Paying the Price
Title Paying the Price PDF eBook
Author Sara Goldrick-Rab
Publisher University of Chicago Press
Pages 382
Release 2016-09-01
Genre Education
ISBN 022640448X

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A “bracing and well-argued” study of America’s college debt crisis—“necessary reading for anyone concerned about the fate of American higher education” (Kirkus). College is far too expensive for many people today, and the confusing mix of federal, state, institutional, and private financial aid leaves countless students without the resources they need to pay for it. In Paying the Price, education scholar Sara Goldrick-Rab reveals the devastating effect of these shortfalls. Goldrick-Rab examines a study of 3,000 students who used the support of federal aid and Pell Grants to enroll in public colleges and universities in Wisconsin in 2008. Half the students in the study left college without a degree, while less than 20 percent finished within five years. The cause of their problems, time and again, was lack of money. Unable to afford tuition, books, and living expenses, they worked too many hours at outside jobs, dropped classes, took time off to save money, and even went without adequate food or housing. In many heartbreaking cases, they simply left school—not with a degree, but with crippling debt. Goldrick-Rab combines that data with devastating stories of six individual students, whose struggles make clear the human and financial costs of our convoluted financial aid policies. In the final section of the book, Goldrick-Rab offers a range of possible solutions, from technical improvements to the financial aid application process, to a bold, public sector–focused “first degree free” program. "Honestly one of the most exciting books I've read, because [Goldrick-Rab has] solutions. It's a manual that I'd recommend to anyone out there, if you're a parent, if you're a teacher, if you're a student."—Trevor Noah, The Daily Show

The Future of American Higher Education
Title The Future of American Higher Education PDF eBook
Author Joseph L. DeVitis
Publisher Taylor & Francis
Pages 181
Release 2023-07-03
Genre Education
ISBN 1000971260

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"This impressive anthology presents the reader with an introduction to a gallery of public intellectuals through the critical eyes of a wide array of contributing writers from various academic fields. Both the latter and the public intellectuals themselves are responding to the state of American higher education. Importantly, most of them (there are a few public intellectuals in the book who cling closer to the status quo) do not separate colleges and universities from the political, economic, and social currents of American society. They attack the realities of growing social inequality, the intractable presence of institutional racism, and the recurrent reliance on the free market as the arbiter of value. Public intellectuals assess the impact of these social factors on the organization and practices of contemporary American higher education. They force the reader to consider serious challenges to the current arrangement of higher learning and, as such, they ask us to assess the efficacy of their respective perspectives. Do they present the reader with insight or idealism, pathways or dead ends? This compendium provides an abundance of ideas for higher education leaders, policy makers, faculty members, trustees and governmental officials as well as social theorists and graduate students interested in higher education careers."—Richard Guarasci, President Emeritus of Wagner CollegeJust as our society is polarized, higher education is no less divided as to its mission and purpose, whether it should be preparing students for employment or for engagement as citizens, whether it should be corporatist and profit-driven or promote intellectual curiosity and independent thinking, and whether it should pursue a neoliberal agenda or promote a liberal education. Whose scholarship, culture and epistemologies should be validated? Should it be a private or a public good? Preserve tenure or erode it? What role should colleges and universities play in addressing economic inequality and systemic racism? The answers to these questions are critical for the future of our society as our universities and colleges are the nurseries of the values and philosophies that shape it.The chapters in this book review the contributions of seventeen public intellectuals who have been at the forefront of these issues and significantly contributed to these debates. Each describes the genesis of each scholar’s ideas and presents and critiques his or her core insights and arguments. The seventeen public intellectuals represent a spectrum of opinion, from the conservative to the progressive.At this pivotal moment when much of higher education is in economic crisis, and public trust in it has been eroded, this book offers a robust entry point for considering the options and directions ahead for anyone in a leadership position. The book will also be valuable for higher education courses to stimulate debate about these critical issues and introduce readers to the seminal thinkers in the field.Public Intellectuals PresentedStanley AronowitzMichael BérubéMarc BousquetPatricia Hill CollinsLori Patton DavisWilliam DeresiewiczStanley Fish Marybeth GasmanHenry GirouxSara Goldrick-RabbAmy GutmannRussell JacobyRandall KennedyDavid KirpDavid F. LabareeChristopher NewfieldMichael Roth

The Neoliberal Agenda and the Student Debt Crisis in U.S. Higher Education
Title The Neoliberal Agenda and the Student Debt Crisis in U.S. Higher Education PDF eBook
Author Nicholas D. Hartlep
Publisher Taylor & Francis
Pages 280
Release 2017-05-18
Genre Education
ISBN 1317272013

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Capturing the voices of Americans living with student debt in the United States, this collection critiques the neoliberal interest-driven, debt-based system of U.S. higher education and offers alternatives to neoliberal capitalism and the corporatized university. Grounded in an understanding of the historical and political economic context, this book offers auto-ethnographic experiences of living in debt, and analyzes alternatives to the current system. Chapter authors address real questions such as, Do collegians overestimate the economic value of going to college? and How does the monetary system that student loans are part of operate? Pinpointing how developments in the political economy are accountable for students’ university experiences, this book provides an authoritative contribution to research in the fields of educational foundations and higher education policy and finance.

Underserved Patrons in University Libraries
Title Underserved Patrons in University Libraries PDF eBook
Author Julia C. Skinner
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Pages 204
Release 2021-01-12
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines

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This practical and research-based volume focuses on how libraries can meet the needs of underserved patrons in college and university libraries, with an emphasis on those facing trauma, abuse, and discrimination. While university libraries strive to meet the needs of all students, some groups have traditionally been overlooked. This volume engages with those underserved populations on college campuses, with an emphasis on those facing trauma, abuse, and discrimination. It brings a variety of authorial voices to discuss different aspects of that service and to share current research related to underserved populations in libraries. This combination supports research in LIS and beyond while offering concrete ways for service providers to make a difference in the lives of their patrons. Editors Skinner and Gross have both conducted extensive research in ethically meeting patron needs. They and their contributors are keenly aware of the complex and interwoven considerations that inform such service, such as patron desire for confidentiality accompanied by an urgent need for assistance. This volume is committed to sharing diverse voices in the field and to exploring the interrelationship between theoretical findings and practical applications—all in the service of underserved patrons.

A Dream Defaulted
Title A Dream Defaulted PDF eBook
Author Jason N. Houle
Publisher Harvard Education Press
Pages 264
Release 2022-08-16
Genre Education
ISBN 1682537579

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A Dream Defaulted explores how the student loan crisis disproportionately affects Black borrowers and why rising student debt is both a cause and consequence of social inequality in the United States. Jason N. Houle and Fenaba R. Addo offer a deft analysis of the growing financial crisis in education, examining its sources and its impacts. Based on more than five years of ongoing qualitative and quantitative research, this incisive work illustrates how the student loan system has not benefited all students equally. The authors tell the story of how first-generation college students, low-income students, and students of color are disadvantaged in two opposing phases of the process: debt accumulation and debt repayment. They further demonstrate that policies intended to mitigate financial burden and prevent default have failed to assist the people who most need help. Houle and Addo present these social and racial disparities within a broader context, tracing how centuries of institutionalized racism have contributed to social and economic inequities, perpetuating the racial wealth gap and leading to intergenerational inequality. Through interviews with borrowers, they illuminate the ways in which racial disparities affect who has college access, how and why people take on debt, and who has the ability to repay student loan debt after leaving college. Recognizing that the affordability crisis cannot be solved by higher education reform alone, Houle and Addo consider solutions. They argue that policy must extend beyond debt reduction and financial aid to address entrenched patterns of racial inequality and racial discrimination, both inside and outside institutions of higher education.

Reinventing the Community College Business Model
Title Reinventing the Community College Business Model PDF eBook
Author Christopher Shults
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Pages 249
Release 2020-04-08
Genre Education
ISBN 1475850743

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Community colleges were established to provide an accessible, affordable education and have largely met this charge. Access without success, however, does not benefit the student and traditional planning, operational and financial management, and infinite enrollment growth strategies have not produced positive student outcomes. The Great Recession, disinvestment in higher education, and increasing costs and competition have further exacerbated the inability to deliver better results. Community colleges need an operational framework structured for student success. The community college needs a redesigned business model. This publication breaks new ground by introducing the community college business model (CCBM), an intentionally designed operational management approach that provides a comprehensive approach to understanding students and meeting student needs by providing an exceptional educational experience. Supported by a fiscal management that targets finances to support student learning and success, the model guides the reader through the growth, development, and leveraging of the resources (human, physical, and intellectual) necessary for delivering a successful educational journey. The CCBM is designed to restructure community colleges for delivery of a student value proposition built on learning and success. The philosophical underpinning of the book is that student success is the ultimate measure of organizational effectiveness.

Unsettling the University
Title Unsettling the University PDF eBook
Author Sharon Stein
Publisher JHU Press
Pages 336
Release 2022-12-06
Genre Education
ISBN 1421445042

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"In this trenchant work of critical studies, the author retells the celebrated stories of US higher education history against the grain in order to identify their colonial past"--