Learning All The Time
Title Learning All The Time PDF eBook
Author John Holt
Publisher Da Capo Lifelong Books
Pages 200
Release 1989-01-21
Genre Psychology

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John Holt, in this his last book, clearly demonstrates how children begin to read, write, count, and investigate the world without being taught. Learning cannot be coerced, he maintains; indeed, it is "as natural as breathing." "A capstone to his ten books on education."--The New York Times Book Review. Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.

Changing Times In Teacher Education
Title Changing Times In Teacher Education PDF eBook
Author Marvin F. Wideen
Publisher Routledge
Pages 248
Release 2013-05-13
Genre Education
ISBN 1136363882

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Pressures for reform in teacher education have begun to take on the same sense of urgency as school reform. Those faculties of education who have been strong advocates for change in the schools now find themselves the subject of similar pressures from governmental policy makers. Attempts at change have taken place in many different countries and jurisdictions around the world.; This book details, through a series of international vignettes, how teachers are responding to the changing times and social contexts in which they do their work. The authors hold the view that changes are inevitable in teacher education but what is not clear is who will control the changes and whether the end result will actually improve the preparation of teachers. The theme of the book is that the reform of teacher education should be informed by intelligent debate and that any attempt to restructure teacher preparation should result from a careful reconceptualisation of it purposes and processes.

The Multiplicities of Internet Addiction
Title The Multiplicities of Internet Addiction PDF eBook
Author Dr Nicola F Johnson
Publisher Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
Pages 175
Release 2012-12-28
Genre Social Science
ISBN 1409491587

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Overuse of the internet is often characterized as problematic, disruptive, or addictive, with stories frequently claiming that online use interferes with relationships, or that 'excessive' time in front of computer screens is unhealthy. The Multiplicities of Internet Addiction contests the claim that computers – specifically Internet use – are addictive, arguing that use of the Internet is now a form of everyday leisure engaged in by many people in Western society. Offering an analysis of the nature of addiction alongside a detailed empirical study of home computer use, this book will be of interest not only to sociologists of culture and popular culture, but also to scholars of media, ICT and education.

Reflective Teaching in Early Education
Title Reflective Teaching in Early Education PDF eBook
Author Jennifer Colwell
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
Pages 505
Release 2021-01-14
Genre Education
ISBN 1350127612

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The book you can trust to guide you through your career in the early years, as the expert authors share tried and tested techniques in a range of early years settings. For this new edition, Jennifer Colwell and Amanda Ince have drawn together an expert author team to bring you guidance from top practitioners that is both cohesive and that continues to evolve to meet the needs of today's early years practitioners. It is designed for trainees whether in universities or early years settings and looks across the full early years spectrum, from birth to 8 years old. Reflective Teaching in Early Education uniquely provides two levels of support: - Practical, evidence-based guidance on key early years issues – including relationships, behaviour, inclusion, curriculum planning and learning, and teaching strategies - Evidence-informed 'principles' and 'concepts' to help you to understand the theories informing practice, offering ways for you to continue to develop your skills and understanding of early years practice in early childhood education and care New to this edition: - Case Studies which illustrate the impact Reflective Teaching can have on your practice and your setting - New Reflective Activities - Updated references and guidance on Key Readings - Updates to reflect recent changes in curriculum and assessment across the UK reflectiveteaching.co.uk provides a treasure trove of additional support. Readings for Reflective Teaching in Early Education, the supporting 'portable library' volume, is signposted throughout this book and provides convenient access to key texts.

Learning All the Time
Title Learning All the Time PDF eBook
Author John Caldwell Holt
Release 1991

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John Holt
Title John Holt PDF eBook
Author Roland Meighan
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
Pages 176
Release 2014-10-23
Genre Education
ISBN 1441127917

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John Holt, the American educator, was passionate about the need for alternatives to traditional institutional schooling, seeing schools as often hindering children from learning rather than helping them; he became an important proponent of homeschooling or 'unschooling', was a pioneer in youth rights theory and had a profound influence on school reform in particular and educational philosophy in general. Here, Roland Meighan challenges the often held notion that Holt's work was 'romantic' and impractical within the context of compulsory schooling. He brings together the work and thinking of John Holt into applicable theory for education students, enabling readers to appreciate the view that individuals outside the education system can influence and change what is happening within it.

Semiotic Theory of Learning
Title Semiotic Theory of Learning PDF eBook
Author Andrew Stables
Publisher Routledge
Pages 377
Release 2018-05-15
Genre Education
ISBN 1351725165

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Semiotic Theory of Learning asks what learning is and what brings it about, challenging the hegemony of psychological and sociological constructions of learning in order to develop a burgeoning literature in semiotics as an educational foundation. Drawing on theoretical research and its application in empirical studies, the book attempts to avoid the problematization of the distinction between theory and practice in semiotics. It covers topics such as signs, significance and semiosis; the ontology of learning; the limits of learning; ecosemiotics; ecology and sexuality. The book is written by five of the key figures in the semiotics field, each committed to the belief that living is a process of interaction through acts of signification with a signifying environment. While the authors are agreed on the value of semiotic frameworks, the book aims not to present an entirely coherent line in every respect, but rather to reflect ongoing scholarship and debates in the area. In light of this, the book offers a range of possible interpretations of major semiotic theorists, unsettling assumptions while offering a fresh, and still developing, series of perspectives on learning from academics grounded in semiotics. Semiotic Theory of Learning is a timely and valuable text that will be of great interest to academics, researchers and postgraduates working in the fields of educational studies, semiotics, psychology, philosophy, applied linguistics and media studies.