Odd One Out
Title Odd One Out PDF eBook
Author Monica McInerney
Publisher Penguin
Pages 122
Release 2014-10-14
Genre Fiction
ISBN 0698197038

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From the international bestselling author of Hello from the Gillespies and The House of Memories comes the warm, funny story of a woman who defies her family’s expectations on a journey to redefine herself. For years, Sylvie Devereaux, the one member of her famous family of artists and designers who has no artistic talent at all, has been the “go to” person for their every practical need, and all of it has gone largely unappreciated. But her sister’s second wedding provides a moment of truth. During the reception, Great-Aunt Millicent publicly offers to hire Sylvie as her companion, so that they can be old maids together. Is that how people really think of her? Is that what she wants? Only her brother Sebastian seems to see Sylvie as a warm-hearted, talented woman who deserves a life of her own. With his encouragement, Sylvie begins to step out of her family’s shadow, but creating a future for herself isn’t as straightforward or predictable a process as she expects. And where she ends up surprises everyone, Sylvie most of all. Praise for Monica McInerney and her novels: “McInerney brings humor and insight into issues of sibling rivalry, family secrecy, and romantic betrayal.”—The Boston Globe “You’ll be laughing out loud one minute and crying the next.”—Cosmopolitan “Monica McInerney isn’t just one of my favorite writers from down under, but from anywhere.”—Sally Koslow, author of The Widow Waltz “[McInerney] brings Maeve Binchy readily to mind.”—The Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney, Australia) International bestselling writer Monica McInerney is the award-winning author of ten previous novels including Hello From the Gillespies and The House of Memories, one short-story collection, and numerous stories and articles. She grew up in Australia, one of seven children, and has split her time between Australia and Ireland for twenty years. Monica and her Irish husband currently live in Dublin, Ireland.

Odd One Out
Title Odd One Out PDF eBook
Author Jennifer Koretsky
Publisher Jennifer Koretsky
Pages 172
Release 2007
Genre Health & Fitness
ISBN 1427624976

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"Developed through her own personal experience as an adult with ADD and her years as a professional ADD coach, Jennifer has isolated the five essential skills for managing adult ADD"--Back cover

Odd One Out
Title Odd One Out PDF eBook
Author Nikhil Lodha
Publisher Notion Press
Pages 302
Release 2023-10-31
Genre Fiction

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Odd One Out is a collection of ten short stories that are focused on various themes. All the stories are written in different styles. Prayer deals with a doctor stranded in a remote village, desperate to save his newborn son. Unplugged explores the formative years of a troubled artist and his passion for music that sends him to the deepest abyss of the human mind. A Cage depicts a young woman who, in her desire for freedom, walks into a strange arrangement. The Backyard is about a young boy who loves his garden but struggles to maintain it. A Muse is a story about an erotica writer struggling with writer’s block. Encore is about an amoral young woman who meets an old man, and together they explore the reason for the existence of art and how it all crumbles down. Home revolves around a failed army personnel, trying to find the reason behind the death of his brother with whom he last spoke nine years ago. Almost Famous is about the coming together of two people through a twisted turn of fate. The Magic Shoes is about a dying kid who discovers a comic book where the lines between the past, present, and future are blurred. A Journey covers the train journey of a man who meets a strange and unlikely companion who changes his life.

Odd One Out
Title Odd One Out PDF eBook
Author Louise Park
Publisher Capstone
Pages 81
Release 2015
Genre Adventure stories
ISBN 147958276X

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When the space cadets investigate the pollution on Planet Plantagan, they'll get themselves into one big tangle.

Odd One Out US Ed (Readaloud)
Title Odd One Out US Ed (Readaloud) PDF eBook
Author Rosalind Hayhoe
Publisher Flying Start Books
Pages 20
Release 2021-04-30
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 1776853245

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When things belong together, they can be put into a group called a set. If something does not fit in the set, it is the ‘odd one out’. See if you can find the ‘odd one out’ on each page in this book. Which ones are different from the others?

Reading Planet - Odd One Out - Purple: Comet Street Kids
Title Reading Planet - Odd One Out - Purple: Comet Street Kids PDF eBook
Author Adam Guillain
Publisher Hachette UK
Pages 24
Release 2017-08-29
Genre Education
ISBN 147189696X

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Comet Street Kids reading books follow the adventures of Rav, Asha, Tess and Finn, four of the residents of Comet Street. There are 72 exciting stories in the series that children won't be able to put down. One of the rounders teams at school has one player too many, so Asha says she'll sit out and keep score. She doesn't mind this at first, but when she becomes 'the odd one out' several more times, she starts to get really fed up. What can she do to get herself noticed and back in a team? Reading age: 6-7 years

Mensa Family Quiz Book
Title Mensa Family Quiz Book PDF eBook
Author Robert Allen
Pages 258
Release 1996
Genre Games
ISBN 9781858681917

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Improve the whole family's general knowledge.