Can You Outsmart an Economist?
Title Can You Outsmart an Economist? PDF eBook
Author Steven Landsburg
Publisher Mariner Books
Pages 307
Release 2018-09-25
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 1328489868

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From the acclaimed author of The Armchair Economist, a delightful, informative collection of puzzles and brain teasers for novices and experts alike.

Beating the Flu
Title Beating the Flu PDF eBook
Author J. E. Williams
Publisher Hampton Roads Publishing
Pages 149
Release 2006-07-05
Genre Health & Fitness
ISBN 1612832865

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“Strong medicine! . . . Dr. Williams offers real-world options in the realm of natural and food-based therapies.” —Ron Klatz, MD, DO, President of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, and author of Infection Protection Be Prepared to Beat the Flu! Every year, 36,000 Americans die of the flu and one million die worldwide. The possibility of a super flu pandemic is frightening. If no one has immunity, it could cover the globe in 250 days and conceivably infect twenty percent or more of the world’s population of 6.6 billion. The 1918 Spanish flu killed 675,000 Americans and at least fifty million worldwide. The death toll from the bird flu virus—with a 50% kill rate in adults and a frightening 89% in children—could reach an apocalyptic 360 million. Worse yet, without a vaccine (or adequate supplies), and without enough antiviral drugs, modern medicine doesn’t have a specific, effective, and safe treatment for the flu. This nightmare scenario may not happen, but if it does, it’s essential that individuals and families arm themselves with up-to-date information. Dr. J. E. Williams is an oriental and natural-medicine expert who has used herbs and vitamins to treat influenza and other viruses for more than two decades. In Beating the Flu, he begins not by telling you how to treat the flu bug, but how to avoid it altogether through a combination of good hygiene and super foods that offer the quick boosts your immune system needs to ward off the virus. Should you get sick, Dr. Williams also offers a “natural medicine cabinet” of vitamins, herbs, and minerals that work best against any kind of flu—along with the clinical evidence to back up the remedies.

The Doctors Book of Home Remedies
Title The Doctors Book of Home Remedies PDF eBook
Author Editors Of Prevention Magazine
Publisher Rodale Books
Pages 704
Release 2010-03-02
Genre Health & Fitness
ISBN 1605291609

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What do doctors do when they get sick? The editors of Prevention Magazine Health Books asked more than 500 of the nations top specialists to recommend their best doctor-tested and easy-to-follow remedies for 138 illnesses and maladies. This complete, practical guide contains the distilled experience of health professionals who offer more than 2300 accessible healing tips for the most common medical complaints. In this handy reference you will find curative techniques and symptom-relieving treatments for bladder infections, depression, emphysema, headaches, premenstrual syndrome, toothaches, and much more. Here are invaluable at-home solutions for annoying afflictions such as canker sores, dandruff, and snoring as well as methods for coping with more serious health problems such as high cholesterol, ulcers, and backaches. The Doctors Book Of Home Remedies is like having a doctor on call 24 hours a day. So treat yourself to this prescription for health and stay well.

Outsmart Diabetes 1-2-3
Title Outsmart Diabetes 1-2-3 PDF eBook
Author The Editors of Prevention
Publisher Rodale
Pages 354
Release 2009-07-21
Genre Health & Fitness
ISBN 1605298654

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Outlines accessible steps for reducing health risks associated with diabetes, drawing on extensive professional sources to outline a three-step program designed to help patients to balance blood-sugar levels while treating and preventing complications. Original.

Outsmart Diabetes
Title Outsmart Diabetes PDF eBook
Author Prevention Health Books
Publisher Rodale
Pages 216
Release 2003
Genre Diabetes
ISBN 9781579546618

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Outsmart Your Genes
Title Outsmart Your Genes PDF eBook
Author Brandon Colby MD
Publisher Penguin
Pages 327
Release 2010-04-06
Genre Health & Fitness
ISBN 1101186771

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Predictive medicine is the most exciting—and potentially groundbreaking—medical development in decades. Written by Brandon Colby, MD, a leader in the fields of predictive medicine and genetic testing, Outsmart Your Genes will empower you, the reader, with a clear understanding of exactly what predictive medicine entails and how it can be used today to protect your health as well as the health of those you love. Written in straightforward, nontechnical language, Outsmart Your Genes enables everyone, even those without any background in genetics or medicine, to understand the benefits of predictive medicine. Separating myth from fact and answering all the tough questions, Outsmart Your Genes clearly explains: How the revolutionary new medical specialty called predictive medicine analyzes your genes and provides you with clear solutions to protect your health and wellbeing. What the process will entail and how simple it is. For example, the process doesn’t even require blood or use needles – instead, all that’s needed in order to run the analysis is a small amount of your saliva. What your genes can reveal about your overall health and how we can use that information to provide you with a genetically tailored plan for preventing cancer, Alzheimer's, heart disease, obesity, and many other conditions. As opposed to just generalities, specific examples are given so that you’ll know exactly how medicine will improve your life. The many ways in-which learning about your genes can help you formulate a genetically tailored nutrition and athletic plan that may help you shed those extra pounds and stay trim and fit. How predictive medicine can help both prospective and current parents protect their children against SIDS and also help minimize the impact of and most effectively treat many other childhood diseases such as autism, asthma, dyslexia, obesity, and diabetes. Why analyzing your children’s genes may provide the best chance they have to fight against diseases that may not affect them until later in life, including Alzheimer’s, many forms of cancer (such as breast cancer and skin cancer), multiple sclerosis, and even hearing loss. How groundbreaking advancements in the fields of genetic analysis, including predictive medicine panels and disease matrix technology, allow you and your physician to avoid information overload and focus only on the information most relevant to you. The important concepts you need to understand before speaking with a doctor. The top five questions you need to ask in order to assess: The credibility of the laboratory doing the testing. The types of diseases included in the test. How thoroughly the test actually evaluates your risk for each of the diseases. Whether the information is provided in a way that makes it actionable. Whether the results will be delivered in a format that is straightforward and easy to understand.

The Energy Edge
Title The Energy Edge PDF eBook
Author Pamela M. Smith
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Pages 310
Release 2013-10-22
Genre Self-Help
ISBN 1621572242

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Tired even after a full night's rest? Gaining weight and having trouble losing it? Craving sweets? Is your mind fogging when forced to make quick decisions? All these symptoms can result from a lack of energy. In The Energy Edge, you'll discover how to combat the energy "vandalizers" that drain your energy supply, including lack of sleep, depression, junk food, anxiety, and unhealthy relationships. You'll also find meal plans and recipes along with practical tips for: Eating well when dining out. Beating the afternoon energy slump. Strengthening your immune system. Increasing your sex drive. Boosting memory and concentration. Losing weight without losing vitality. And much more with The Energy Edge, you'll go from exhausted to elated — and have energy that lasts as long as your days!