Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning
Title Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning PDF eBook
Author Douglas Wilson
Publisher Crossway
Pages 228
Release 1991-04-01
Genre Religion
ISBN 9781433516627

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Public education in America has run into hard times. Even many within the system admit that it is failing. While many factors contribute, Douglas Wilson lays much blame on the idea that education can take place in a moral vacuum. It is not possible for education to be nonreligious, deliberately excluding the basic questions about life. All education builds on the foundation of someone's worldview. Education deals with fundamental questions that require religious answers. Learning to read and write is simply the process of acquiring the tools to ask and answer such questions. A second reason for the failure of public schools, Wilson feels, is modern teaching methods. He argues for a return to a classical education, firm discipline, and the requirement of hard work. Often educational reforms create new problems that must be solved down the road. This book presents alternatives that have proved workable in experience. "Good at diagnosing our educational afflictions, Douglas Wilson is still better at finding remedies. His Logos School provides a model, a practical design, for the restoration in the curriculum of Christian humanism--as contrasted with what Christopher Dawson called secular humanism." --Russell Kirk, D. Litt., editor, The University Bookman

Survival and Resistance in Evangelical America
Title Survival and Resistance in Evangelical America PDF eBook
Author Crawford Gribben
Publisher Oxford University Press
Pages 225
Release 2021-02-23
Genre Religion
ISBN 0199370249

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Over the last thirty years, conservative evangelicals have been moving to the Northwest of the United States, where they hope to resist the impact of secular modernity and to survive the breakdown of society that they anticipate. These believers have often given up on the politics of the Christian Right, adopting strategies of hibernation while developing the communities and institutions from which a new America might one day emerge. Their activity coincides with the promotion by prominent survivalist authors of a program of migration to the "American Redoubt," a region encompassing Idaho, Montana, parts of eastern Washington and Oregon, and Wyoming, as a haven in which to endure hostile social change or natural disaster and in which to build a new social order. These migration movements have independent origins, but they overlap in their influences and aspirations, working in tandem to offer a vision of the present in which Christian values must be defended as American society is rebuilt according to biblical law. This book examines the origins, evolution, and cultural reach of this little-noted migration and considers what it might tell us about the future of American evangelicalism. Drawing on Calvinist theology, the social theory of Christian Reconstruction, and libertarian politics, these believers are projecting significant soft power. Their books are promoted by leading mainstream publishers and listed as New York Times bestsellers. Their strategy is gaining momentum, making an impact in local political and economic life, while being repackaged for a wider audience in publications by a broader coalition of conservative commentators and in American mass culture. This survivalist evangelical subculture recognizes that they have lost the culture war - but another kind of conflict is beginning.

Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning
Title Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning PDF eBook
Author Douglas Wilson
Pages 0
Release 2022
Genre Christian ethics
ISBN 9781954887107

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"Newspapers are filled with stories about poorly educated children, ineffective teachers, and cash-strapped school districts. In this greatly expanded treatment of a topic he first dealt with in Rediscovering the Lost Tools of Learning, Douglas Wilson proposes an alternative to government-operated school by advocating a return to classical Christian education with its discipline, hard work, and learning geared to child development stages. As an educator, Wilson is well-equipped to diagnose the cause of America's deteriorating school system and to propose remedies for those committed to their children's best interests in education. He maintains that education is essentially religious because it deals with the basic questions about life that require spiritual answers-reading and writing are simply the tools. Offering a review of classical education and the history of this movement, Wilson also reflects on his own involvement in the process of creating educational institutions that embrace that style of learning. He details elements needed in a useful curriculum, including a list of literary classics. Readers will see that classical education offers the best opportunity for academic achievement, character growth, and spiritual education, and that such quality cannot be duplicated in a religiously-neutral environment"--

Creed without Chaos
Title Creed without Chaos PDF eBook
Author Laura K. Simmons
Publisher Wipf and Stock Publishers
Pages 222
Release 2015-10-26
Genre Religion
ISBN 1498278655

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Introduces contemporary readers to the lay theological writings of British novelist and playwright Dorothy L. Sayers.

The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home (Third Edition)
Title The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home (Third Edition) PDF eBook
Author Susan Wise Bauer
Publisher W. W. Norton & Company
Pages 864
Release 2009-05-04
Genre Education
ISBN 0393070905

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"If you're a parent who has decided to educate your children yourself, this book is the first you should buy."—?Washington Times The Well-Trained Mind will instruct you, step by step, on how to give your child an academically rigorous, comprehensive education from preschool through high school—one that will train him or her to read, to think, to ?understand?, to be well-rounded and curious about learning. Veteran home educators Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer outline the classical pattern of education called the trivium, which organizes learning around the maturing capacity of the child's mind and comprises three stages: the elementary school "grammar stage," the middle school "logic stage," and the high school "rhetoric stage." Using this theory as your model, you'll be able to instruct your child in all levels of reading, writing, history, geography, mathematics, science, foreign languages, rhetoric, logic, art, and music, regardless of your own aptitude in those subjects. This newly revised edition contains completely updated ordering information for all curricula and books, new and expanded curricula recommendations, new material on using computers and distance-learning resources, answers to common questions about home education, information about educational support groups, and advice on practical matters such as working with your local school board, preparing a high school transcript, and applying to colleges.

The Praeger Handbook of Faith-Based Schools in the United States, K–12 [2 volumes]
Title The Praeger Handbook of Faith-Based Schools in the United States, K–12 [2 volumes] PDF eBook
Author Thomas C. Hunt
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Pages 596
Release 2012-08-06
Genre Education
ISBN 0313391408

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Exploring a subject that is as important as it is divisive, this two-volume work offers the first current, definitive work on the intricacies and issues relative to America's faith-based schools. The Praeger Handbook of Faith-Based Schools in the United States, K–12 is an indispensable study at a time when American education is increasingly considered through the lenses of race, ethnicity, gender, and social class. With contributions from an impressive array of experts, the two-volume work provides a historical overview of faith-based schooling in the United States, as well as a comprehensive treatment of each current faith-based school tradition in the nation. The first volume examines three types of faith-based schools—Protestant schools, Jewish schools, and Evangelical Protestant homeschooling. The second volume focuses on Catholic, Muslim, and Orthodox schools, and addresses critical issues common to faith-based schools, among them state and federal regulation and school choice, as well as ethnic, cultural, confessional, and practical factors. Perhaps most importantly for those concerned with the questions and controversies that abound in U.S. education, the handbook grapples with outcomes of faith-based schooling and with the choices parents face as they consider educational options for their children.

The Gospel and the Mind
Title The Gospel and the Mind PDF eBook
Author Bradley G. Green
Publisher Crossway
Pages 194
Release 2010-11-03
Genre Religion
ISBN 1433524201

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History demonstrates that wherever the cross is planted, the academy follows. But history alone cannot demonstrate why this is—and must be—the case. Green engages theology and philosophy to prove that the Christian vision of God, mankind, and the world provides the necessary precondition for and enduring foundation of meaningful intellectual life. The Gospel and the Mind, deeply rooted in Augustinian and Reformed thought, shows that core principles of the West’s Christian inheritance—such as creation and the importance of history, the centrality of a telos to all things, and the logos and the value of words—form the matrix of any promising and sustainable intellectual life. More than a lament of the state of the evangelical mind or even an argument for the primacy of a Christian worldview, The Gospel and the Mind is a paradigm-shifting declaration that the life of the mind starts at the cross.