The Obama Question

The Obama Question
Title The Obama Question PDF eBook
Author Gary Dorrien
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Pages 256
Release 2012-02-16
Genre Political Science
ISBN 1442215399

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While attacks from the right on Barack Obama and his administration have been unrelenting, American Progressives have not shrunk away from harsh words for a presidents whose election they once pronounced an historic triumph. Gary Dorrien revisits Obama's road to the White House and devotes chapters to critical issues of his presidency, including the economic crisis, health care reform debate, war and foreign policy, banking regulation, and the budget deficit.

The Obama Question

The Obama Question
Title The Obama Question PDF eBook
Author Gary J. Dorrien
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield
Pages 245
Release 2012
Genre Political Science
ISBN 9781442215375

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This text offers a critique of Barack Obama's presidency and a powerful case that progressives should not give up on Obama. Obama has been a bitter disappointment in many ways, Dorrien contends, yet he also has historic achievements to his credit that are too often discounted.

Reviews of National Policies for Education Higher Education in Kazakhstan 2017

Reviews of National Policies for Education Higher Education in Kazakhstan 2017
Title Reviews of National Policies for Education Higher Education in Kazakhstan 2017 PDF eBook
Author OECD
Publisher OECD Publishing
Pages 288
Release 2017-03-15
ISBN 9264268537

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Higher education policy is the key to lifelong learning and this is particularly important as the ageing population is increasing in many countries. It is a major driver of economic competitiveness in an increasingly knowledge-driven global economy and it also brings social cohesion and ...

Global Events: Tipping Points

Global Events: Tipping Points
Title Global Events: Tipping Points PDF eBook
Author Dr. Philip Gordon, PhD
Pages 185
Release 2013-02-21
Genre Science
ISBN 148126186X

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Tipping Points as evidenced in global events are, in many ways, influenced by media. This just released, ground-breaking book GLOBAL EVENTS: TIPPING POINTS by Dr Philip Gordon, Ph.D, details three case studies which were selected on the basis of common Tipping Point Attributes. Each involved media contagiousness and stickiness during their development and each arrived at a "dramatic moment in time," which could be characterized by the phenomenon of Tipping Points. Recent GLOBAL EVENTS: TIPPING POINTS Case Studies: The 2008 Presidential Campaign of Barack Obama was chosen to examine a narrower scope and timeframe for the application of the analysis. The International Financial Crisis of 2007-2010, involves a broader data study period to identify trends and more complex issues. And the Climate Change study is included for consideration as the research and analysis revealed critical relationships between media impact and global events. As the issue of Climate Change is still evolving, Dr Gordon provides a Global Events: Tipping Point Theory methodology for analyzing and predicting our planets' most pressing global issue. Dr Philip Gordon, Ph.D was awarded his doctorate (with high honors) from the Centre d'Etudes Diplomatiques et Strategiques (CEDS) Paris, France and graduated with his masters while on a full fellowship from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland. He currently lives in Burgundy, France with his wife and two sons. Review Comments: "The genius of the formulation of GLOBAL EVENTS: TIPPING POINTS is that it takes explicit account of the role of social media and the internet at facilitating bifurcations and promoting dynamical instability. In effect, we have trimmed a few feet of tail off the kite. As a reader, I was informed and educated as to the factors which conspire to influence stability / instability in complex social systems. ...the book does a good job of making sense of past bifurcations and dynamical instabilities, namely political instability, our perception of global climate change, and international economic crises ... my compliments on a truly insightful Global Events: Tipping Points." - Prof. Dr. (med.) Peter S. Geissler, A.B., B.S., M.S., M.Phil., Ph.D. (Yale) M.A., M.Eng., M.S., Ph.D., M.S., M.D., M.Phil.(Cantab) "The application of the tipping point theory to media and global events, particularly, Global Events: Tipping Points...the financial crisis and climate change), is a fascinating one." - Dr. Serge Besanger, PhD Expert, International Monetary Fund ..".very interesting application (of the Tipping Point Theory)...potential opportunity for predicting other global events, i.e.: Egyptian crisis and perhaps, even terrorism activities." - Dr. Adam AJLANI, PhD Professor, Sciences Politic and Political Consultant, France TV1 ..".a mass undertaking (very motivated) of how (we) as a society can become aware of future global events, particularly Climate Change. Excellent!" - Dr. Derek EL ZEIN, PhD Professor, Avocat, Expert: Communications "A truly fascinating book that (teaches) a whole new way of thinking about major events and how the media can influence them. Being a political junkie I was heavily into the media coverage of the 2008 Obama election and the global financial meltdown both via TV and the blogosphere. I now find myself looking for the tipping points and stickiness factors as other key events unfold. Usually, I have trouble reading theoretical books but this one was an easy read and if you want supporting data then the references are there. This could become a solid reference for those in the media who truly want to understand what they are reporting. Highly recommended and I look forward to Dr. Gordon's ongoing analysis of (future) events." - Dr. Ralph Moorhouse, PhD Political junkie, Expert: natural polymers for industries

Before the Beginning and After the End

Before the Beginning and After the End
Title Before the Beginning and After the End PDF eBook
Author Floyd Ernest Bell Jr. PhD
Publisher WestBow Press
Pages 108
Release 2017-12-08
Genre Religion
ISBN 1973608170

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Before the Beginning and after the End: An Educational Journey to the Reality of God frames an enduring set of questions about Gods nature with the authors memoir of his undergraduate and graduate journey through studies in biology. By pairing his accounts of study and query, Floyd Ernest Bell Jr., PhD, presents a work that is both personal and universal. Despite the great deposit of wisdom that he encountered in numerous classes, the author continued to carry with him questions that reached out to touch the unknown. Readers of Before the Beginning and after the End may find themselves asking these same questions: Where does matter come from in the first place? Was there a beginning? If so, what happened the day before? How do finite minds comprehend infinity? All matter occupies space and has mass, but when an organism dies, no space or mass is lost. Thus life is not matter. So, what is life? Would it be defined as the spirit? What is the conscience? Did it emerge through evolution? Do nonhuman species have consciences? What is the DNA code for a conscience? Before the Beginning and after the End invites you to step out with the author and to share his educational journey leading to the reality of God. In the course of this exploration, you will find yourself confronted with the questions that push against the boundaries of knowledge and experience and lead to a life-changing encounter with the truth of God

Ethics in the University

Ethics in the University
Title Ethics in the University PDF eBook
Author James G. Speight
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Pages 320
Release 2016-08-26
Genre Philosophy
ISBN 1119346460

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It is the continuous reports of unethical behavior in the form of data manipulation, cheating, plagiarism, and other forms of unacceptable behavior that draw attention to the issues of misconduct. The causes of misconduct are manifold whether it is the need to advance in a chosen discipline or to compete successfully for and obtain research funding. Disappointingly, individuals who are oriented to any form of dishonesty are individuals who had previously displayed little or no consideration for the feelings of others and are therefore more interested in themselves, at the expense of the students, and others recognizing them by any means necessary. This ground-breaking and honest examination of ethics in the university setting is unabashed in its descriptions of misconduct in the academic world. The text is well furbished with numerous citations that point to academic misconduct and the final chapter deals with the means by which misconduct can be mitigated, a strong reminder to everyone in the academic community that above board conduct must be part of our overall message of learning and part of the whole point of education in the first place. A must-have for academics and non-academics alike, this text is the second in a series of books on ethics by James G. Speight, and it is useful to anyone, in any industry, who is interested in ethical behavior and how to navigate the sometimes murky depths of our professional lives.

A Scholarship of Doctoral Education

A Scholarship of Doctoral Education
Title A Scholarship of Doctoral Education PDF eBook
Author Petro du Preez
Pages 328
Release 2018-11-21
Genre Education
ISBN 192835792X

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This edited collection is cohesive by a focus on becoming: becoming a doctoral student, becoming a researcher, becoming an academic, and becoming a supervisor. This journey of becoming takes us from pre-enrolment in a doctoral programme, through the many phases of candidature and into the post-doctoral environment. Both advancing theory, and providing very practical examples, this book is of immense value to doctoral students and academics not only in South Africa ? for whom it should be a mandatory read ? but also for doctoral education researchers, doctoral students and supervisors worldwide, as the themes covered extend well beyond the borders of South Africa.