Coast: Our Island Story
Title Coast: Our Island Story PDF eBook
Author Nicholas Crane
Publisher Random House
Pages 340
Release 2010-10-31
Genre Art
ISBN 1409074552

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Along our shores, towering cliffs from the age of the dinosaurs rise beside wide estuaries teeming with wildlife, while Victorian ports share waterfronts with imposing fortifications. And the people who have lived, worked and played on this spectacular coast - from Stone Age fishermen to seafarers, chart-makers and surfers - have an incredible tale to tell. Coast: Our Island Story is an enthralling account, sparkling with geography, history, adventure and eccentric characters, told with Nick Crane's trademark charisma and wit.

Our Island Story
Title Our Island Story PDF eBook
Author H.E. Marshall
Publisher Hachette UK
Pages 496
Release 2008-12-22
Genre History
ISBN 0297857282

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Just over a century ago, Our Island Story entranced a nation's children by telling their history in stories. Short, simply written chapters, packed with living characters and thrilling action - and illustrated with vivid colour pictures - illuminate all the main events from Britain's earliest days to the end of Victoria's reign. And its glorious fusion of myth and legend with sober fact - Canute and King Arthur with Cromwell and the Indian Mutiny - is as seductive now as it ever was. 'I was given H.E. Marshall's Our Island Story at Christmas 1936 and I've still got that copy. It was a direct inspiration for me in my career as a historian' Antonia Fraser 'It is written in a way that really captured my imagination and which nurtured my interest in the history of our great nation' David Cameron 'One of the most influential works of history of the 20th century' Times Educational Supplement

Our Island Story
Title Our Island Story PDF eBook
Author H. E. Marshall
Publisher Civitas/Inst for the Study of
Pages 520
Release 2005-06
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 9781903386521

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Presents the history of Great Britain in chronological order from the Romans to the death of Queen Victoria, describing the monarchy, military history, and British politics.

Island Story
Title Island Story PDF eBook
Author Ralph Crane
Publisher Text Publishing
Pages 256
Release 2018-10-01
Genre History
ISBN 192562692X

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A handsome full-colour book pairing unique items from the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery with selections of original writing about the southern island. Indigenous dispossession, a cruel penal history, gay-rights battles; exceptional landscapes, unusual wildlife, environmental activism; colonial architecture, arts and crafts, a thriving creative scene—all are part of the story of Tasmania. And they find their expression in the unparalleled collection of Hobart’s TMAG. In Island Story, Ralph Crane and Danielle Wood select almost sixty representative TMAG objects: from shell necklaces to a convict cowl, colonial scrimshaw to a thylacine pincushion, contemporary photography to a film star’s travelling case. Each is matched to texts old and new, by writers as diverse as Anthony Trollope, Marie Bjelke-Petersen, Helene Chung, Jim Everett, Heather Rose and Ben Walter. This is the perfect gift for anyone interested in the island everyone is talking about. Ralph Crane is the author or editor of more than twenty academic books. He lives in Hobart and is Professor of English at the University of Tasmania. Danielle Wood is the author of The Alphabet of Light and Dark, Rosie Little’s Cautionary Tales for Girls, Mothers Grimm and two non-fiction books on Marjorie Bligh, and co-author of the Angelica Banks series. She lives in Hobart and teaches at the University of Tasmania. ‘While the twenty-four stories in this beautiful anthology range from colonial to contemporary times, they have a common theme—a pervading sense of the landscape.’ Age on Deep South ‘The collection is strong...The editors pull no punches.’ Sun-Herald on Deep South ‘Offers readers a glimpse into the imagery and symbolism that has come to shape how outsiders perceive the island.’ Australian on Deep South

Island Stories
Title Island Stories PDF eBook
Author David Reynolds
Publisher Hachette UK
Pages 235
Release 2020-03-24
Genre History
ISBN 1541646916

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This history of Britain set in a global context for our times offers a new perspective on how the rise and fall of an empire shaped modern European politics. When the British voted to leave the European Union in 2016, the country's future was thrown into doubt. So, too, was its past. The story of British history is no longer a triumphalist narrative of expanding global empire, nor one of ever-closer integration with Europe. What is it now? In Island Stories, historian David Reynolds offers a multi-faceted new account of the last millennium to make sense of Britain's turbulent present. With sharp analysis and vivid human detail, he examines how fears of decline have shaped national identity, probes Britain's changing relations with Europe, considers the creation and erosion of the "United Kingdom," and reassesses the rise and fall of the British Empire. Island Stories is essential reading for anyone interested in global history and politics in the era of Brexit.

Our Island Story
Title Our Island Story PDF eBook
Author Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall
Pages 188
Release 1914

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Decolonising the History Curriculum
Title Decolonising the History Curriculum PDF eBook
Author Marlon Lee Moncrieffe
Publisher Springer Nature
Pages 101
Release 2020-11-24
Genre Education
ISBN 303057945X

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This book calls for a reconceptualisation and decolonisation of the Key Stage 2 national history curriculum. The author applies a range of theories in his research with White-British primary school teachers to show how decolonising the history curriculum can generate new knowledge for all, in the face of imposed Eurocentric starting points for teaching and learning in history, and dominant white-cultural attitudes in primary school education. Through both narrative and biographical methodologies, the author presents how teaching and learning Black-British history in schools can be achieved, and centres his Black-British identity and minority-ethnic group experience alongside the immigrant Black-Jamaican perspective of his mother to support a framework of critical thinking of curriculum decolonisation. This book illustrates the potential of transformative thinking and action that can be employed as social justice for minority-ethnic group children who are marginalized in their educational development and learning by the dominant discourses of British history, national building and national identity.