, a contemporary of Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, was a witness to the coming of white soldiers and settlers to the open Great Plains. His son, John Crow Dog, traveled with Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show. The third Crow Dog, Henry, helped introduce the peyote cult to the Sioux. And in the sixties and seventies, Crow Dog's principal narrator, Leonard Crow Dog, took up the family's political challenge through his involvement with the American Indian Movement (AIM). As a wichasha wakan, or medicine man, Leonard became AIM's spiritual leader and renewed the banned ghost dance. Staunchly traditional, Leonard offers a rare glimpse of Lakota spiritual practices, describing the sun dance and many other rituals that are still central to Sioux life and culture.

Arrow Over the Door

Arrow Over the Door
Title Arrow Over the Door PDF eBook
Author Joseph Bruchac
Publisher Penguin
Pages 114
Release 2002-07-08
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 0141305711

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For young Samuel Russell, the summer of 1777 is a time of fear. The British Army is approaching, and the Indians in the area seem ready to attack. To Stands Straight, a young Abenaki Indian scouting for King George, Americans are dangerous enemies who threaten his family and home. When Stands Straight's party enters the Quaker Meetinghouse where Samuel worships, the two boys share an encounter that neither will ever forget. Told in alternating viewpoints, The Arrow over the Door is based on a true story. Illustrated by James Watling. "Thoughtful and eminently readable." (School Library Journal)

Warrior Princesses Strike Back

Warrior Princesses Strike Back
Title Warrior Princesses Strike Back PDF eBook
Author Sarah Eagle Heart
Publisher Feminist Press at CUNY
Pages 274
Release 2023-01-17
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 1558612947

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"In Warrior Princesses Strike Back, Lakhota twin sisters Sarah Eagle Heart and Emma Eagle Heart-White recount growing up on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and overcoming odds throughout their personal and professional lives. Woven throughout are self-help strategies centering women of color, that combine marginalized histories, psychological research on trauma, perspectives on "decolonial therapy," and explorations on the possibility of healing intergenerational and personal trauma"--