Outsmart the Common Cold
Title Outsmart the Common Cold PDF eBook
Author Steve A. Mueller
Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages 130
Release 2016-08-11
ISBN 9781537230948

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For more than 15 years, I wondered why some people apparently never have a common cold infection. Whenever yet another cold infection made me feel miserable, I couldn't help but feel great envy towards those who have been cold-free for years. Today, I am one of them. But contrary to those who have been naturally cold-free for the greater parts of their lives, I had to work hard for it. For years, I've struggled with the common cold, desperately seeking for ways to prevent it. It was a time of great challenges during which I felt as if I was fighting an enemy that could not be defeated. However, my determination to continue helped me to discover how people who are not naturally gifted with above average immunity levels can effectively prevent common cold infections. This is the story of my unusual but victorious quest to overcome the common cold against all odds. It is a story that will show you how you can make use of unusual but highly effective methods to prevent common cold infections. Even more so, numerous references to scientific studies substantiate the claims made in this book to help you investigate the subject matter on your own. Come join the exclusive club of those who are cold-free!

Beating the Flu
Title Beating the Flu PDF eBook
Author J. E. Williams
Publisher Hampton Roads Publishing
Pages 149
Release 2006-07-05
Genre Health & Fitness
ISBN 1612832865

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“Strong medicine! . . . Dr. Williams offers real-world options in the realm of natural and food-based therapies.” —Ron Klatz, MD, DO, President of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, and author of Infection Protection Be Prepared to Beat the Flu! Every year, 36,000 Americans die of the flu and one million die worldwide. The possibility of a super flu pandemic is frightening. If no one has immunity, it could cover the globe in 250 days and conceivably infect twenty percent or more of the world’s population of 6.6 billion. The 1918 Spanish flu killed 675,000 Americans and at least fifty million worldwide. The death toll from the bird flu virus—with a 50% kill rate in adults and a frightening 89% in children—could reach an apocalyptic 360 million. Worse yet, without a vaccine (or adequate supplies), and without enough antiviral drugs, modern medicine doesn’t have a specific, effective, and safe treatment for the flu. This nightmare scenario may not happen, but if it does, it’s essential that individuals and families arm themselves with up-to-date information. Dr. J. E. Williams is an oriental and natural-medicine expert who has used herbs and vitamins to treat influenza and other viruses for more than two decades. In Beating the Flu, he begins not by telling you how to treat the flu bug, but how to avoid it altogether through a combination of good hygiene and super foods that offer the quick boosts your immune system needs to ward off the virus. Should you get sick, Dr. Williams also offers a “natural medicine cabinet” of vitamins, herbs, and minerals that work best against any kind of flu—along with the clinical evidence to back up the remedies.

The Doctors Book of Home Remedies
Title The Doctors Book of Home Remedies PDF eBook
Author Editors of Prevention
Publisher Rodale
Pages 707
Release 2010-03-02
Genre Health & Fitness
ISBN 1605298662

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A revised edition of a classic health reference shares up-to-date advice on a variety of everyday ailments from allergies and colds to insomnia and jet lag, recommending corresponding home treatments for conditions that do not require hands-on professional care. Original.

Outsmart Diabetes
Title Outsmart Diabetes PDF eBook
Author Prevention Health Books
Publisher Rodale
Pages 216
Release 2003
Genre Diabetes
ISBN 9781579546618

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Influenza and Bird Flu
Title Influenza and Bird Flu PDF eBook
Author Claire Wilson
Publisher Enslow Publishing, LLC
Pages 96
Release 2014-07-01
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 1622930797

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Every year, between 4 and 20 percent of the world population catches some form of influenza. Influenza, or the flu, is an infection caused by a viruses, much like the common cold. But unlike the common cold, the flu--whether seasonal, avian, or swine, has killed millions around the world throughout recorded history. Advances in science are producing effective vaccines and medications to combat this disease, but the influenza virus continues to change. Learn what the flu is and what it is not, what different types of flu exist, how to avoid infection, and what to do if you get the flu. This book is developed from INVESTIGATING INFLUENZA AND BIRD FLU: REAL FACTS FOR REAL LIVES to allow republication of the original text into ebook, paperback, and trade editions.

The Common Cold
Title The Common Cold PDF eBook
Author Sir Christopher Howard Andrewes
Pages 208
Release 1965
Genre Cold (Disease)

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Don't Get Sick.
Title Don't Get Sick. PDF eBook
Author Editors Of Prevention Magazine
Publisher Rodale Books
Pages 163
Release 2010-02-02
Genre Health & Fitness
ISBN 1605291811

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The next best thing to a cure for the common cold: proven strategies to outsmart germs and help you stay disease-free. Coming down with the latest bug to make the rounds will never be on anyone's to-do list. After all, who has time to be laid up by, say, a cold or the flu? And now that the germs are getting bigger and badder, there's even more reason to try to stay healthy. Don't Get Sick makes the case for smart self-care as the key to stopping the spread of infectious illness. While germs may not be 100 percent avoidable, there's a lot that people can do to reduce their exposure and strengthen their natural defenses. Drawing on scientific research and expert interviews, Don't Get Sick reveals: • where germs are most likely to linger • how nurses, teachers, and others in high-risk professions manage to outsmart illness • which immune-boosting products really work—and which aren't worth the money Packed with real-world advice, along with a healthy dose of perspective on swine flu and other health risks, Don't Get Sick is a must-have resource for anyone concerned about their health.