Mortal Error
Title Mortal Error PDF eBook
Author Bonar Menninger
Pages 400
Release 2021-03-25
ISBN 9780578884073

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In 1967, a Baltimore man named Howard Donahue began investigating the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Like countless Americans, Donahue was fascinated by the events in Dallas. But what separated him from other amateur sleuths-and even the Warren Commission's experts- was a lifetime's experience with guns and ballistics.In Mortal Error, Bonar Menninger chronicles Donahue's twenty-five-year investigation of President Kennedy's death, and the stunning revelation his work produced. In crisp, rapid-fire prose, Menninger relates one of the greatest true-life detective stories ever told. More importantly, he offers solutions to questions that have haunted America for more than 50 years.Complete with 15 forensic diagrams, photos and illustrations-including images from the crime scene and the president's autopsy-this thoroughly researched exposé delves deeply into every angle of the Kennedy assassina- tion. It examines the infamously controversial Warren Report, various the- ories surrounding the shooting, and previously undisclosed forensic and ballistic clues to build a case for the clearest, most plausible explanation yet about the events of that historic day in Dallas.

Mortal Error
Title Mortal Error PDF eBook
Author Bonar Menninger
Publisher St Martins Press
Pages 361
Release 1992
Genre Social Science
ISBN 9780312080747

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Examines the ballistic evidence from President Kennedy's assassination, argues that two weapons were involved, and identifies mistakes in the Warren Commission report

The John F. Kennedy Assassination
Title The John F. Kennedy Assassination PDF eBook
Author Sylvia Engdahl
Publisher Greenhaven Publishing LLC
Pages 208
Release 2010-10-29
Genre Young Adult Nonfiction
ISBN 0737758473

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This essential volume examines the historical events leading up to and following the J.F.K. assassination and controversies surrounding the event, including the validity of the official account of the shooting and the subsequent decline of faith in government. Includes personal narratives from people who experienced the event at home and abroad.

The JFK Cut-N-Paste Assassination
Title The JFK Cut-N-Paste Assassination PDF eBook
Author Denise Hazelwood
Pages 332
Release 2015-04-01
ISBN 9780692367599

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This work provides a critical analysis of various films and photographs of the Kennedy assassination. The author supports the Donahue theory of the explosive head shot (the "Mortal Error" accidental firing of the Secret Service AR-15), as well as an early first shot from the "sniper's nest." It explores the number of shots fired in Dealey Plaza, who fired them, when they were fired, and why the events were covered up. It offers an alternative and plausible "Lone Nut" scenario that utilizes "Conspiracy" evidence without reaching a "Conspiracy" conclusion (except aconspiracy to cover up), but describes and accounts for alteration of film and photographic evidence via composite imaging. This work gives a fresh perspective to the Kennedy assassination, one that is both logical and unique, describing Secret Service impotence, inaction and accident. As the author states, evidence is one thing; conclusions are another. WARNING: Contains autopsy photos and other images.

Assassination Science
Title Assassination Science PDF eBook
Author James H. Fetzer
Publisher Open Court Publishing
Pages 483
Release 1998
Genre History
ISBN 0812693663

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If you have ever been tempted to believe that President Kennedy was killed by a lone, demented gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald, then Assassination Science is the one book which will convince you, beyond any reasonable doubt, that there was indeed a conspiracy and a cover-up. Completely lacking the wild speculation that have marred some books on the shooting of JFK, Assassination Science sticks to the hard facts, interpreted by medical and scientific expertise.

Who Really Killed Kennedy?
Title Who Really Killed Kennedy? PDF eBook
Author Jerome Corsi
Publisher Post Hill Press
Pages 462
Release 2021-04-12
Genre Political Science
ISBN 1637580436

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Almost nothing gives rise to more national intrigue than the murder of an American president. And on November 22, 2013, the nation remembered the 50th anniversary of one of the most traumatic events in modern American history, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. From day one, the truth behind JFK’s assassination has been mired in controversy and dispute. The Warren Commission, established just seven days after Kennedy’s death, delved into the who, what, when, and where of the tragedy, and over the course of the following year compiled an 889-page report that arrived at the now widely contested conclusion: Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole assassin. In Who Really Killed Kennedy?, No. 1 New York Times best-selling author Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D., provides readers with the ultimate JFK assassination theory book.

Title "The President Has Been Shot!": The Assassination of John F. Kennedy PDF eBook
Author James L. Swanson
Publisher Scholastic Inc.
Pages 495
Release 2013-09-24
Genre Young Adult Nonfiction
ISBN 0545496543

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A breathtaking and dramatic account of the JFK assassination by the NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author of CHASING LINCOLN'S KILLER! In his new young-adult book on the Kennedy assassination, James Swanson will transport readers back to one of the most shocking, sad, and terrifying events in American history. As he did in his bestselling Scholastic YA book, CHASING LINCOLN'S KILLER, Swanson will deploy his signature "you are there" style -- a riveting, ticking-clock pace, with an unprecedented eye for dramatic details and impeccable historical accuracy -- to tell the story of the JFK assassination as it has never been told before.The book will be illustrated with archival photos, and will have diagrams, source notes, bibliography, places to visit, and an index.