Quiet at School

Quiet at School
Title Quiet at School PDF eBook
Author Robert J. Coplan
Publisher Teachers College Press
Pages 145
Release 2016-04-08
Genre Education
ISBN 0807757691

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Compared to their more sociable counterparts, shy children are at greater risk for a variety of difficulties in elementary school, including internalizing problems, difficulties with peer relationships, and poorer academic performance. Written by a developmental and an educational psychologist with decades of experience between them, this book demystifies the latest research on shyness. It offers a comprehensive and accessible guide to everything teachers should know about shy children. Topics covered include how shyness develops in childhood, the unique challenges faced by shy children at school, and general strategies and specific techniques for improving shy children's social, emotional, and academic functioning at school. Despite and increase in research on shyness, shy children are still not well understood by teachers and other school personnel. Quiet at Schooloffers research-based practices for creating safe and inclusive learning environments that will help shy students thrive.

Teacher Education in the 21st Century

Teacher Education in the 21st Century
Title Teacher Education in the 21st Century PDF eBook
Author Maria Jose Hernández-Serrano
Publisher BoD – Books on Demand
Pages 379
Release 2021-06-16
Genre Education
ISBN 1839687924

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In the face of unprecedented disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic and the rapid acceleration of digital technologies, it is necessary to rethink the competences required by teachers for meeting new and flexible learning demands. Teacher training is an area constantly evolving along with emerging social challenges that are transforming educational institutions and agents. This book provides teachers with skills, innovative solutions, cutting-edge studies, and methodologies to meet education and training system demands. In our changing world, preparing teachers worldwide for the challenges and shifts of this era involves the opportunity to exchange theories, practices, and experiences such as those contained in this book.

Behavioral Inhibition

Behavioral Inhibition
Title Behavioral Inhibition PDF eBook
Author Koraly Pérez-Edgar
Publisher Springer
Pages 380
Release 2018-09-22
Genre Psychology
ISBN 3319980777

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This book examines three decades of research on behavioral inhibition (BI), addressing its underlying biological, psychological, and social markers of development and functioning. It offers a theory-to-practice overview of behavioral inhibition and explores its cognitive component as well as its relationship to shyness, anxiety, and social withdrawal. The volume traces the emergence of BI during infancy through its occurrences across childhood. In addition, the book details the biological basis of BI and explores ways in which it is amenable to environmental modeling. Its chapters explore the neural systems underlying developmental milestones, address lingering questions (e.g., limitations of studying BI in laboratory settings and debatable benefits of self-regulatory processes), and provide recommendations for future research. Key areas of coverage include: Animal models of behavioral inhibition. Social functioning and peer relationships in BI. Attention mechanisms in behavioral inhibition. BI and associative learning of fear. Behavioral inhibition and prevention of internalizing distress in early childhood. The relations between BI, cognitive control, and anxiety. Behavioral Inhibition is a must-have resource for researchers, clinicians, scientist-practitioners, and graduate students across such fields as developmental psychology, psychiatry, social work, cognitive and affective developmental neuroscience, child and school psychology, educational psychology, and pediatrics.

Using What Works

Using What Works
Title Using What Works PDF eBook
Author Sandee Graham McClowry
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield
Pages 120
Release 2016-07-27
Genre Education
ISBN 1475809476

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Many teachers-in-training and their more experienced colleagues find classroom management challenging. Using what works: Elementary School Classroom Management invites elementary school to look beyond untested teacher strategies. Instead this book presents an evidence-based approach. Equipped with a greater knowledge of scientifically informed classroom management, teachers will learn how and why some things work, while others do not. The most current knowledge on classroom management is presented in this book in six comprehensive, yet, easily assessable chapters. Numerous evidence-based strategies for supporting classroom management are offered. In addition, interventions that have proven to work are described. Each chapter concludes with recommended readings, course assignments, and suggestions for in-depth discussions.

Contemporary Perspectives on Research in Motivation in Early Childhood Education

Contemporary Perspectives on Research in Motivation in Early Childhood Education
Title Contemporary Perspectives on Research in Motivation in Early Childhood Education PDF eBook
Author Olivia Saracho
Publisher IAP
Pages 275
Release 2019-03-01
Genre Psychology
ISBN 1641134917

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Researchers from different disciplines (e.g., physiological, psychological, philosophical) have investigated motivation using multiple approaches. For example, in physiology (the scientific study of the normal function in living systems such as biology), researchers may use “electrical and chemical stimulation of the brain, the recording of electrical brain-wave activity with the electroencephalograph, and lesion techniques, where a portion of the brain (usually of a laboratory animal) is destroyed and subsequent changes in motivation are noted” (Petri & Cofer, 2017). Physiological studies mainly conducted with animals, other than humans, have revealed the significance of particular brain structures in the control of fundamental motives such as hunger, thirst, sex, aggression, and fear. In psychology, researchers may study the individuals’ behaviors to understand their actions. In sociology, researchers may examine how individuals’ interactions influence their behavior. For instance, in the classroom students and teachers behave in expected ways, which may differ when they are outside the classroom. Saracho (2003) examined the students’ academic achievement when they matched or mismatched their teachers’ way of thinking. She identified both the teachers and students individual differences and defined consistencies in their cognitive processes. In philosophy, researchers can study the individuals’ theoretical position such as supporting Maslow’s (1943) concept that motivation can create behaviors that augments motivation in the future. Abraham H. Maslow’s theory of self-actualization supports this theoretical position (Petri & Cofer, 2017). These areas and others are represented in this volume. This volume is devoted to understanding mutual and contemporary themes in the individuals’ motivation and its relationship to cognition. The current literature covers several methods to the multifaceted relationships between motivational and cognitive processes. Comprehensive reviews of the literature focus on prominent cognitive perspectives on motivation with young children, which includes ages from birth to eight years of age. The chapters in this special volume review and critically analyze the literature on several aspects of the relationships between motivational and cognitive processes and demonstrates the breadth and theoretical effectiveness of this domain. This brief introduction acknowledges the valuable contributions of these chapters to the study of human motivation. This volume can be a valuable tool to researchers who are conducting studies in the motivation field. It focuses on important contemporary issues on motivation in early childhood education (ages 0 to 8) to provide the information necessary to make judgments about these issues. It also motivates and guides researchers to explore gaps in the motivation literature.

Teach Like a Disciple

Teach Like a Disciple
Title Teach Like a Disciple PDF eBook
Author Jillian N. Lederhouse
Publisher Wipf and Stock Publishers
Pages 148
Release 2016-11-11
Genre Religion
ISBN 1498289800

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Although much has been written about P-12 teaching from a biblical perspective, this study focuses on Christ's relationships with a diverse group of individuals: wealthy and poor, women and men, unschooled and well-educated, loud and quiet, influential and powerless, those whom Jesus knew well and those who were strangers to him, those of his own faith and culture as well as those outside of it. These individuals are remarkably similar to the students we teach in our public and private school classrooms today. Each interaction between Jesus and an individual focuses on what we can learn from the student and Jesus as well as what we, as teachers, can apply in our profession. As in our own practice, some students learned their lessons well; others failed. For some, we are uncertain when or if they achieved Jesus' objective for them. Whether we are novices or experienced educators, we can learn through these instructive relationships how to be teachers who follow Jesus' example in seeing our students' potential, holistically caring for them, and ultimately having a positive impact on their lives. Through exploring these biblical relationships, we can gain a better understanding of how to teach like Christ's disciple.

Social Cognition in Middle Childhood and Adolescence

Social Cognition in Middle Childhood and Adolescence
Title Social Cognition in Middle Childhood and Adolescence PDF eBook
Author Sandra Bosacki
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Pages 350
Release 2016-10-31
Genre Psychology
ISBN 1118937953

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Bridging psychological theory and educational practice, this is an innovative textbook on the emotional and social aspects of young people’s development. Bosacki’s Social Cognition in Middle Childhood and Adolescence, First Edition moves beyond tradition cognitivist representations of how children learn and grow, focusing on how to integrate the emotional, cognitive, moral, spiritual and social in young people’s experiences. This text bridges the gap between theory and practice; analyses cutting edge research and translates it into culturally sensitive and developmentally appropriate strategies for future educational practice.