Oliver and Jumpy, Stories 37-42

Oliver and Jumpy, Stories 37-42
Title Oliver and Jumpy, Stories 37-42 PDF eBook
Author Werner Stejskal
Pages 68
Release 2015-12-07
ISBN 9781519487520

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"Oliver and Jumpy", are best of friends and experience many adventures together. (68 pages) Oliver is a black-and-white tomcat, who is very self-assured. As a matter of fact he says: "I love myself!" quite often. But his best friend Jumpy is aware that he is only putting up a front! Oliver has a soft heart and will always want to help others. Oliver loves to ride in Jumpy's pouch. He calls her his kangaroo taxi! There are lots of fairy tales and bedtime stories around and many of them are quite violent and unsuitable for young children. This made Werner decide to write something different. On a flight from Europe to Australia he watched the movie 'Magic on Belle Island' with Morgan Freeman, where Freeman teaches a little girl to have imagination and write to her first story. This inspired Werner as well and the first stories of the series made their appearance. This is the seventh book in the printed series, combining Stories 37-42. Story 37: Rescue in a Picture - What a way to travel! Check this out! Story 38: Wet Cat - Oliver has a wet accident. Story 39: Down River - Dangerous boating on a wild river! Story 40: Elephant Heaven - The elephants need Oliver's help. Story 41: Waking the princess - Oliver gets to kiss a princess. Story 42: Space Ball - An alien visits Sillandia. These stories are beautifully illustrated and short enough as bedtime stories. The text is NOT very simple picture book style, but more demanding. So, while little children will enjoy the sometimes complex pictures and have a parent telling them the stories in his own words, older children will do their own reading and use this book as a first reader. Therefore I believe these books will attract children from a very early age until about eight years old. Author Peter Frederick is writing about this series: Here are books created by Werner Stejskal, an author who has a wonderful sense of adaptability into the world of a child. Movements, sentiments, expressions and ideas are being visualised, that enthral and win over the little reader. Plus, his terminology is perfectly matched to the mood of each self-contained story. The author also displays amazing sensitivity and is able to transport even adults back into long-past childhood. All good virtues are being emphasized, like friendship, loyalty, determination and civility, giving the fascinated reader the right signals for spiritual development. The main characters, Oliver and Jumpy, are the masters of a variety of situations that draw the reader into the stories. But oRne of the main reasons for the success of these children's books is the artwork! The graphics, outstandingly created by the artist, have their hues and shapes completely adapted to the respective situation and so contribute to the emotional absorption of each picture. Text and message. sombre feelings and cheery situations are being created and masterly entertain the little readers. One can only recommend this series of children's books to all adults who wish to keep their little ones occupied in a positive, entertaining and learning environment.

Kids Beyond Limits

Kids Beyond Limits
Title Kids Beyond Limits PDF eBook
Author Anat Baniel
Publisher Penguin
Pages 288
Release 2012-03-27
Genre Family & Relationships
ISBN 0399537368

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Discover the revolutionary way to harness the brain's capacity to heal itself Supported by the latest brain research, The Anat Baniel Method uses simple, gentle movements and focus to help any child, who has been diagnosed with autism, Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy or other developmental disorders. In this supportive and hands-on book, Anat Baniel guides parents through the nine essentials of the method, each one designed to harness the brain's capacity to heal itself -- with remarkable and sometimes immediate results. By shifting the focus to connecting rather than "fixing," this powerful yet simple method helps both children and parents to de- stress, focus, and grow. Most of all, the it helps all children maximize their potential, no matter what their diagnosis.


Title Delaware PDF eBook
Author Justine Fontes
Publisher Gareth Stevens Publishing LLLP
Pages 52
Release 2003-01-02
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 9780836851489

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Presents the history, geography, people, politics and government, economy, social life and customs, state events and attractions, and notable people of Delaware.

Products from Olive Tree

Products from Olive Tree
Title Products from Olive Tree PDF eBook
Author Dimitrios Boskou
Publisher BoD – Books on Demand
Pages 346
Release 2016-10-26
Genre Gardening
ISBN 9535127241

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Olive tree products provide a number of documented presentations of the production and quality of the two most important olive tree products: virgin olive oil and table olives. It is a source that familiarizes readers with recent approaches and innovations that can be introduced in the virgin olive oil extraction and stabilization technology and the preparation of table olives with emphasis on the presence of bioactive constituents. It also describes advances in the methods of checking authenticity and in the evaluation of attributes that may influence consumers' perceptions and preferences. Other topics discussed are squalene, a trove of metabolic actions, pigments, geographical indication, biotechnology in table olive preparation, and recovery of hydroxytyrosol from olive-milling wastes.

Teaching Beginner ELLs Using Picture Books

Teaching Beginner ELLs Using Picture Books
Title Teaching Beginner ELLs Using Picture Books PDF eBook
Author Ana Lado
Publisher Corwin Press
Pages 225
Release 2012-09-12
Genre Education
ISBN 1452279594

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Picture your beginning ELLs reading their way to success! For beginning ELLs, a picture really is worth a thousand words! Picture books are useful tools for building important language and social foundations that students may miss through traditional instruction. Ana Lado provides all the tools you’ll need to engage ELLs of any age with picture books, including how to: Design lessons around picture books Select appropriate titles using specific criteria Incorporate fun and engaging strategies like singing and reenacting Access the book’s searchable online database to find the right book Integrate picture-book learning to facilitate development of English Language Proficiency

The Soundtracks of Woody Allen

The Soundtracks of Woody Allen
Title The Soundtracks of Woody Allen PDF eBook
Author Adam Harvey
Publisher McFarland
Pages 229
Release 2007-03-20
Genre Music
ISBN 0786429682

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This comprehensive guide covers all of the music used in Woody Allen's films from Take the Money and Run (1969) to Match Point (2005). Each film receives scene-by-scene analysis with a focus on how Allen utilized music.

Onward to the Olympics

Onward to the Olympics
Title Onward to the Olympics PDF eBook
Author Gerald P. Schaus
Publisher Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press
Pages 408
Release 2009-08-02
Genre Sports & Recreation
ISBN 1554587794

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The Olympic Games have had two lives—the first lasted for a millennium with celebrations every four years at Olympia to honour the god Zeus. The second has blossomed over the past century, from a simple start in Athens in 1896 to a dazzling return to Greece in 2004. Onward to the Olympics provides both an overview and an array of insights into aspects of the Games’ history. Leading North American archaeologists and historians of sport explore the origins of the Games, compare the ancient and the modern, discuss the organization and financing of such massive athletic festivals, and examine the participation ,or the troubling lack of it, by women. Onward to the Olympics bridges the historical divide between the ancient and the modern and concludes with a thought-provoking final essay that attempts to predict the future of the Olympics over the twenty-first century.