Mermaid: A Memoir of Resilience

Mermaid: A Memoir of Resilience
Title Mermaid: A Memoir of Resilience PDF eBook
Author Eileen Cronin
Publisher W. W. Norton & Company
Pages 352
Release 2014-01-20
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 0393089010

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A woman born without legs describes her life growing up as one of eleven children in a large Catholic family, wearing prosthetics, going to school, facing bullies, and searching for love and happiness.

The Story of Bug: A Memoir of Resilience

The Story of Bug: A Memoir of Resilience
Title The Story of Bug: A Memoir of Resilience PDF eBook
Author Jane Aylor Fretz
Pages 215
Release 2017-04-26
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 1483467228

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The Story of Bug is a rich, evocative memoir about growing up in southern West Virginia, where the author's dramatic, mercurial mother's violent outbursts keep her family on edge. As a young child, Bug longs for love from the one woman who means the most to her. She feels her aching heart is being kept on a leash, tied to the mother she never really knows. A plucky, imaginative and resilient little girl, Bug defends the weak, cares for the wounded, and faces down danger. As she watches her mother peel back layers of rage, the warring between her parents increases. Finding herself in the unique position of having to parent her parents. Bug learns to care for herself as she monitors the violence and her mother's downward spiral. Written after the deaths of her parents, this moving memoir reckons with the author's difficult past and is an act of both resurrection and reconciliation.

Wonder Drug

Wonder Drug
Title Wonder Drug PDF eBook
Author Jennifer Vanderbes
Publisher Random House
Pages 449
Release 2023-06-27
Genre Medical
ISBN 0525512276

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“A shocking saga of pharmaceutical malpractice . . . Wonder Drug is both a first-rate medical thriller and the searing account of a forgotten American tragedy.”—Patrick Radden Keefe, author of Empire of Pain A “fascinating and compassionate” (People) account of the most notorious drug of the twentieth century and the never-before-told story of its American survivors. In 1959, a Cincinnati pharmaceutical firm, the William S. Merrell Company, quietly began distributing samples of an exciting new wonder drug already popular around the world. Touted as a sedative without risks, thalidomide was handed out freely, under the guise of clinical trials, by doctors who believed approval by the Food and Drug Administration was imminent. But in 1960, when the application for thalidomide landed on the desk of FDA medical reviewer Frances Kelsey, she quickly grew suspicious. When she learned that the drug was causing severe birth abnormalities abroad, she and a team of dedicated doctors, parents, and journalists fought tirelessly to block its authorization in the United States and stop its sale around the world. Jennifer Vanderbes set out to write about this FDA success story only to discover a sinister truth that had been buried for decades: For more than five years, several American pharmaceutical firms had distributed unmarked thalidomide samples in shoddy clinical trials, reaching tens of thousands of unwitting patients, including hundreds of pregnant women. As Vanderbes examined government and corporate archives, probed court records, and interviewed hundreds of key players, she unearthed an even more stunning find: Scores of Americans had likely been harmed by the drug. Deceived by the pharmaceutical firms, betrayed by doctors, and ignored by the government, most of these Americans had spent their lives unaware that thalidomide had caused their birth defects. Now, for the first time, this shocking episode in American history is brought to light. Wonder Drug gives voice to the unrecognized victims of this epic scandal and exposes the deceptive practices of Big Pharma that continue to endanger lives today.

The Jungle Books

The Jungle Books
Title The Jungle Books PDF eBook
Author Rudyard Kipling
Publisher Ernst Klett Sprachen
Pages 112
Release 1995
ISBN 9783125452305

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A Sea of Eternal Woe

A Sea of Eternal Woe
Title A Sea of Eternal Woe PDF eBook
Author R. L. Davennor
Publisher Night Muse Press
Pages 468
Release 2022-08-30
Genre Fiction
ISBN 173513158X

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As Captain Wendy Maynard… I have everything I ever dared dream of. A ship all my own. Friends by my side. A purpose—and a home. I should have known it would all go to hell. The exhausting combination of storms and outrunning monsters have left The Jolly Serpent battered and broken, and my crew no longer trusts me to pick up the pieces. Just when it looks like Peter and I are about to be thrown overboard, the unlikeliest of saviors shows up… My father. I didn’t plan on seeing Captain Hook again so soon, but he needs me, and I need him. The sea witch Ursa is hiding far more than secrets, and if the rumors are to be believed? Her realm makes the horrors of Neverland look warm and fuzzy in comparison. Failure to retrieve what we’ve lost simply isn’t an option. If we do, it’s not our lives Ursa wants. It’s our very souls. A Sea of Eternal Woe is book two in the Curses of Never Series: dark fantasy retellings inspired by Peter Pan and The Little Mermaid. Perfect for fans of Pirates of the Caribbean and Lost Boy by Christina Henry, these LGBTQ+ friendly adult reimaginings are filled to the brim with monsters, magic, and pirates. This installment contains language, violence, sexual content, gender dysphoria, and instances of transphobia, including misgendering.

From Pitfalls To Purpose

From Pitfalls To Purpose
Title From Pitfalls To Purpose PDF eBook
Author Bridgette Lewis
Publisher Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Pages 145
Release 2019-04-11
Genre Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN 1644588072

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Empowering you to reach your dreams regardless of obstacles, Bridgette Lewis' life lessons focus on inspiration and courage. Lewis shares how to master setbacks and losses of all kinds and win at life. Using her own powerful experiences of overcoming adversity as examples, her journey will fill you with hope. Lewis' story is one of repeated hardships and trauma, but also of restoration and reinvention. Through all the ups and downs, Lewis followed her passion for words, writing and speaking which lead her to purpose. She's a powerful speaker, mentor and certified personal development coach teaching others how to move pass pain and live a life filled with purpose. She now stands Whole and Complete moving from Pitfalls to Purpose. She believes faith, her tenacious inner spirit and drive is proof that all things are possible if you just believe. Follow us on Twitter! Click Here! Follow us on Instagram! Click Here! Follow us on Linkedin! Click Here! Visit us at ! Click Here!

A Particular Woman

A Particular Woman
Title A Particular Woman PDF eBook
Author Ashley Dawson-Damer
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Pages 331
Release 2020-07-08
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 1920727655

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Embracing the excitement and turbulence of sixties Sydney, Ashley is set to make her mark amid uni classes filled with ambitious young males. She imagines her future with a successful career, husband, and a house full of children. But life is never quite that easy. In this compelling memoir, Ashley shares the incomparable heartache of multiple miscarriages, the challenges of single-motherhood, her surprise entry into modeling and the joy of a second chance at love. And when her world is unexpectedly torn apart, Ashley pushes through her grief to find solace in the arts. Laced with humour and moments of thoughtful reflection, A Particular Woman takes you from the back roads of Peron’s Argentina and the mystique of the Far East, to the old country home and garden Ashley painstakingly restores. From the glamour of modeling to the politics of the boardroom, Ashley touches the heart of what it truly means to be a particular woman of our times.