Practice Perfect
Title Practice Perfect PDF eBook
Author Doug Lemov
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Pages 288
Release 2018-01-24
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 1119422337

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Rules for developing talent with disciplined, deliberate, intelligent practice We live in a competition loving culture. We love the performance, the big win, the ticking seconds of the clock as the game comes down to the wire. We watch games and cheer, sometimes to the point of obsession, but if we really wanted to see greatness—wanted to cheer for it, see it happen, understand what made it happen—we'd spend our time watching, obsessing on, and maybe even cheering the practices instead. This book puts practice on the front burner of all who seek to instill talent and achievement in others as well as in themselves. This is a journey to understand that practice, not games, makes champions. In this book, the authors engage the dream of better, both in fields and endeavors where participants know they should practice and also in those where many do not yet recognize the transformative power of practice. And it’s not just whether you practice. How you practice may be a true competitive advantage. Deliberately engineered and designed practice can revolutionize our most important endeavors. The clear set of rules presented in Practice Perfect will make us better in virtually every performance of life. The “how-to” rules of practice cover such topics as rethinking practice, modeling excellent practice, using feedback, creating a culture of practice, making new skills stick, and hiring for practice. Discover new ways to think about practice. Learn how to design successful practice. Apply practice across a wide range of realms, both personal and professional The authors include specific activities to jump-start practice Doug Lemov is the best-selling author of Teach Like a Champion A hands-on resource to practice, the rules within will help to create positive outliers and world-changing reservoirs of talent.

The Edu-Book Club: Making CPD Resources Work in the Classroom
Title The Edu-Book Club: Making CPD Resources Work in the Classroom PDF eBook
Author Dave Tushingham
Publisher Taylor & Francis
Pages 314
Release 2023-12-20
Genre Education
ISBN 1003824900

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Educational books can help teachers engage in quality CPD (Continuing/Continuous Professional Development), but how do we find the time to read the latest literature? And if we have the time, how do we know what to choose or what we should do with what we read? Born from a real-life book club, The Edu-Book Club helps teachers and school leaders to navigate the wealth of evidence-based CPD by bringing together key publications on teaching, assessment, and curriculum. It shows how the ideas and research presented in these publications can be translated into everyday classroom practice, to help teachers and school leaders develop and inform these practices for their own professional and classroom development. Drawing on a diverse range of books and including practical advice on how to set up and run a book club, each book club session covers: The rationale for choosing that title An interview with the author with accompanying visual notes A summary of the key ideas Key takeaways and implications for classroom practice With an accompanying website featuring the video interviews and additional resources, accessible at, this will be a valuable resource for teachers and school leaders at all stages of their careers.

From Practice to Competition
Title From Practice to Competition PDF eBook
Author Gibson Darden
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield
Pages 261
Release 2023-02-27
Genre Education
ISBN 1538166283

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Practice may be the most important predictive factor of athlete success in a sport. Designing and conducting effective practice sessions is therefore an essential element of all coach development efforts, and this book is a practical guide to help coaches make the most of training in order to yield greater transfer to the game for their athletes.

Responsive Coaching: Evidence-informed instructional coaching that works for every teacher in your school
Title Responsive Coaching: Evidence-informed instructional coaching that works for every teacher in your school PDF eBook
Author Josh Goodrich
Publisher Hachette UK
Pages 236
Release 2024-03-22
Genre Education
ISBN 1036006662

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Great teachers can make a huge difference to students' lives, but helping them to improve throughout their careers is vital. How can we best do this? Multiple studies suggest that instructional coaching - a school-centred approach to developing teachers - is one of the best options we have. However, to make the most of instructional coaching, we must be clear about what it means. In Responsive Coaching, Josh Goodrich examines contrasting models, combining research and practical experience to build an approach that adapts to meet the needs of individual teachers. This enables coaches to flex their style depending on where a teacher is on their journey towards expertise. Josh distils his approach into five areas, unpacking essential research and providing concrete examples of great coaching in action to provide a toolkit of practical responsive coaching strategies that support teachers to make continuous improvements. Combining robust research evidence from a wide range of fields with the practical wisdom of experienced teachers, leaders and coaches, the book is a toolkit for building an instructional coaching approach that works, for every teacher.

Reading Reconsidered
Title Reading Reconsidered PDF eBook
Author Doug Lemov
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Pages 453
Release 2016-02-29
Genre Education
ISBN 1119104246

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TEACH YOUR STUDENTS TO READ WITH PRECISION AND INSIGHT The world we are preparing our students to succeed in is one bound together by words and phrases. Our students learn their literature, history, math, science, or art via a firm foundation of strong reading skills. When we teach students to read with precision, rigor, and insight, we are truly handing over the key to the kingdom. Of all the subjects we teach reading is first among equals. Grounded in advice from effective classrooms nationwide, enhanced with more than 40 video clips, Reading Reconsidered takes you into the trenches with actionable guidance from real-life educators and instructional champions. The authors address the anxiety-inducing world of Common Core State Standards, distilling from those standards four key ideas that help hone teaching practices both generally and in preparation for assessments. This 'Core of the Core' comprises the first half of the book and instructs educators on how to teach students to: read harder texts, 'closely read' texts rigorously and intentionally, read nonfiction more effectively, and write more effectively in direct response to texts. The second half of Reading Reconsidered reinforces these principles, coupling them with the 'fundamentals' of reading instruction—a host of techniques and subject specific tools to reconsider how teachers approach such essential topics as vocabulary, interactive reading, and student autonomy. Reading Reconsidered breaks an overly broad issue into clear, easy-to-implement approaches. Filled with practical tools, including: 44 video clips of exemplar teachers demonstrating the techniques and principles in their classrooms (note: for online access of this content, please visit Recommended book lists Downloadable tips and templates on key topics like reading nonfiction, vocabulary instruction, and literary terms and definitions. Reading Reconsidered provides the framework necessary for teachers to ensure that students forge futures as lifelong readers.

Coaching for Equity
Title Coaching for Equity PDF eBook
Author Elena Aguilar
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Pages 416
Release 2020-07-09
Genre Education
ISBN 111959233X

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Your Guide to Creating Equitable Schools If we hope to interrupt educational inequities and create schools in which every child thrives, we must open our hearts to purposeful conversation and hone our skills to make those conversations effective. With characteristic honesty and wisdom, Elena Aguilar inspires us to commit to transforming our classrooms, lays bare the hidden obstacles to equity, and helps us see how to overcome these obstacles, one conversation at a time. Coaching for Equity is packed with the resources necessary to implement Transformational Coaching in any organization. In addition to an updated coaching framework and corresponding rubrics, a comprehensive set of coaching tools puts success in every coach’s hands. Extensive personal narratives demonstrate what coaching for equity looks like and help us see how we can make every conversation count towards building a more just and equitable world. Coaching for Equity covers critical topics in the larger conversation about racial equity, and helps readers develop the knowledge, dispositions and skills to be able to: Talk productively about race, Build trust to support vulnerability, Unpack mental models and change someone’s mind, Observe classrooms and collect data to support equitable outcomes, Inspire others and deepen commitment, Evaluate and celebrate growth. Perfect for teachers, teacher leaders, coaches and administrators, Coaching for Equity offers extensive strategies for talking about race, power, and systems of oppression. In framing the rationale for transformational conversations, Coaching for Equity gives us the context we need to enter into this work. In laying out the strategies, tools and models for critical conversations, it gives us the way forward. Comprehensive, concrete, and deeply human, Coaching for Equity is the guide for those who choose to accept responsibility for interrupting inequities in schools. It is for all educators who know there is a better way.

Improving Maths and English in Further Education: A Practical Guide
Title Improving Maths and English in Further Education: A Practical Guide PDF eBook
Author Jonathan Kay
Publisher McGraw-Hill Education (UK)
Pages 218
Release 2021-06-04
Genre Education
ISBN 0335250386

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Improving Maths and English in Further Education provides a strategic, practical and easily applied toolkit for teachers and leaders as they work with students to gain core skills. The book highlights the unique challenges that are faced within the sector and the value of embedding college-wide literacy and numeracy for success, providing a range of strategies to resolve challenges. Structured to make sure that there is always an alternative approach, method or suggestion, the book allows the reader to choose the steps that suit their context best. Each chapter looks at the key priorities: •Identifies a range of potential solutions to a challenge faced in FE •Acknowledges potential implementation pitfalls and remedies •Suggests practical takeaways, key considerations and next steps Teachers and staff within further and Post-16 education will find this an essential resource for supporting students studying maths and English. "Teachers and leaders from curriculum areas across the sector will find scenarios and anecdotes that resonate in this book; timetabling, accountability, motivation… a must read." Catherine Sezen, Senior Policy Manager – FE "This is an interesting and engaging read from Jonny, who has produced a book that brings together contemporary educational literature, with a personal and honest take on leading and teaching English and Maths in FE." Steven Wallis, Executive Director Quality, NCG "This book caters for the many different voices, people and characters in FE - it does exactly what it says on the tin... It will give you all the tools for a great job with an evidence base to boot." Julia Smith, @tessmaths Jonathan Kay has managed and led English and maths departments in Further Education since 2017, as well as working as consultant for the Association of Colleges and Lead English Expert and examiner for a leading exam board. Jonathan has also previously worked as an English teacher, 2nd in Department and Head of English in a range of Secondary schools.