Rethinking Popular Culture and Media

Rethinking Popular Culture and Media
Title Rethinking Popular Culture and Media PDF eBook
Author Elizabeth Marshall
Publisher Rethinking Schools
Pages 354
Release 2011
Genre Computers
ISBN 094296148X

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A provocative collection of articles that begins with the idea that the "popular" in classrooms and in the everyday lives of teachers and students is fundamentally political. This anthology includes articles by elementary and secondary public school teachers, scholars and activists who examine how and what popular toys, books, films, music and other media "teach." The essays offer strong critiques and practical pedagogical strategies for educators at every level to engage with the popular.

Rethinking Global Security

Rethinking Global Security
Title Rethinking Global Security PDF eBook
Author Andrew Martin
Publisher Rutgers University Press
Pages 262
Release 2006
Genre Political Science
ISBN 0813538300

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In Rethinking Global Security, Andrew Martin and Patrice Petro bring together ten path-breaking essays that explore the ways that our notions of fear, insecurity, and danger are fostered by intermediary sources such as television, radio, film, satellite imaging, and the Internet. The contributors, who represent a wide variety of disciplines, including communications, art history, media studies, women's studies, and literature, show how both fictional and fact-based threats to global security have helped to create and sustain a culture that is deeply distrustful-of images, stories, reports, and policy decisions. Topics range from the Patriot Act, to the censorship of media personalities such as Howard Stern, to the role that Buffy the Vampire Slayer and other television programming play as an interpretative frame for current events.

Rethinking Popular Culture

Rethinking Popular Culture
Title Rethinking Popular Culture PDF eBook
Author Chandra Mukerji
Publisher Univ of California Press
Pages 510
Release 1991-07-09
Genre Art
ISBN 0520068939

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Rethinking Popular Culture presents some of the most important current scholarship analyzing popular culture. Drawing upon recent developments in cultural theory and exciting new methods of critical analysis, the essays in this volume break down disciplinary boundaries and offer fresh insight into popular culture.

Rethinking Media, Religion, and Culture

Rethinking Media, Religion, and Culture
Title Rethinking Media, Religion, and Culture PDF eBook
Author Stewart M. Hoover
Publisher SAGE
Pages 348
Release 1997-01-31
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN 9780761901716

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This book links the growing connections between media, culture and religion into a coherent theoretical whole. It examines, amongst others, the effect on cultural practices and the increasing autonomy and individualized practice of religion.

Beyond Representational Correctness

Beyond Representational Correctness
Title Beyond Representational Correctness PDF eBook
Author Edward Schiappa
Publisher SUNY Press
Pages 230
Release 2008-03-27
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN 0791474232

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Argues that representational correctness can cause critics to miss the positive work that films and television shows can perform in reducing prejudice.

New Media

New Media
Title New Media PDF eBook
Author Kelli Fuery
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
Pages 184
Release 2017-09-16
Genre Social Science
ISBN 1137072504

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New media is becoming integral to our lives. But for how long can we refer to emerging media as new in this fast-moving digital age? What makes it 'new'? And what problems do interactive media create for us, as cultural beings? This book investigates the culture and context of new media. Exploring and critiquing debates drawn from media and cultural theory, Fuery clearly explores and defines the concepts of new media and interactivity. With a clear and structured approach, the book questions existing ideas about digital culture and explains the problems that emerging technologies can present to our culture, from issues of surveillance and power to the digitalisation of the body. In particular, the book includes: - A variety of perspectives and approaches to the idea of the 'new'. - Consideration and evaluation of work from key media theorists, from Foucault to Bourdieu. - Relevant and innovative examples that bring the complexities of new media to life. - A glossary for quick reference and explanation of complex concepts. New Media: Culture and Image interrogates the key concepts, models and approaches surrounding the formation and evolution of new media. It will encourage all students of Cultural Studies and Media Studies to question and reconsider their ideas about media and cultural theory.

Introducing Philosophy Through Pop Culture

Introducing Philosophy Through Pop Culture
Title Introducing Philosophy Through Pop Culture PDF eBook
Author William Irwin
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Pages 340
Release 2011-11-18
Genre Philosophy
ISBN 1444390988

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What can South Park tell us about Socrates and the nature of evil? How does The Office help us to understand Sartre and existentialist ethics? Can Battlestar Galactica shed light on the existence of God? Introducing Philosophy Through Pop Culture uses popular culture to illustrate important philosophical concepts and the work of the major philosophers With examples from film, television, and music including South Park, The Matrix , X-Men, Batman, Harry Potter, Metallica and Lost, even the most abstract and complex philosophical ideas become easier to grasp Features key essays from across the Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture series, as well as helpful editorial material and a glossary of philosophical terms From metaphysics to epistemology; from ethics to the meaning of life, this unique introduction makes philosophy as engaging as popular culture itself Supplementary website available with teaching guides, sample materials and links to further resources at