Poetic Knowledge

Poetic Knowledge
Title Poetic Knowledge PDF eBook
Author James S. Taylor
Publisher SUNY Press
Pages 224
Release 1998-01-01
Genre Education
ISBN 9780791435854

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Reveals the neglected mode of knowing and learning, from Socrates to the middle ages and beyond, that relies more on the integrated powers of sensory experience and intuition, rather than on modern narrow scientific models of education.

Education and Mind in the Knowledge Age

Education and Mind in the Knowledge Age
Title Education and Mind in the Knowledge Age PDF eBook
Author Carl Bereiter
Publisher Routledge
Pages 541
Release 2005-04-11
Genre Education
ISBN 1135644799

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In this book, Carl Bereiter--a distinguished and well-known cognitive, educational psychologist--presents what he calls "a new way of thinking about knowledge and the mind." He argues that in today's Knowledge Age, education's conceptual tools are inadequate to address the pressing educational challenges and opportunities of the times. Two things are required: first, to replace the mind-as-container metaphor with one that envisions a mind capable of sustaining knowledgeable, intelligent behavior without actually containing stored beliefs; second, to recognize a fundamental difference between knowledge building and learning--both of which are essential parts of education for the knowledge age. Connectionism in cognitive science addresses the first need; certain developments in post-positivist epistemology address the second. The author explores both the theoretical bases and the practical educational implications of this radical change in viewpoint. The book draws on current new ways of thinking about knowledge and mind, including information processing, cognitive psychology, situated cognition, constructivism, social constructivism, and connectionism, but does not adhere strictly to any "camp." Above all, the author is concerned with developing a way of thinking about the mind that can usher education into the knowledge age. This book is intended as a starting point.

Collaborative Learning

Collaborative Learning
Title Collaborative Learning PDF eBook
Author Kenneth A. Bruffee
Pages 352
Release 1999-01-13
Genre Education

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Advocates a far-reaching change in the relations between college and university professors and their students, between the learned and the learning.

Foucault's Challenge

Foucault's Challenge
Title Foucault's Challenge PDF eBook
Author Thomas S. Popkewitz
Publisher Teachers College Press
Pages 642
Release 1997
Genre Education
ISBN 0807776467

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The intellectual work of Michel Foucault has been an increasingly central component of social science in recent years. This is the first book to directly address the implication of Foucault's work for the field of education. This text, originally published in 1997, not only provides a critical examination of the significance of Foucauldian thought for education, but also discusses how Foucault’s theories are arrayed in the everyday life of schools.

Deep Knowledge

Deep Knowledge
Title Deep Knowledge PDF eBook
Author Douglas B. Larkin
Publisher Teachers College Press
Pages 177
Release 2015-04-25
Genre Education
ISBN 0807771929

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Deep Knowledge is a book about how peoples ideas change as they learn to teach. Using the experiences of six middle and high school student teachers as they learn to teach science in diverse classrooms, Larkin explores how their work changes the way they think about students, society, schools, and science itself. Through engaging case stories, Deep Knowledge challenges some commonly held assumptions about learning to teach and tackles problems inherent in many teacher education programs. This book digs deep into the details of teacher learning in a way seldom attempted in teacher education textbooks.

Gratitude in Education

Gratitude in Education
Title Gratitude in Education PDF eBook
Author Kerry Howells
Publisher Springer Science & Business Media
Pages 174
Release 2012-07-30
Genre Education
ISBN 946091814X

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Teachers at all levels of education will find this book practical and inspiring as they read how other educators have engaged with challenges that reveal different dimensions of gratitude, and how some have discovered its relevance in gaining greater resilience, improved relationships and increased student engagement. In the first comprehensive text ever written that is solely dedicated to the specific relevance of gratitude to the teaching and learning process, Dr Howells pioneers an approach that accounts for both dilemmas and possibilities of gratitude in the midst of teachers’ busy and stressful lives. She takes a contemporary and philosophical view of the notion of gratitude and goes beyond its conceptualisation simply from a religious or positive psychology framework. Exploring real situations with teachers, school leaders, students, parents, academics and pre-service teachers - Gratitude In Education: A Radical View examines many of the complexities encountered when gratitude is applied in a variety of secular educational environments.

Education in the Creative Economy

Education in the Creative Economy
Title Education in the Creative Economy PDF eBook
Author Daniel Araya
Publisher Peter Lang
Pages 716
Release 2010
Genre Education
ISBN 9781433107443

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Education in the Creative Economy explores the need for new forms of learning and education that are most conducive to supporting student development in a creative society. Just as the assembly line shifted the key factor of production from labor to capital, digital networks are now shifting the key factor of production from capital to innovation. Beyond conventional discussions on the knowledge economy, many scholars now suggest that digital technologies are fomenting a shift in advanced economies from mass production to cultural innovation. This edited volume, which includes contributions from renowned scholars like Richard Florida, Charles Landry, and John Howkins, is a key resource for policymakers, researchers, teachers and journalists to assist them to better understand the contours of the creative economy and consider effective strategies for linking education to creative practice. In addition to arguments for investing in the knowledge economy through STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and math), this collection explores the growing importance of art, design and digital media as vehicles for creativity and innovation.